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Hello From The Magic Tavern just got so intense. There was an epic battle in episode 100...then a bunch of interludes, including one from the Cowboy Dimension that had me dying of muffled laughter at work...and now it's officially designated Season 2, and, yowza.

If you're not already listening (and if you're not allergic to shows with a whole lot of butt jokes), you should start.


Deep into the backlog of Love and Justice. It's kind of...uplifting? hear about how much they love Crystal. Like, I can listen to them gush about the things that were emotionally affecting, and don't have to see the actual animation, so I can imagine they're podcasting from an alternate dimension where it didn't make me sad.

They're too hard on the '92 anime -- by which I mean, they complain about things it objectively can't help. Of course the first season doesn't have much sense of "shared past" between the senshi and the Dark Kingdom. The animators didn't know about it! Naoko hadn't written it yet!

On the other hand, I regularly feel like Sailor Business (which I'm all caught up with now) is too easy on the '92 anime. So it kinda balances out nicely.


I'm listening to both of those at 1.2x speed, because the hosts tend to meander. Same with Yo, Is This Racist? -- it's just too slow otherwise.

...also, it talks a lot about the awfulness of current politics. I kinda have to psych myself up before listening. And/or say something like "once I get through one of these, I'll reward myself with the next Magic Tavern episode."

More-polished and better-edited regulars on my MP3 player: the Savage Lovecast, and The West Wing Weekly. Those get played at regular speed. Both make references to the political awfulness -- it's an inherent side effect of their premises -- but in measured and relatively-contained doses.


Still listening to Illusionoid, and Kakos Industries, although I stopped saving the episodes afterward. Neither one is so absorbing that I'd want to do a re-listen. fact, the only series on this list where I'm holding onto the episodes is Magic Tavern. Did a re-listen just a few months ago, in preparation for Yuletide fic. It's highly re-listenable.

Related, a couple anons on FFA were talking about Republic of Heaven Community Radio, and one mentioned the weaknesses in book 2. I stepped in with this:

Honestly, I'd go back and give it a full-body rewrite if canon hadn't been such a painful kick in the teeth.

I can see the soft spots, can feel when the pacing sputters, I know there are ways it could have more consistency and stronger throughlines. I just...don't have the stomach to go near it.

That's not an empty promise -- anyone who knew me from fake-news fandom might remember that I did a full-body rewrite on a longfic there. But, yeah. Not in the cards, not this time.
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All caught up with the Sailor Business podcast. They get better about doing research as it goes on! Plus, by now they have a large-enough listener base that a lot of solid, deep information is being called/sent in. Good stuff. Very listenable.

Followed a rec from one of their episodes to the Love and Justice podcast, where the shtick is that they compare plots across all the different versions. Starting with the Crystal episodes.

I did wince when they got to Ami's introduction, and were confused that the manga was "more modern" than the '92 anime, because she uses a CD instead of a floppy. Guys, your whole thing is comparing different versions, and you don't realize the manga had two different releases? (Well, three at this point, but the uber-high-quality edition hasn't been released stateside.) The version used for the Kodansha translations has a whole lot of updated art, most of which involves fixing wonky figures and adding more details, some of which involves the Dark Kingdom tech getting an upgrade.

Again, it's still early episodes, and fun enough that I'm sticking with it. Hopefully someone eventually clues them in.


I ended up writing a long thing to Sailor Business, because they've been really doing a disservice to Michiru's character. And apparently I have a lot more Feelings about her than I realized.

Context: They just passed the two-parter where Usagi is a daimon target. Before Uranus and Neptune arrive on-scene, Michiru asks Haruka if she's really okay with the possibility of that cute girl being sacrificed. Haruka, stoically, insists that she's fine. They gotta do what they gotta do.

...So our hosts keep saying Michiru is "passive" or "go along to get along." Because Haruka is the more overtly loud and confrontational one...and that means Michiru is just following her lead, taking cues from her.

But now they've seen Michiru's episode with Ami -- she didn't waver or wait for direction, she went straight for the jugular. And that's a microcosm of how she's approaching the whole quest: do something ruthless and cruel in the short term (pulling no punches with Ami/killing the Talisman holders) for the sake of a greater good in the long term (making Ami stronger/saving the world).

