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Over the course of more than 10 years, I uploaded almost 6,000 images.

A month ago, Photobucket broke them all and demanded I pay $400 to fix it.

Wish I'd taken a screenshot of my Account stats page before I started deleting, but here's what it looks like as of right now:

And I'm about to hit "delete" and make it go away entirely.

It took a bunch of exhausting busywork to get to this point, but I gotta say, now that I'm here, it feels pretty good.
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Cheapest lil' model the Best Buy had in stock. Doesn't weigh much more than an actual paper notebook. I haven't worked on a screen this small since the era of the text-only interface. (And/or had the screensaver that this usericon mimics.)

My main computer has the biggest screen a laptop can handle, and a huge chassis to hold it up. It's a tank. It could eat this thing for breakfast.

(All my devices get sci-fi names. The big laptop is Homura. The bitty one is now Nagisa.)

It was advertised as having a 32GB hard drive. Which, in practice, means 28. Which, since it has an operating system installed on it, left 15 for...using. I installed a couple programs and copied over about 2% of my music collection, so within an hour of being started up, it was down to 10.

So, yeah, I'm going to be light on the "new art" front for a week or so. The main laptop is nigh-unusable for art programs when half my keyboard shortcuts are muted, and I'm not even sure the tiny one could handle the weight of a Photoshop install, let alone find space to save the art afterward.

But I can keep on top of the Internet in the meantime, and get a backlog of actual drawing in physical sketchbooks...and maybe do some writing for a change?

Seriously, it feels like I could snap this thing in half with my bare hands if I really tried. It's adorable.
erinptah: (Default) would think that means it will automatically renew.

*sighs, makes manual payment, waits for BICP to pop back up*
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and download The Minister of Chance, then upload it to a filesharing site and comment back with the links?

All the episodes are free -- I just can't get iTunes to run on my computer, and can't find any other place to download them.
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Good news about vaccines: "Now more than ever, Africa appears on course to being declared free of polio. The continent has not had a case of polio reported for the last 12 months."

Bad news about the lack of vaccines: Diptheria has killed a child in Spain, in the country's first new case for almost 28 years. (They've found eight other kids in Spain who are carrying the bacteria...but who aren't in danger of dying, who aren't even sick, because they were vaccinated. "Spain’s Health Ministry had to scramble to find the drug to treat the child...The antitoxin was eventually delivered from Moscow to Barcelona by the Russian ambassador."

Good news about women's health care: "According to a new study that tracked hundreds of women who had abortions, more than 95 percent of participants reported that ending a pregnancy was the right decision for them. Feelings of relief outweighed any negative emotions, even three years after the procedure."

Bad news about the planet: "If melting continues at its current pace, by around 2025, some parts of Iceland will be rising at a rate of 15.7 inches a year." Related: "New Climate Change Study Just 400 Pages Of Scientists Telling Americans To Read Previous Climate Change Studies"

Bad news for advocates of torture: “At no time did the CIA’s coercive interrogation techniques lead to the collection of imminent threat intelligence, such as the hypothetical ‘ticking time bomb’ information that many believe was the justification for the use of these techniques.”

Good news for controlling parents: "When you add a child's Microsoft account to your family, you'll get regular activity report emails summarizing how much time they spent on the PC, the websites they visited, the games and apps they used, and the terms they've looked up in search engines." (Only applies if you have a child-type account, not an administrator-type account. If you're living at home, in a dodgy situation, and your family is getting the upgrade, stay alert.)
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Laptop had a major does-not-want-to-be-a-computer-anymore failure a couple of days ago. Tried to run chkdsk /f on startup, it errored out and said it wanted to go back to an earlier system restore point. Tried to do a system restore, it errored out and said to fix the drive by running chkdsk. Tried to reinstall the OS from scratch, the reinstallation media wouldn't even boot. That was the point when tech support said "okay, we're sending you a new hard drive now."

The good news is:
1) it's under warranty, so replacement hard drives are a free thing
2) the computer was still operating enough to back everything up (it just wouldn't run half of its programs anymore...I've got my Firefox settings, but not my Photoshop ones)
2) I was able to keep up with reading on the Internet, using Previous Laptop, in the meantime.

