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Coal discusses: "is it okay for the author of a Yuletide-nominated original canon to write a treat?" With bonus "if you were the recip, how would you want that treat delivered?"

Challenging meme to find Characters Who Are Not At All Problematic (and then to figure out how they've actually been problematic all along).

The origins of the term "SJW", in serious detail, by someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

"What kind of summaries (on fic or anything else) actively draw you in?" Examples + advice.


Some anon filked Ozymandias, and I'm copying it in full for posterity:

I met a fan from an antique canon
Who said: "Two vast and readerless archives of fic
Stand in the internet...With them, in an lj comm,
Half f-locked, an abandoned meta discussion lies, whose detail
Tell that its writers well that canon read
Which yet survives, stamped in these activity-less things,
The troll comments that mocked them, and the juggernaut slash ship that fed:
And in the profile information these words appear:
'My name is Former Megacanon, Fandom of Fandoms:
Look on my fics, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The post- geocities and livejournal internet stretches far away.
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Translation disasters...or miracles: lots of facepalm-y mishaps ("Kings of Leon" turned into "The Lion King"), but also some solid cross-language puns.

Mash up two canons based on their titles. The Golden Compass Girls...Ender's Game of Thrones.

Change one letter, get a new canon. Star Bars...Evolutionary Girl Utena...Post (about an island of misplaced mail).

Fusion between things with similar names: Mad Men: Fury Road...The Boardwalk Empire Strikes Back To The Future...The Princess Tutu Diaries.

Invent a crossover by title: Dancing with the Star Wars...Jurassic Parks and Recreation...Guardians of the Galaxy Quest.

Change a letter, get a new work: The Vorkosingan Saga (it's a Eurovision AU)...Les Minerables (a Steven Universe AU)...Person of Pinterest...Loft.

Change a letter, get a new work: Sass Effect...The Block Jewels Trilogy (it's a Tetris crossover!)...Funding Dory.

Change a letter, get a new work: The Imperial Ranch series (Anaander Mianaai retires to Wyoming and raises cloned sheep)...The Neverending Store (like Costco or Sam's Club, but more)...Captive Pince (the harrowing account of a siege in the Hogwarts Library).
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Political miscellanea.

News hoaxes are starting to spread faster among liberals, in part because Trump's reality is so outrageously terrible that nothing sounds fake anymore. Be careful to double-check.

From the night before the election: Anons recall their first impressions of Trump and Clinton.

Warning people "some politically motivated groups are spreading lies about this fact" makes people less susceptible to lies about the fact. (No word yet on how to make people less susceptible to the obvious counter-tactic, i.e. falsified warnings that the facts are politically motivated lies....)

Trump fires one of Ben Carson's trusted aides for disagreeing with him. Ben Carson is stunned and bewildered that his people are not exempt from Trump's vindictiveness. Reality check, you moron: NOBODY is exempt from Trump's vindictiveness. He is not your friend. He is nobody's friend.

The Onion's Jimmy Carter: "Did you worry I might be cutting deals in back rooms with the peanut butter lobby? Or that I might be too busy at harvest time to focus on the economy or the Middle East?"
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"I'm a regular commenter on a long-running fic, but some of the author's recent choices had turned me off of the whole thing. [...] I have two choices open to me: (i) vanish from the comments box with zero explanation; or (ii) explain to the author why I'm no longer feeling a fic that I once loved. If you were the author of that fic, would you want to know?"

(iii) Leave comments that bring up the issues, but gently. Err on the side of positive reinforcement of the parts you liked. Keep the criticisms in-universe when you can. "Tony, no, don't do it!" is more palatable than "Tonyfan89, no, don't write it!"

Especially if the author turns out to be more self-aware than you think. I remember reading a fic where a main character was getting hostile and angry to OOC levels, and it was really uncomfortable to read...five or six chapters of this, and it turned out she'd been possessed. She was going grimdark that whole time - in a believable, canon-compliant way, even.

(iv) Vanish from the comments box for now. When the final chapter is posted, leave a general comment recalling the things you liked. That'll give the author (and you) closure. Don't spell out that it stopped working for you. They can probably figure that out for themselves. (Does not apply if the fic got irretrievably offensive at some point.)

"How do you define canon? Is canon just the source text itself? Or does it include fictional characters' social media accounts and other things outside the text (interviews with the author, etc)?"