There's an old butch-femme trope/cliche, that femmes are "steel wrapped in velvet," and that's Michiru. On the surface she's all soft graceful feminine hobbies, but underneath she's perfectly capable of knifing you in your sleep. 

The flip side of the trope is that butches are "velvet wrapped in steel," i.e. Haruka has a tough exterior but is a marshmallow underneath. Which lines right up with the podcast's favorite relationship trope -- "which of these people is the dog, and which is the cat?" Haruka is the dog! She barks really loud, but she's a sucker for belly rubs. She yells a lot about how they have to kill the Talisman holders, to cover the fact that she's the one who wrestles with it most in private.

Michiru handles the idea much better. Michiru is the cat who will knock all your stuff onto the floor, and look you in the eye while she's doing it, with zero remorse. Michiru is the senshi who would win Most Likely To Become A Supervillain -- not from brainwashing/hypnosis, we already know who's most likely to go through that, but based on her own personality and for her own reasons.

So when Michiru asks Haruka if she's okay with killing that cute innocent Usagi to save the world, there are two things going on here.

First is basically a supervillainy spot-check. Michiru knows it makes sense to her to kill a few people for the Greater Good, but is that really the moral strategy, or just the most coldly efficient one? Well, Haruka wouldn't be capable of doing this for the sake of cold efficiency alone. So Michiru can reliably calibrate her moral compass by Haruka.

The second angle is Michiru being a concerned girlfriend. What if they get the Talismans and save the world, but afterward Haruka can't handle the guilt? What if she has lifelong nightmares about Usagi's death?

We don't see what would have happened if Haruka had broken down and said "no, I'm sorry, this is too much, I can't go through with it." So different viewers can have different interpretations. My guess is that Michiru would say "it's okay, sweetie, you don't have to, we'll find another way"...and then send Haruka home and go to Tokyo Tower on her own, making herself solely responsible for whatever happens to any Talisman-holders who show up.

Because sacrificing three lives for the sake of the world is one thing, but making Haruka feel bad about herself? That's a bridge too far.

So, yeah, ruthless...but also, to be fair, a teenage girl in a traumatic situation. Part of the way she's handling it is by telling herself, "look, I know I'm not a Good Person. A good person wouldn't be this resigned to murdering three innocent people. But at least I can protect Haruka's soul from being crushed along the way. I still get to draw the line somewhere, and I choose here."

It takes another level in heart-rending when (and wow, I am looking forward to these episodes) you find out that Haruka got into the senshi game for Michiru. She told Haruka not to do it -- trying to protect her, although at that point it was in an impersonal, "nobody should have to deal with this stress" way -- and maybe Haruka would've listened, except then Sailor Neptune got in a monster fight she was going to lose without Sailor Uranus as backup.

So on some level Michiru is trying to atone for not being strong enough to keep this cute girl out of the fight.

...and you know, this makes it all the more satisfying when we get to that one SuperS special. A minor antagonist claims he has world-destroying powers, but Uranus and Neptune aren't intimidated by that threat anymore. And Neptune cheerfully leans into her ruthlessness -- she's 100% bluffing, but she's very good. Terrifies the pants off the guy. She has the power to simultaneously be a Big Damn Hero and out-villain the villains.

(Would you believe it, when I was a teenager, Michiru was the senshi I was least interested in? No, really. Even accounting for the context of her relationship with Haruka, who is probably my team-wide fave, I was not expecting to have this many Michiru feelings. But someone was Wrong On The Internet, and bam, here we are.)

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As promised, I gave Sailor Moon Crystal s3 a chance.

...and then ended up bailing again after 5 or 6 episodes.

The new stock footage was mostly good, but, guys, they used it in the opening sequence. They couldn't even be bothered to draw enough original high-quality footage to make a theme song!

Which gives you an idea of how deep the laziness runs in the rest of the show. So much claustrophobic cropping and other cheats, instead of drawing establishing shots, or scenery at different perspectives, or any motion as complicated as "picking something up" or "swinging a sword". It's painful.


In related news, I hadn't watched any of the original series in years, but the first two seasons of the new Viz dub are up for free on Yahoo. So I'm checking out selective episodes. Starting with the ones that DiC never dubbed (because, uh, I had not actually gotten around to seeing those at any other point in the past ~20 years).

The animation is wonky and cheap in its own way -- lots of exaggerated comedy faces, simplified motion (waving a pencil up and down on a piece of paper = writing!), fading from one scene to another instead of animating the transition, general sloppiness. But the direction is light-years better. It's so refreshing.