(Previous Laptop is...serviceable. All the programs run. It just bluescreens once every couple of weeks, and the frame is literally held together with duct tape.)

I'm typing this from the new laptop with the even-newer hard drive. All my data is back in place; still working on reinstalling programs. At this point the number of installs-from-scratch this purchase has gone through is as follows:

1) New machine, first installation
2) New machine has bizarre sound/freezing error, hard drive replaced
3) Bizarre error returns three months later, hard drive replaced as part of a sequence of trying to replace basically all the parts
4) Tech support gives up, sends a whole new machine with new hard drive
5) New hard drive gives up the ghost a few days ago, is replaced

...At the beginning of the installation process, Windows asks you to give the computer a name, which is used to identify it on things like your wireless network.

This computer is now dubbed HOMURA.
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(1) I'm having the most aggravating computer trouble.

It freezes. Unpredictably. And in a way I've never seen on any other computer: the sound doesn't cut out, it gets stuck endlessly repeating the last fraction of a second it was on. That means a different droning hum every time, depending on what song or video it was in the middle of when it locked up.

The machine is under warranty, and tech support has been trying their hardest, but it's not doing much good. So far it's had the hard drive, the memory, and the motherboard replaced. And something unrelated was botched during the motherboard replacement, so that's going to be replaced again.

I'm trying to get in the habit of saving things (art, writing, whatever) every minute or two. It really sucks when I forget.

Tech support is still trying to come up with more things to try -- here's hoping one of them takes. Or that they decide to put the whole thing out of its misery and send me a replacement computer.


(2) Welcome to Night Vale is doing its best to yank my heart out, I swear.

I've been doing episode reaction posts over at Night Vale Dog Park, if you're interested in hearing about the shock and love and fear and wonder in greater detail.


plant(3) I got a plant!

It sits on the cabinet next to where I work. Grows toward the light from the window. I get to watch it putting up new leaves in realtime. It's a pretty good companion.

(Anyone know what species it is? It didn't come with an ID.)


(4) My Firefox spellcheck didn't recognize "turducken" as a word, so it suggested "turnbuckle" instead.

How do you get a dictionary that's expansive enough to know "turnbuckle" is a word, but that's never heard of turducken? It's kind of a silly concept, sure, but it isn't uncommon.


(5) So happy for Stephen and the Report staff, finally winning themselves an Emmy.

It still doesn't make sense that they didn't win the year they broadcast from Iraq. Or the year they did such amazing things with SuperPACs. This year was good, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't one of the years where they so clearly blew it out of the water in comparison to everyone else.

Honestly, I think the Academy just wanted to give TDS the glory of a ten-year streak. With a possible side of "oh, geez, we can't snub Colbert this year, his mom just died."

But even if they were awarded it for the wrong reasons, they did deserve it, and I'm glad they got it.
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Dreamwidth is currently testing this super-special-awesome syntax called Markdown that makes things really convenient once you have the relevant shortcuts down.

I've barely even used it, but I love it. So much less typing. My only complaint is that other sites aren't on board with this yet, so I have to keep typing out all the HTML on anything that's going to be crossposted. Hopefully they'll come around.

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The main page of now sends you directly to this blog. Slick new layout and all.

Having added the "Favorites" link list (it sounded nicer than "Miscellaneous"), I'm a little tempted to go wild and LINK ALL THE THINGS. After starting with projects I'd contributed to, I threw in a few sites I've paid special attention to along the way -- Day of Silence, Kiva, and LibriVox. But if you were to expand that to "things around the Internet that I read and happen to like"...

...Screw it, if I'm going to go pick up links to share as examples, I may as well pick up links and put them on a list.

[20 links later]

I retroactively apologize to every blog I ever rolled my eyes at for having a ridiculously long blogroll. (Although the next step will probably be shuffling them off to their own page.)