"What indicates the "worse" head writer/producer/creator? One who made you suddenly rage quit cold turkey because of a simple storyline? Or one where gradually over time things got less interesting until they got to the point where you just stopped caring and couldn't bring yourself to watch or read your canon?"

Fannish terms in non-English-speaking fandom spheres. Lots of Japanese, plus a few ways English terms get adapted into Anglo/Romance languages.

If you have consumed a canon in its original language and then picked it up in another, was there anything that stood out to you that the translator put in?"
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Title quoted from this Twitter conversation (Ian JQ co-develops Steven Universe, Alex Hirsch created Gravity Falls), which starts with a flat "let people draw whatever fanart they want."

Slacktivist has a ton of posts about this phenomenon as it affects the religious right in the US. Under the tag "satanic baby-killers", because that's the horrifying imaginary monster that's always getting invoked.

For the Wannabe-Progressive Kids On Tumblr version, the tag would be "problematic pedophiles."

This latest is inspired by a Tumblr dogpile of an SU fanartist that got so bad she's in the hospital. FFA has details. Accusations range from "she drew teenage characters in bikinis, WHAT A MONSTER" to "she didn't draw this Jewish guy stereotypically enough, which makes it erasure" to "in the scenery of this picture, there's an object that was copied and pasted!! Think of the artistic integrity!"

There may be one actual child predator involved in this -- a guy the artist met when she was 13, who got friendly enough with her that she did at least one art request for him. I have no idea if this is legit or just another case of frothing-accusations-out-of-thin-air, but the Tumblr mob believes it...

...and they're using it as more ammunition to harass the artist.

Because when adult male pedophiles cultivate the friendship and emotional attachment of 13-year-old girls, that's somehow the fault of the 13-year-old girls.

Everyone involved in this needs to go sit in a quiet room and reread their own words until the reasons why this is wrong soak in. And they can't go back on the Internet until they're done.
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His Dark Materials discussion thread! A real one, not a contemplation of what daemons every other series' characters would have.

Daemon thread with more on worldbuilding, including thoughts on how Shakespeare plays are staged in these universes.

Yet more on daemons, including naming conventions, cultural influences on settling, and how creepy a possibility it would be to have a human-shaped one.

Swap the main characters of the last two canons you consumed. (Mine ended up being Olivia Dunham and Lyra Silvertongue.) Protagonist swap, part two! (Carlos the Scientist and Philip J. Fry.)

Mash up two canons based on titles alone. "Air Bud Wolf - Ain't no rule that says a dog can't fly a helicopter. Alternatively: ain't no rule that a helicopter can't play basketball." And again! "Sailor New Moon. The breakup arc in R gets even worse by having a bunch of episodes where nothing happens besides 22 minutes of sad music."

Write 3-5 lines via fandom osmosis, lots of fandom prompts.

Characters as in-universe trolls. (Cecil Palmer: writes totally-earnest fanfiction, everyone from the real world assumes he's a trolling grandmaster.)
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That Time Ur-Sunny Told People That Sestinas Were the Optimal Form of Trolling and a Nonny Took Her Up on It.

Alternate Universe FFA. "Where the Leverage fans are the wankiest around and Dragon Age tumblr is the sanest."

What would an FFA Con look like? "Some vendors would make a killing selling plushie and similar animals."

Famous opening lines, FFA style. "Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the blogging arm of the internet lies a small unregarded yellow Sunny. Orbiting them at a distance of roughly ninety-two million bytes is an utterly insignificant little chartreuse pink meme whose velociraptor-descended anons are so amazingly primitive that they still think critters and ****RANCH DRESSING****** are a pretty neat idea."
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Multilingual anons on writing in their second languages. Or their first languages. (I do wish more people specified what their first languages are.)

Fandom and meme terms in different languages. "Anonymous Anonymusovich, what do you want to talk about?"

Comics industries in different countries. (So many places where Donald Duck is the biggest deal. So many.)

"What are some interesting things about weddings in your culture, or your country, or even just your family? Any stories about particularly sweet or horrible weddings to share?"

Stranoge/Funny Things You Did As A Child. For anyone who wants to put a touch of realism in their kidfic: some examples of how weird kids are.
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My stuff got taken down from ebooks-tree, huzzah. (Sounds like lots of people's AO3 works are no longer showing up there -- good.)