Take the ski-contest episode (season 1, episode 38). They use shortcuts, like panning over a still image to set a scene, or having the same roll of background whip past while a character is skiing in a straight line.

On the other hand: Lots of establishing shots and different angles on the scenery! The characters move like they have human muscles! Hair and clothes blow realistically in the wind! Crowd scenes are populated with extras! Someone bothered to design outfits, instead of only ever drawing the characters in their school uniforms! Luna moves as if the artists have seen a cat at some point in their lives!

Usagi transforms while she's in winter clothes, and obviously her stock henshin footage starts with an ungloved hand, so they show her yanking off her ski glove first. It's such a little gesture, but they thought it was worth the care and effort to draw. That's a level of care Crystal never shows.


I thought I was gonna have trouble with the voices. Some of the actors in the original dub left such an impression that it's hard to shake, even if you're still mad about how messed up the translation got. Was a non-British Luna just going to sound fundamentally weird?

Guys, new Luna sounds perfect.

She sounds like Pearl from Steven Universe, to the point where I looked up the actor and was surprised it wasn't the same person. Apparently there's a really good way to sound like a fussy, by-the-book mentor who doles out ancient secrets to her frustratingly flighty charges, at least until she gets caught off-guard by the details she herself is just finding out.

I'm liking the rest -- of the handful of episodes I've watched, anyway. The girls are good, especially Makoto and Rei. Beryl is perfectly evil.

The one voice that has been Zoisite. They're dubbing him as a guy, so obviously he's gonna sound different, but in the Japanese he has this higher, androgynous bishounen voice, right? And the guy doing his English voice sounds unnaturally deep. Not deep like a baritone, deep like a teenage boy who's self-conscious about his voice cracking and is overcompensating by pitching it extra low.


I've been working through the backlog of the Sailor Business podcast, which is episode-by-episode reviews of the original series, and a lot of fun. (Full disclosure: I listen at 1.2x speed. They talk slowly, okay.)

The hosts don't do a lot of research, and in the beginning it's frustrating when they go on a tangent about being baffled by something you already know. But eventually they build up enough of an audience that they've got a wide base for crowdsourcing explanations.

One of the guys is really into Ami/Makoto, and keeps pointing out moments when they're notably together. Even taking the Shipper Goggles Welded On into account, it's impressive how much quiet subtext there is when you take it scene-by-scene.

Me, I'm getting a resurgence of Rei/Usagi feelings. They're so intense about each other! The initial bickering for bickering's sake develops into a relationship where Rei has a ton of respect and admiration for Usagi, while Usagi trusts Rei to keep her honest, and come through with more straightforward support when she really needs it.

They just, augh, they love each other so much you guys.
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They're all hand-drawn/2D animation, under a new director. Little bits of CGI, but nothing too distracting. Character proportions look a lot less like anything's going to snap off.

Lots of the choreography is recognizable from the classic series, which feels like a missed opportunity...but even with that, I think they've got the magic back. The moment Mars's rings of fire snapped into position, I got chills.

Crystal was such a heartbreaking letdown (the cheap animation shortcuts! the continuity errors! the way our heroines got more screentime knocked-out than they did fighting!) that I stopped watching before the first arc finished. Didn't figure Toei would ever bother to change it in a way that could win me back.

But this? This is a change. And it has my interest.

Guys, I'm gonna give arc 3 a chance.
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Doing a giveaway from my anime figurine collection. Most of these belong to ensembles that I’m never going to complete — so maybe they can help complete yours.

Everything's in good condition, and it's all free. You just give me a shipping address (you can do that by email or PM), and a couple bucks for postage/packing.

Click through for all the figures, with photos )

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that "Fink and Cranor get interviewed on Colbert's show" thing had happened, like, a year ago. At least. Maybe eighteen months for good measure.

Because at that point I would have been elated at that level of fannish crossovering. But by now, the only thing I want to hear from the Night Vale crew is "when we wrote a character becoming suicidally depressed, and didn't have any of his loved ones provide any care or support -- not even his boyfriend in what is supposed to be a loving and healthy same-sex relationship -- that was really fucked-up." Anything that isn't that, I'm just...not interested.