The main thing still to fix up is the About page. I don't suppose anyone has requests for it? Past history suggests the text will get written to semi-completeness and then left unchanged for years, so if there are any burning questions you've always wanted answered, now's the time to get them in.
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Megaupload, the Hong Kong-based site I've been using for large-file storage (including fanmixes and fanvids), is down. The US government has messed with their DNS info, meaning the URL no longer works, and while theoretically it's still accessible by IP address, that's given me nothing but timeout errors.

Several people involved with running and promoting the website have been arrested in New Zealand, to be extradited to the US. It's still not entirely clear how solid the charges are with respect to (a) US law and (b) our extradition treaty with NZ.

Anonymous has lost no time in firing back, hacking involved sites (from the Department of Justice to the RIAA) right and left.

Here's a pretty good breakdown of the case as it stands, and this FFA thread is keeping tabs on new updates as they hit. Will probably be out-of-date within the next eight hours, but I'm going to be offline for much of the weekend. If you're reading this from The Future, do hit up Google to see what's happened since.

And for anyone who wants to complain that this, like PIPA or SOPA, is part of the Epic Battle between good moral people and Those Darn Pirates, let me drop a few timely links: PIPA co-sponsors and supporters violating copyright on the Internet and the author of SOPA violating copyright on the Internet.
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AO3 election results are in! The meme discusses.

Still-sorta-relevant pre-election threads:

"Explain like I'm 5" roundup of all the major stuff through the 14th. A coder's overwhelmed resignation leads to discussion of organization problems, plus a subthread on the AO3's financial situation.

Actual in-journal discussion posts:

Github, transparency, and the OTW Archive project by [personal profile] skud - a fantastic explanation, from the ground up, of open-source collaboration and the AO3's coding processes. It covers a lot of technical territory in a way that's accessible to the lay reader, and demonstrates why coders who are active in the OS community are actively turned off by AO3 practices.

Two posts on management by [ profile] vom_marlowe - a similar explanation of management practices, the basic things applicable to any organization, and, again, why the OTW's are borked. (Apparently there's personality drama behind the user? But these posts stick to the technical.)
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1. Went to a costume party at a college friend's apartment over the weekend. All I brought was cat ears and a cape, which seemed to be enough. There were lots of better costumes, though, including a Ninjette, with whom I was very impressed.

2. Today I had a bunch of errands and a Kyuubey hat. Accomplished the former while wearing the latter. It was a hit. Like, a getting-thumbsed-up-by-people-in-cars hit.

3. Midway through the first round of those errands, my MP3 player goes dead. I figure it's run out of battery, so I head home and plug it in (it charges over the USB cable)...and get no connection.

I do everything I can think of, which, since it's not even awake enough to give error messages, amounts to holding down the power button for increasingly long intervals, scouring the website, and whacking it a few times to see if it starts up again. Then I get an insta-chat session with a tech support person, who starts by having me hold down the power button even longer, which will apparently reboot the system. Sure enough:

Me: It worked! Thank you so much.
Her: Oh good. Now we're going to update the firmware to keep it from happening again.
Me: I have the device control panel open here now, with an icon that says "Update Firmware." Do I just run that?
[long pause while tech support person types]
Me: *runs installation anyway*
Her: [explanation of what firmware is -- basically, the device software]
Her: No, don't run that.
MP3 Player: "New firmware installed!"
Her: Just click [series of options] and tell me what the version number is.
Me: *clicks* Version XX.XX.XXXX.
Her: Well, it looks like you have the latest version. So there's no need to update.
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Oh, computer, how I've missed you. With a proper color display and a working TAB key and everything.

It's taken since early afternoon, and I made it halfway through a biography while waiting for things to load, but 95% of everything is reinstalled. (Including the ones I'm sure people most care about: the scanner software and art program.) The installation discs even managed to leave my data partition intact, so I didn't have to recopy everything from my backups :D

No idea why, but the default Windows 7 icons for JPGs (a clean blue seascape, meant to look like a photo) and PNGs (red and orange flowers, ditto) seriously grate on my eyes. I lasted about five minutes before digging through the registry entries to swap them. Apparently ".jpg" is an orange file extension in my head.