Mash up two canons based only on their names. Space!

Feudal Lord/Handmaiden f/f AU worldbuilding. And the winner is: all of us.

Which fandom characters are worthy to lift Thor's hammer? Including Sayaka, Makoto (unless Jupiter and Thor are territorial enemies rather than buddies), Pinky (narf!), Garnet, John Egbert (although he's already set)...and all the Tolkien dwarves, because "you don't think they'd sell something like that without a backdoor hack?"

The establishment of common fanfic plots. How it becomes common/easy to start with a premise like "this canonically-dead character didn't die" or "this non-canon ship is together" and expect your readers to just roll with it.


More from that Sherlock con: The adult survivor who was filmed being harassed to tears at a panel speaks out, and is thoughtful and reasonable and deserves so much better than fandom is giving her.

Explaining, in small words, why "do not write about this topic ever" is bad, and why not all fiction needs to be safe for children.
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Including a bunch of mine.

Here’s an FFA thread on it.

Tips on how to report copyright abuse, plus the OTW’s announcement that they’re looking into it.

I’m leery of sending a notice to the site itself because who knows what they’ll do with my email address, but I’ll definitely be sending a report to their hosting company, as described in that second link. (Also, rooting for the OTW’s legal department to crush them.)


ETA: from the group I emailed:

Please be aware CloudFlare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy, pass-through security service. We are not a hosting provider. CloudFlare does not control the content of our customers.

Hosting Provider:
DFW Internet Services Inc. NET-DFW1
Webzilla Inc. WEBZILLA-US-204-155-148-0-24

We have notified our customer of your complaint, and we have forwarded your complaint on to the responsible hosting provider.

So, yeah. Send those complaints to DFW Internet Services.
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Meme: When you see this, make a post in your journal or in a community. It can be anything: a crosspost something you've posted on Tumblr, a few words about the last thing you read/watched, or just a "Hi, how is everyone?" Then go read your f-list and leave at least one comment.

People talk trigger/content warnings, including how to make them most useful and how to reasonably approach the fact that they can't cover everything (nor should have to).

Recent-upload statistics for both AO3 and Interesting to see what older fandoms are still churning along (Harry Potter: of course, Sonic the Hedgehog: wow, tween furry fandom is a powerful thing), and which are more popular on which site.

How people write and release WIPs. (Guest-starring my praise of Microsoft Notepad as a fic-writing program.)

The Best Writing Advice You've Ever Been Given. Lots of it is general, but it's good and thoughtful.

"Let's talk about works that used language barriers or linguistics to good effect. And about works that really should have but didn't. And works that tried and failed."

Related: writing fic for multilingual canons.
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Realistic AUs thread. "Peter Parker is bitten by a spider while visiting a science lab and gets a slightly itchy bump on his hand for a few days."

Bad Advice Thread. ("Check your living privilege, necrophobe.")

Change a letter, get a new canon. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Scone. A young boy's quest for the platonic ideal of baked goods."

Remove a letter, do the same. "BiShock: A first-person shooter where the protagonist fights his way out of a nightmarish city while coming to terms with his sexual identity."

Add or remove a letter, do the same. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factor: Charlie auditions to be on a show where people have to make chocolate while singing popular pop songs." / "Futari Wa Pretty Cue, a series about magical girls who defeat their enemies with the power of snooker."

They just keep coming. "Breaking Bard: Misadventures of the worst Shakespearean theater troupe in history." / "A Song of Lice and Fire: A more realistic depiction of medieval life."

"You're too earnest for the flames of wank / So backbutton, go, you're through / How could I make a mod out of you?"

N+7 game rides again. "Unless exchange's carrying the martini trellis, daydream."

"The idea of an all-knowing, all-powerful mod... or many mods, I don't doesn't make much sense. Is there someone out there watching everything we post?"
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ESL writers talk about their experiences in English-language fandom.

Experiences of fandom in non-English languages, for the flip side of that.

"I could look up how, say, Balinese names are formed on Wikipedia and check baby name websites, but there's nothing there to prevent me naming a character the Balinese equivalent of Gertrude. So, how are names formed in your culture and how should people avoid creating weird names, nonnies?"