It's like why I haven't tried to watch any more of Sailor Moon Crystal. It's not going to give me what I want, and the things it does give will probably upset me in some way, and I've stopped feeling any pull to watch it and find out how.
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and it includes curly/natural hairstyles! Not to mention, a ton of new accessories, design features, and color options.

Some of the old options/functionality are actually gone...but with the new options, you can hack things in more easily in the dollmaker before resorting to Photoshop. I tried to do the characters from The Sunlit Millennium on the last version, and I was using freeform strands of hair in place of the trailing ribbons at their waists. Now there are actual freeform ribbons!

It's pretty great. If you have a free afternoon any time soon that needs filling, consider it filled.
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His Dark Materials discussion thread! A real one, not a contemplation of what daemons every other series' characters would have.

Daemon thread with more on worldbuilding, including thoughts on how Shakespeare plays are staged in these universes.

Yet more on daemons, including naming conventions, cultural influences on settling, and how creepy a possibility it would be to have a human-shaped one.

Swap the main characters of the last two canons you consumed. (Mine ended up being Olivia Dunham and Lyra Silvertongue.) Protagonist swap, part two! (Carlos the Scientist and Philip J. Fry.)

Mash up two canons based on titles alone. "Air Bud Wolf - Ain't no rule that says a dog can't fly a helicopter. Alternatively: ain't no rule that a helicopter can't play basketball." And again! "Sailor New Moon. The breakup arc in R gets even worse by having a bunch of episodes where nothing happens besides 22 minutes of sad music."

Write 3-5 lines via fandom osmosis, lots of fandom prompts.

Characters as in-universe trolls. (Cecil Palmer: writes totally-earnest fanfiction, everyone from the real world assumes he's a trolling grandmaster.)
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There's a rewatch of The Middleman going on in [personal profile] muccamukk 's journal! I originally saw the series via pirated torrents, liked it so much I went out and bought the DVD boxset...then never actually used the DVDs. Not even to look at the bonus features. The plastic wrap was still on the box yesterday when I pulled it out for the rewatch.

I'll type my reactions on the posts over there; this is just a heads-up for anyone who wants to follow along.


Netflix has The West Wing, so I'm doing a rewatch as a palate-cleanser from Scandal. A big ensemble cast of fast-talkers and speedwalkers, lots of high-stakes politics...but most of the people are decent human beings! And when they screw up, the narrative treats it as a screwup, not as tragic heroism!

After sitting through the discomfort of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and the disaster that was The Newsroom (with the exception of Olivia Munn), I was kinda worried TWW would be retroactively tarnished. But so far, so good! I don't feel like the characters' flaws are gendered -- most of them can be goofy and ridiculous at times, and it all feels like well-rounded individual characterization, not like the women have big signs over their heads labeled "those wacky ladies, amirite?" The plot has yet to be warped around a "middle-aged male hero alternately fights with and pines over his feisty ex" storyline.

None of Sorkin's pet "new arrival gets surprise!promoted way above their experience level/has to do the work of ten people, in order to show how great they are" device, either. We know the characters are competent because they have solid backstories of work in their field, and because we see them doing their individual jobs really well in the present. And that's enough. The narrative still gets to indulge in their competence, and it's all the more fulfilling because it's not so over-the-top that you just get annoyed.

Plus, the tech level is (at this point) late-90s. There have been multiple scenes so far where I thought "can't you look that up on the Internet?"...seriously, I don't have a great sense for what was online in 1999. (Although I'm sure the text of the Constitution was downloadable then.) Point is, we don't have to suffer through any of Sorkin's massive head-meet-wall failures to understand 2010s technology. (Remember that scene in The Newsroom where a character tried to prevent someone from accessing his smashing his personal phone? Yeeeeah.)

And nobody we're supposed to like has tortured and/or murdered anyone! I really can't stress enough how refreshing this is.

There's a character named David Rosen mentioned in the first season of TWW. Can't remember if he ever appears in person. Does anyone know if the David Rosen on Scandal got his name as an homage? (It would make extra sense because the Rosen in Scandal is played by Joshua Malina -- one of Sorkin's famously recurring castees, seen on TWW as Will Bailey.)


I'm possibly the last person in my generation on the Internet to observe that Steven Universe is amazing, but I'll say it anyway.