(Random fact about me for the day: Most individual letters are associated with colors in my mind. A is red, B blue, C yellow, D green, E yellow, F blue, G green, H orange...and so on. It's not a synesthesia thing, a page of text still looks black, but it's been mentally consistent as long as I can remember.)


The point is that I am back, and ready to begin the mad scramble of catching up in earnest. ...Starting tomorrow.


Jan. 20th, 2011 04:25 pm
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Once this is posted, I'll be able to close my last tab. Then I shut down the computer, box it up, and send it away to parts unknown.

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I have the box in which to send off my computer, and am resolved to pack it up and tomorrow. Which comes with a matching resolution to close tabs, post links, and generally clear things up over the next sixteen hours.

On that note, have what may be the longest failmeme roundup yet.

How to approach a friend who is too wrapped up in social justice to see that anything else might be causing her problems.

Theorizing on how Harry Potter fandom got so uniquely big.

A question about doing fannish stuff at an early age leads to adorable childhood tales of elementary-school proto-fanficcers.

If your own internal barometer is solid, why do you care about other people judging you? On the flip side: even though it's anonymous and unjudgeable, have you said anything on the meme that you regret?

Positive effects of fandom on mental health. Positive reactions to the meme in general. Initial reactions to the meme, misconceptions included; later, what people have learned from it.

Questions for the ESL anons about their experiences in fandom, and a follow-up for the writers about the language in which they write fic.

For the ficcers in general: how fast do you write? Do you get an epically long story by worldbuilding, or fly by the seat of your pants? And what was the first fanfic you ever wrote?

For the fans in general: what's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you in fandom? How about your strangest kink? And do you have an ur-fandom, a series that seems to be the genesis of all your favorite tropes and kinks? (Sailor Moon, which is mine, comes up more than once :D)

If you could say one thing to your favorite character, what would it be? I thought at first that this wouldn't go far beyond "YOU ARE SO AWESOME", but turns out people are more creative than that. Also, lots of favorite characters have flaws.

For the meme in general: Age poll! And, what's the latest thing on your clipboard?

Fandom questions you're embarrassed to ask, with a sequel. Riffing off one of those questions, where does fanon come from, anyway?

Opinions and advice for would-be self-publishers.

Over on the religion post, threads that are ostensibly about Unitarian Universalism and Wicca/paganism turn into rigorous discussions about the nature of religion. And by "rigorous" I mean "people throw around words like 'orthopraxy' and nobody stops to ask them to define it."

The definition of issuefic, and whether the concept is inherently bad. On similar lines, the difficulty creating original cultures that don't suffer from the same *isms ours do, which requires adjusting for your own blind spots; and dealing with characters in long-running canons whose early years are glaringly informed by the blind spots of those eras.

A run-of-the-mill complaint spins off an epic subthread conducted entirely in typos. ("All of this mocking is so crewed." "Don't read it than.")

Remix your canon! You would think this would be all about shipping, but it turns out the meme thinks much, much bigger.
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After being unceremoniously dropped on its side (by, it must be noted, someone who was not me), my computer monitor's color display has gone all wonky. A lot of the colors are blue-tinted, and black in particular shows up as an eye-bleeding dark blue.

I've called Dell about getting it fixed, and will try to get some video before I ship it off for a replacement screen. Not going to get a lot of art done in the meantime, though :/

Have some vaguely tech-y links:

A combination of microsavings and cell phones used to create an ad-hoc virtual economy over the wreckage of Haiti. Over in Africa, solar panels are charging lights and phones in tiny rural areas.

A collection of particle animation videos, with stunning colors and set to music. So much love.

Five sci-fi series reimagined as children's books. So much lol.

The latest in digital-animation technology, as seen in Rapunzel's hair. Behind the scenes of another kind of Disney magic: the science of defending theme-park visitors from the nightmare of long lines.

Using Tetris to diminish the power of traumatic flashbacks.

What's left of you on the Internet after you die, and how companies are building up ways to deal with it.