" struck me as funny the other day that apple and pineapple are linked in English, and apple and potato (pomme and pomme de terre) are linked in French. Any other examples of things that have related names in one language but utterly unrelated in another?"

Fannish terms translated into different languages! Admittedly, a lot of it ends up being about tongue-in-cheek terms for A/B/O, but still. (Je ne regrette chien~)

Translation of an adorable omegaverse-explaining comic from Pixiv (original in Japanese)!

Brainstorming for non-canid-based weird-biology AUs. Bizarre kinks abound.

Related: A/B/O worldbuilding discussion. If you ever wanted to know what kind of variations on the theme people are out to read.

And these ideas aren't new, if Aristasia is anything to go by. Iddy fannish shared universe with biologically-determined BDSM-esque roles...but instead of starting with mpreg knotting, it started with lesbian spanking.
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I've been following the various Dashcon debacles mostly via FFA, so here's a reference list of threads. They're also a nice compilation of links to various non-anon writeups, especially in the later ones. Also, links to memes, macros, and extra-hour-in-the-ball-pit jokes.

All times are in Central Daylight Time (UTC-5), the local timezone of the con.

"They're asking for money because apparently they need to give the hotel $17,000 by... Forty minutes from now." First post Friday the 11th, 9:21 PM.

" far it is the con that keeps on giving to anyone not actually there a the WTNV live reading is an hour late and currently security is huddled in a corner talking." First post Saturday the 12th, 1:09 PM.

"They're not only planning on doing another, they're not planning on refunding people. At all." First post Sunday the 13th, 6:45 PM.

"I have been sharing the joy of Dashcon with my brother, and now he's hooked and keeps telling me new things he's found out about it. (And other things. ", there are some weird things in fandom. Like... this thing called 'omegaverse'?")" We're into overflow territory here: first post Tuesday the 15th, 1:25 PM.

"They can't offer refunds because that would be against the rules and doing anything against the rules would invalidate all the rules. Which they can change at any time, by their rules." Current ongoing thread. First post Thursday the 17th, 1:02 AM.

In all seriousness, my heart goes out to everyone for whom this was their first convention. (And it sounds like the bulk of the attendees were teenagers, skewing young, so that was probably a lot of them.) I've been going to cons for ten years now, and they've all been fun and invigorating and competently-managed, and that's the kind of experience you deserve. Not this mess.
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Fictional stuff:

Drop a letter, get a new canon, the return. "His Ark Materials: God wants to kill everyone, but Noah has a plan..." And the variant thread: Change a letter, get a new canon.

How to tell if you're in a fanfic. ("Do you ever catch yourself thinking about people you've known for at least a decade as 'the taller blonde'?")

Your guide to fictional injuries! "Loss of eye - Classic indicator of badassery. Rarely causes any issues with depth perception."

Nonfictional stuff:

Weirdest job experiences. The funny, the creepy, the bizarre.

Kinks you wouldn't admit to unanon. ...Also the funny, the creepy, and the bizarre, come to think of it.

"Hilariously wrong things you believed as a child."

"How are you a special snowflake?" I just really like the collection of mundane, everyday weirdnesses.
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FFA has officially moved to DW, and [community profile] fail_fandomanon is racing along like gangbusters, with some posts filling up in less than 48 hours. It's both exciting and intimidating.

Last couple of links from old LJ posts:

Discrimination-flip stories: what makes a good one? Or, "how to explore alternate and reversed power distribution without falling into Save The Pearls territory?" (Apart from "don't suck as much as that book did.")

The perennial "yes, Virginia, there is bullying and abuse committed in the name of social justice" thread. Lots of links and sources.

And on to DW!

"Describe your canon in the most unappealing way possible." And its follow-up: "Describe your OTP in the most unappealing way possible." Some of them don't really hit the mark (in that they sound intriguing anyway), but it's a fun guessing game the whole way through.

"Hey meme, what do you call your grandparents?" Regional variations, lingustic and cultural variations, variants that reflect the history of that specific family, and a few out-of-nowhere improvisations.

Related: advice for naming characters from different cultures. Language-specific advice from anons who are Finnish, Russian, German, and more.

"Run a quote through the N+7 machine." Tony Stark: gentlewoman, billionaire, playpen, phone. (Also, T.S. Eliot: "I will show you federation in a handlebar of dustsheet.")