Marathoned the first season with a lot of spoilers already in hand, so I appreciated a ton of the foreshadowing. The very first episode involves Steven singing a song about an alien refugee from an interstellar war, come to hide out on Earth! Long before we have any hint that this is his moms' actual backstory. (The song contains the line "He left his family behind", and the show still hasn't mentioned whether the Crystal Gems having families back on Homeworld. I bet you anything it's only a matter of time.)

The worldbuilding is all the more impressive for 11-minute episodes. Tons of important plot elements have to be folded into simple monster-of-the-week stories, or fun domestic shenanigans. And so much is clearly planned from the beginning. (There's a character who first gets mentioned in episode 51...and who can be seen in a mural in the background scenery of episode 8!)

For the record, I am on board with the Rose Diamond theory, the "Jasper is a fusion...of defective partial gems" theory, and as much (properly-tagged) NSFW fanart as the fandom can produce. The gayer, the better.

Original Gems are addictively fun to design. Especially once you start working out what their fusions would look like. It's like discovering the idea of otaku senshi all over again.

...all the more so because elementary-school me literally drew a team of gemstone-based senshi OCs. This was more information than the baby Internet could provide -- my total knowledge of gemstone names and properties came from the illustrated list in the family's World Book Encyclopedia. Wish I still had the art, because that would be some adorable nostalgia.

The last TV series where I always had to find the latest installment ASAP after release was Madoka Magica. Of currently-running shows, for a long time it's only been the fake news family (TDS, TCR, Last Week Tonight, and The Nightly Show). Add SU to the list.
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whose own fanbase is trying to drum her off the Internet for drawing pictures of a fictional sexy 19-year-old eating fruit.

Seriously, fandom, what is going on with you these days? We keep getting these “any dealings with sexuality beyond what I am personally comfortable with are gross and disgusting and should be shunned” outbursts, not from conservative Family Values(TM) adults, but from social-justice-savvy teenagers.

Look, eight years ago, Livejournal tried to go after the accounts of people in Harry Potter fandom who drew sexy teenagers. The pan-fandom backlash was immense. Dreamwidth and the AO3 were both kickstarted by the widespread desire for fandom-friendly websites that would not freeze anyone’s accounts based on their treatment of fictional teenagers.

And teenage me, who had been drawing [atrocious attempts at] sexy pinups of Sailor Moon characters for several years by that point, felt empowered and supported by the idea that fandom-at-large didn’t think I was weird or sick.

Tween me, btw, did encounter things in fandom that I would shrug off (or enjoy!) now, but that were, at the time, shockingly sexual. So I used the back button! I closed the window! (This was before tabbed browsing was a thing. You know, the dark days.) Never would’ve considered approaching the creator and going “this is offensive, take it off the Internet.”

But for the past couple of years we’re getting that. From within fandom. Paired with this stony refusal to consider the fact that people age, people change, people grow. A character is 15 at the current point of the story in Ava’s Demon, therefore you can’t possibly think forward and draw her as a sexy 19-year-old. A character is 11 when she’s introduced in Madoka Magica, therefore you're disgusting if you ship her with any of the 15-year-olds -- what do you mean, you imagine them getting together when she’s older than 11? Don’t you understand that anyone who was 11 at any point in time must remain pure and nonsexual forever and ever?

To say nothing of the depiction-must-equal-endorsement crowd. If you write a story involving child abuse, whoo boy, that can’t be a serious treatment of a real-life issue that some survivors find therapeutic and validating to read -- it must mean you’re a Danger To Real Children, and if you get near Welcome to Night Vale fandom they will doxx you for great justice. (Welcome to Night Vale, like PMMM and Ava’s Demon, is of course a series in which only sweet and uplifting things happen to minors, and they certainly don’t die horribly on a regular basis.)

Look, if you’re uncomfortable with a sexual thing, that’s okay! You have a right to determine your own comfort level. You have a right to boundaries.

But consider that, perhaps, the thing is not Wrong or Bad or Disgusting. This is not an invalidation of your feelings or your boundaries. It could mean that maybe, just maybe, the thing is simply Not Your Thing.

Especially if other people with your issues are saying the thing was helpful. The person next to you in class may be using the same work that’s making you uncomfortable as a valid way of coming to terms with their queerness, and/or their past abuse, and/or their sexuality in general. This indicates that it’s a Thing For Them, and not a Thing For You, and that is okay.