Saved the most adorable for last: Present-day children attempt to figure out 20-year-old technology. My favorite by far is the kid who picks up a floppy disk, pokes at it a bit, then guesses that it might be a camera.
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Can anybody open this file? The extension is .DCR, and it should be an image, which I believe is animated. (I made it myself, so I know it's virus-free.) If you can convert the frames into some more universal image format and get them back to me, I will shower you with cookies.

Watched Pleasantville yesterday, while working on go_exchange assignment. This movie, you guys. This movie. Not only is it a visual and technical marvel, the whole thing is clearly a metaphor for fandom. A couple of viewers step into canon, and...okay, the first thing they introduce is porn, with a strong focus on female sexuality. But this is followed by AU, and crossovers, and shipping, and character studies, and all sorts of depths that the original series never explored. I want to buy everybody I know a copy.

Speaking of fandom: my WIP folder no longer has a scrollbar. Pretty soon I'm not going to know what to do with myself.

Picked up an AO3 account, thus silencing forever that nagging voice in the back of my head saying maybe I should make use of my one to upload things. Currently posted: all my non-fake-news stuff, and a couple of the fake-newsy crossovers. Not planning to post the whole fake-news oeuvre; still mulling over which bits to post, and when.

Shine readers who follow the forum will already know that I've had trouble sleeping, and am a bit behind on updates. Still working on it. Will be up to speed soon. Possibly after a nap.

For your entertainment in the meantime: Not My Fandom Fest is, with the possible exception of Pleasantville, the most disarmingly charming thing I've seen all week.


Oct. 12th, 2009 11:58 am
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The new laptop has shipped!

Estimated arrival date: the 16th. Hopefully I will be back at full power shortly after that.


Nat'l Coming Out Day was yesterday! Short version:

I'm gay. (Mostly. I can appreciate some attractive guys, though I don't want to sleep with them.) I'm female. (Again, mostly. I don't ID as male at all; I just have a bit of an androgynous streak going on.) And I still think Integra Hellsing is sex on legs. (Look her up some time, and that'll tell you more about my specific tastes than you ever wanted to know.)
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That was my laptop screen this morning. About 2/3 of the screen was still displaying properly. It just went down to 3%.

The hard drive is still working, and I had more than enough time to back up my files, so there's no Full Panic Mode just yet. But it does mean I'm not going to get a whole lot of work finished until the new laptop shows up.

On the plus side, you guys raised $1,130 by the time of the Making Strides walk this morning. Y'all rock.

(Also, I spent the afternoon with [personal profile] stellar_dust, and now have fresh pumpkin bread. Things could be worse.)


May. 13th, 2007 02:43 am
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Got home without a hitch (well, except for the fact that I left my coat at the train station - I didn't need it, since it was sweltering out, but I left my CD player in the pocket).

Got that final paper turned in (three attempts to email it apparently failed, as the professor kept replying to say that it hadn't sent, but then I sent it from my Yahoo mail and it worked, and he was a great sport about it).

Have spent much of the last two days drawing random pictures, reading random books and manga, and playing a leisurely game of catch-up on the online (still have 20-odd unanswered emails and a room to clean, but it'll get done).

Did some driving, including to Barnes and Noble to use a couple of long-idle gift cards (forgot to find R.O.D, which is what I originally went for, but I got Emma and Vampire Game and Hikaru no Go and Death Note, so it's not bad).

Vampire Game has a totally awesome and satisfying ending (but Emma, gorgeous Emma, is practically printed on newspaper - what is CMX thinking, abusing it like that?).

I had a genuinely terrifying morning in that my external HD, the on on which I keep my entire TDS/TCR collection as well as Hellsing and all of my fanvid material, failed to be recognized by any computer (but we pulled it out of its casing and hooked it directly into one of the boxes - there are at least six computers in this house - and that worked, and all the important data is now copied).

So it's been a roller-coaster-type couple of days (but things seem to have settled, for the moment, at Good; and I have a long long list of fun things to do and no deadlines on any of them).


Quoth Stephen: "Jon Stewart is God."

With this I shall conquer the You Tubes. (Thus, my beloved lonelyjew14 icon.)

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