Favorites of the Doctors Who. For a lot of people it's "whichever one I'm watching at the moment."

Madoka Magica: Rebellion Story discussion. (Separately, I posted some long and detailed Rebellion Story reactions over on [community profile] frillsofjustice.)

On a nice feel-good end-note: ways in which FFA has made your life better. Heartwarming and thoughtful by turns.
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How does character synning work on the AO3? Particularly when characters are shared across adaptations, or even used in multiple fandoms.

Tag indexing on Tumblr with Tumblr tags, as compared to tag indexing on AO3, and how it handles Tumblr-style tags.

Another round of A/B/O discussion, this time with Punnett squares. Social worldbuilding and genetics discussions alike.

Drop a letter from the name of a fandom returns. Featuring such classics as His Ark Materials, Petty Soldier Sailor Moon, and an outright poem for Rime and Punishment.

"Have you noticed any changes in fandom over time, i.e. certain types of stories becoming more popular, particular writing styles being in vogue, specific issues being addressed repeatedly, etc?" Reflections on the evolution of fic.

On various canons that include second languages (mostly with English as a first language, but there's some anime and others too): "So for those of you nonnies who actually speak the languages being portrayed, how well/badly do the shows/actors do with those languages?"
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Cute pet stories! Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, parrots, total and utter fluff.

Run a quote through the N+7 machine, which methodically replaces all the nouns. Often hilarious. Also, though, a really great window into how the rhythm of a writer's language can be original and iconic in its own right, even when you mess with the words.

"Remove one letter from the name of a game/show/comic...and write a summary of the new canon." Sailor Mon, Princess Tut, ATLA Shrugged, The Huger Games, and more.

Now with a sequel, including Arks and Recreation, Ouran High School Host Cub, Legally Bonde ("a young, gorgeous female fashion designer major decides to follow her One True Love into the 00s. 'What, like it's hard?'"), and Rave ("Merida is torn between her duty and her love of techno").

And variation, change one letter from the name of canon. Rex and the City, X-Fen, horror series Flee, Bollywood drama Ghee, and reality show Marry Potter.

"For the nonnies that learned about sex mainly through peers, fic, etc. rather than in school or from parents/adults, what facts did you learn at the time that ended up being mostly or completely wrong?" Hilariously NSFW.
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Some discussion of Utena: the manga, the anime, the movie, the acid trip.

Some discussion of Sailor Moon: the ongoing vain hope of seeing something, anything, from the promised upcoming series.

More on SM: "Sailor Moon - which version do you like best? Or do you prefer taking bits and pieces from different versions?"

And still more: "I see SM stuff ALL THE TIME, on tumblr, from meta to fanfic to new merch and it is wonderful. The tumblr 2013 thing reveals that SM was among the most reblogged anime/manga of the year. So let's talk about it!"

Comics industries in countries other than the US, mostly involving anons from various parts of Europe.

People talk about their fannish lifespans, how their engagement has changed over the years, why people move in and out of fandom as a whole.

How old were you when you first got into [internet] fandom? Lots of charming stories about '90s Internet connections.
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Bad Advice thread where most people are writing in character as various fandom figures. Turned out so nice, we did it twice.

Create the perfect fanworks site -- compare and contrast with Create your ideal fandom site.

Fannish license plates and bumper stickers. Puns abound.

Mash up canons based on their titles, one more time. Narutotaru, Cardcaptor Sakura Wars, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Time, Ender's Game of Thrones...

A Map of Weird America: from Night Vale to Gotham, Springfield to Townsville, Arkham to Eerie.

Existential Fandom Wank, the "polarizing fandom figure" edition. And another, "meme is moving too fast" edition.

"Do you talk about fandom with your therapist? If so, do you go into a lot of detail or just kind of gloss over it? [...] How does your therapist react to all this?"

Summarize the canon of your choice in the most boring way possible. "Woman gets arrested while fighting a government construction project. Her only hope is an elderly war veteran who's good at talking his way out of traffic stops."

Summarize a canon you enjoy as badly as possible. "Children leave home on global road trip with a stunted hundred year old man. An angry stalker pursues while his relative drinks tea."

Do you feel proud of, or embarrassed by, your older fanfics? Plus, general stories of anons' fannish youth.

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