(It doesn’t mean you’re obligated to be one of the people shouting on the battlements to defend it, either. Solidarity is great from those who are willing and able to provide, but if it isn’t Your Thing, it may not be Your Fight.)

Maybe, over the next ten years, it will become a Thing For You. This happens! Some of the adults who are telling teenagers to chill out over this issue are probably adults who have experienced it firsthand.

Or maybe it will never be a Thing For You. That’s okay too. Not everything has to be for everyone. Enforce your boundaries without judgment. Close the tab, delete the bookmark, unfollow the artists, set up your blacklist...without judgment. Step back, and recognize that humanity is a great big beautiful spectrum of contradictory feelings and reactions which do not invalidate each other by existing in different people, and go revel in the things that are within your own personal comfort zone for a while.

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January 1, 2015: Email Jubilee. I'm doing it. If you emailed me at any point in 2014 or before and I never got back to you, this is the official admission: I am never getting back to you.

If it's important or you really want a response, please send it again. The mostly-clear inbox (only 4 unread messages! only 12 total things left in the main folder!) means I should have no trouble getting to it. If it's something you'd just as soon forget by this point too, win-win.


What I wouldn't give for a Thundercats fanart group that wasn't 90% weird fetish art of Cheetara.


Someone needs to write a Night Vale/Middle-earth crossover and call it A Blinking Light Up On The Lonely Mountain.

Get on that, fandom.


This is old news, but the kind of old news that deserves to be passed around on a regular basis: the person known as Benjanun Sriduangkaew/Requires Hate/Winterfox/various other aliases is a toxic serial harasser, stalker, blackmailer, and abuser. Believe and support her victims. Don't give her any credence. Don't give her the time of day, frankly.

(The closest I've ever been to any of her damage is that I was a reader of 50Books_POC, who backed slowly away from the comm after the mods came down on her side. I knew she was bad news. Had no idea until reading this report that she'd kept harassing Rachel Manija Brown for years afterward, let alone that her other abuses ran so far and so deep.)


Haven't bothered to watch the latest few episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. No idea when, or if, I'll feel drawn to go back. Normally I'm a fannish completist, especially when it comes to series I love as much as BSSM...but it's just been so draining, watching something that could have been so amazing come out with such cheap and joyless excuses for animation, characterization, pacing, drama, everything.

Someone ran the numbers: when you look at the team episodes, the senshi get more screentime knocked out mid-battle than they get fighting. No. Why. No.


Bonus thing: "I watched The Interview with a North Korean defector." (Spoiler alert: he didn't care for it.)
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It's out!

There are lots of free and legal streams. Watching on Hulu will make sure Viz sees the hits, and encourage them to invest in future English-language SM-related projects.

Spoilers follow.

First episode was...beat-for-beat like the manga, except for Usagi's dreams, which were probably my favorite part. I hope they find other ways to put their own spin on things as the series goes on, and keep taking advantage of the fact that they have the whole published story to work from, so they can do foreshadowing and pacing in ways the original anime couldn't.

I'm really into all the choral music, especially on the big planetary pan shots at the beginning. Really gets across the feeling that this is epic. And the (watercolor?) intertitles, at the commercial break and the "Next On" screen -- so classy.

The new OP is great. I don't know if this is sacrilege in the fandom or not, but I'm glad they didn't go with Moonlight Densetsu, even a re-recorded version. Gives them an opportunity to try something new -- and the fact that this is much more of a battle song than a love song is really encouraging. (Love that the lyric "We are not helpless girls who need men's protection" plays over the Moon-and-Mask scene. Because, yeah, that's basically their relationship.) Fingers crossed for high-action fight scenes!

Speaking of Mamoru, he's very pretty, and I like that he's in high school in this incarnation. Umino, by contest, is drawn even more sloppily than last time. Not sure how I feel about that, joke character or not. Love all the detail in Usagi's hair now, at least. So many strands!

Mercury next episode. One of the changes in the original anime that I think really worked was how Usagi got to fight alone for a bit, and we got episodes to focus on each new member getting into the role and learning to use her powers before the next one was added. Maybe we'll get the implication that Usagi has been fighting other monsters in between episodes, instead of it being a perfect one-episode-one-monster lineup? It would fit better with the "target demographic: young adult women, more than ten-year-old girls" angle, IMO.

tl;dr I'm very excited. And overall feeling good about where this is going.
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Some discussion of Utena: the manga, the anime, the movie, the acid trip.

Some discussion of Sailor Moon: the ongoing vain hope of seeing something, anything, from the promised upcoming series.

More on SM: "Sailor Moon - which version do you like best? Or do you prefer taking bits and pieces from different versions?"

And still more: "I see SM stuff ALL THE TIME, on tumblr, from meta to fanfic to new merch and it is wonderful. The tumblr 2013 thing reveals that SM was among the most reblogged anime/manga of the year. So let's talk about it!"

Comics industries in countries other than the US, mostly involving anons from various parts of Europe.

People talk about their fannish lifespans, how their engagement has changed over the years, why people move in and out of fandom as a whole.

How old were you when you first got into [internet] fandom? Lots of charming stories about '90s Internet connections.
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In Internet terms, anyway.

Searching for one of the fics I read back in the '90s, I found a copy of it on a Gopher-based site. Or at least, on the http:// translation of said Gopher site, because modern versions of Firefox no longer support gopher:// documents.

SM fic is in one of the folders under fanfiction/anime-fan-works, and in another under fanfiction/shoujoai. The complete list of fandoms, as stored with a mostly-obsolete protocol, makes it like looking into a time capsule from ~20 years ago.

/your random thought for the night
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I think that was the first year I've managed to get up early enough to go to 9AM panels. (Though it's certainly not the first year I've wanted to go to some of the panels at 9AM.) First year I didn't get an 18+ wristband, too. The line was insane, and there wasn't anything I desperately wanted to catch.

My parents both registered -- their second time as attendees -- not as fans, exactly, more as baffled-but-amused fan-parents. I talked my dad into getting the Free! badge design out of solidarity; he was disappointed that they weren't showing it at the con. Mom went for the Wolf Children design, caught the screening on Saturday, and reported liking it.


[A Certain Scientific Railgun] Mikoto and KurokoCaught the first episode of A Certain Scientific Railgun, which was cute and looked like a fun action series, except for some unfortunate fanservice (of the "young teen girls sexually harass each other and it's treated as harmless mischief" variety).

After an incident where one character feels up her companion in the post-gym showers, a guy behind me said, "So, uh..." Female friend of his replies, "That never actually happens." Him: "Well, obviously not now, but at any point...?" Her: "No. Never happens."


And later on I watched the pilot of A Certain Magical Index, which I tried to watch once before but couldn't get into. Turns out it's a lot more accessible once you've seen a bit of Railgun, so you've had a more well-rounded introduction to the setting, and so that the random characters jumping in and out of the plot are familiar cameos from Railgun (and you can learn about the new characters by how they interact with the ones they already know) rather than random strangers with no clear motive (which only makes things harder to track).

Which is why it's really weird that Railgun is apparently the spinoff, the series that came second.

Point is, I'm putting Index back on my to-watch list, but this time after Railgun.


On a bus heading for dinner, a woman was explaining the crowd in costumes to a baffled guy in a construction vest: "Some people are fans of baseball, some are fans of football, these people are fans of cartoons. Everybody's gotta be a fan of something."

Sounds about right.


I didn't do any serious cosplay, but I wore a big-floppy-eared Kyuubei hat. It got some appreciation. One guy wanted to know where I'd gotten it. For the record: the Internet. Try Etsy.


It makes me so mad when people on magical girl panels say really dumb things.

Extended rant about that here (frillsofjustice). It got a bit long.


tumblr_static_tumblr_inline_mkch8dktn11qz4rgpOn a happier note, saw Evangelion 3! On the big screen, in the big theater with the big subwoofers, which means we got the full impact of the opening "there's an enemy in orbit, so we're sending a couple of Eva up using booster rockets" sequence.

It was mostly an excellent movie. Gorgeous animation. Eerie plot that unfolded at a good pace. The audience cheered when a mid-battle Asuka impatiently yanked off her helmet, and aww'd basically every time Kaworu and Shinji talked. (Understandable, given the dialogue: actual lines include "We make beautiful music together, don't we?" and "I wanted to look at the stars with you.")

Without spoiling anything too specific, my one complaint is that the big climax depended on Shinji abruptly grabbing the Idiot Ball. In defiance of a lot of his characterization up until that point, no less.

On the plus side, the plot was mostly comprehensible! Which is a remarkable point, when you're Eva.


One afternoon on the elevator at the hotel, a guy actually turned to the rest of us on the way up and said, "I bet you're all wondering why I gathered you here today..."


Screen-Shot-2013-05-18-at-1.52.54-PMThe last thing I watched was This Boy Has Caught A Merman, which was a little disappointing -- shorter than expected, with a thin plot -- but came with really trippy, visually distinct animation. Plus, the merman hanging out in the kiddie pool in our hero's living room was cute.


And the last panel I went to was "Anime After the Quake", which in theory was going to talk about how the effects of the 2011 earthquake were expressed through anime and manga. Turned out the panelist's approach was more like "This put the country in a post-disaster mindset, and the whole origin of anime grew out of another post-disaster mindset, so let me spend the next half hour talking about Tezuka and Astro Boy."

We did get some post-quake reflection, but not what I had hoped for.


Had to resist a ton of Sailor Moon and/or Madoka merchandise in the dealers' room. ("Next year," I told myself. "There will be even more Sailor Moon stuff next year. No rush.")

I did walk away with a Madoka keychain. Trying to be moderate, here, not abstinent.


Dead tired by this point. Which is usually the mark of a good con.
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The first Up-Goer Five fandom thread on FFA. Featuring such gems as "A girl wants her baby brother to go away. A nice man with balls helps her out" and "A girl gets not-human powers from a cat and a stick" and "Six young friends are all that stand between the world and space jerks. They can turn into animals. One of them got stuck. Now he lives in a tree."

And the delicious sequel. With quite a bit more editorializing, as people describe endings in terms like "and everyone reading the story goes WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? WHY!?" and "When they are older they live together and have a daughter but for some reason we never see them kiss."

And quick, before it gets too out-of-date: Biggest fannish events of the year? A look back at 2012.
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Just finished writing a long comparison of the role of wishes in various mahou shoujo series, including Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, and Shugo Chara!. (With spoilers for all of the above.)

Come check it out and discuss :)
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I did go to Otakon, which was excellent if far too short.

Loved the "history of Lupin III" panel, and enjoyed the Madoka staff Q&As. Was intrigued by the first few episodes of Fractale. Enjoyed many many cosplayers, though I did not stop for many many pictures. Oh, and I got a free Sailor Chibi-Moon poster at the Kodansha panel! Not the first senshi I would have gone for, but definitely not the last, either.

There were a lot of Sailor Moon and Madoka panels, sometimes stacked up against each other. Tough decisions...

I have one of the new SM T-shirts, the pseudo-collar-and-bow one, and paired that with a blue pleated skirt and stuffed Luna one day in lieu of the full Integra Hellsing With Hellhound getup. (Not that I have the hair for either outfit right now...and I'm too cheap to get a wig. Heh.)

On the third day I just hung around in the Kyuubey hat -- also with the Luna. Someone should write fic about those two together. Either as archenemies, or deeply distrustful colleagues in the Magical Girl Sidekicks Union.

Walked away with a Homura figurine for [personal profile] politicette and a stack of nonconsecutive volumes of Her Majesty's Dog for self. I had reread several of them in the manga library, loved them just as much as the first time around, and figured, screw it, I might as well at least start buying them. It took visiting almost all the manga vendors in the Dealer's Room to find anybody who stocked it, so it's probably a good thing I didn't put it off any longer.

Also sampled in the library: +Anima (didn't care for it; cute but not that interesting), some forgettable fashion manga (picked because the title sounded neat; turned out to be a letdown), and the start of Cromartie High (the classic parody of Tough High School Delinquent manga; as always, charming in its ridiculousness). Also something that was advertised in the back of HMD and turned out to have a similar "powerful human young woman in control of cranky male demon, with bonus cute animal form" dynamic...but was really badly developed and only two volumes long. Sigh.

Drew a bunch of stuff along the way, much of which [personal profile] xuanwu ended up with, as part of our "I will do commissions to pay my share of the hotel bill" deal. So you may or may not ever see that, depending on if/when he feels like scanning them. The ones I kept have mostly already been posted (I spent a lot of the con working on the updated Xyll Saga portraits).

I am so looking forward to the new SM anime, you guys. Also, the Madoka movies. The only way this could be more magical is if the Hellsing OVA and its translations were coming out in a speedy and quality manner. And maybe if there were an anime for HMD.

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