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I felt like I needed to post this because I have came across around SO many misconceptions about Kiritsugu (in Tumblr mostly) that I felt like I need to debunk them, because fandom tends to misblame him a lot for things that weren't even his fault to begin with it.

This post is called a "very limited defense", however, because it doesn't pretends exonerate or justify the bad things he did. He was brutal in his methods, killed Kayneth, Sola-Ui and Lancer in a very gruesome way, cheated on Irisviel with Maiya and didn't even bothered to talk with Saber. This post will not focus on those things, because there's nothing to defend there, but rather in other aspects for which he's blamed yet...it wasn't really his fault.
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leathermouth by Zaki-mizer (SFW)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 12:43 pm
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Fandom: Bandom (LeATHERMOUTH)

Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Frank Iero

Content Notes/Warnings: N/A

Medium: Digital art

Artist on DW/LJ: N/A

Artist Website/Gallery: Deviant Art

Why this piece is awesome: LeATHERMOUTH, aside from being one of the gazillion bands Frank is involved in, is somewhat notorious for having a casual yet v. dark aesthetic. I mean, the promo photos are something else.

Zaki-mizer certainly tips a hat to Frank's look (white t-shirt and pants) while also managing to capture the vibrancy and aggression that makes up a LM experience. Although we don't see Frank's face, it's easy to figure out that he's giving it his all, even to the point of be covered with neon pink blood. It might look like a simple piece, but, the longer you study it, the more it seems to come to live.

Link: leathermouth
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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the sixth episode of the third season of Person of Interest, I’M STRESSED. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Person of Interest

This show is TOO MUCH.


So, this episode was light on Fusco and Carter, though we did get the first glimpse of what her relationship with Laskey is going to look like. I say that with the full understanding that Laskey’s time is extremely limited at this point. LOOK, PEOPLE DON’T LAST LONG WHEN IT COMES TO HR. But what we see here is Carter’s commanding vision: she is going to turn HR against itself. She uses Laskey for information, but not without giving him a warning: his loyalty to HR will be tested in terrible, terrible ways.

We’ve seen that before! Fusco, even while working to subvert HR, was still asked to do miserable things. Yet Laskey wasn’t prepared for Simmons to teach him a lesson by making him bury his childhood friend. I know HR is evil, and yet I’m still shocked by just how far they’re willing to go to protect themselves. Literally everyone is expendable all the time. It seems Terney, Simmons, and Quinn are the only ones untouched by the violence of HR, and Laskey hasn’t been around long enough to be part of the upper echelon of the organization. So what does he do next? I suspect he’s going to stick with Carter for as long as he can because that boy looked terrified the morning after burying his friend.



I DIDN’T EXPECT THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE VIGILANCE STORY SO SOON. Like the previous episode, “Mors Praematura” manages to take a new case – that of Timothy Sloan – and fold it into an existing storyline. Collier is back, but this time, his target is a hacker who used to work for his activist group, but who turned state’s witness after Collier started killing people. Thus, this is a revenge plot, one that filter’s into Sloan’s life after he believes that his foster brother had been killed. I admit that I kept worrying that Sloan would be revealed to be a secret member of Vigilance the entire time, but that’s mostly due to my own paranoia while watching this show. I EXPECT THE WORST.

Sloan is a great guest character, one who has a clear emotional tie to this story, but who also gets to play a significant part in the tension-filled plot. I loved that his ability to locate hidden things mattered so much to this! (I’m also a general fan of Kirk Acevedo, anyway, but BIASES ASIDE.) Yet it was the seemingly unending power of Vigilance that frightened me. At this point, they still haven’t figured out who Harold is, but seeing their response to Jason was CERTAINLY enough to understand just how far they’re willing to go. Of course, there’s an inherent ironic cruelty to what they do! They want to protect the right to privacy, yet they violate Sloan’s privacy to get what they want. I don’t think that’s lost on them, but it’s still so disturbing. Plus, look how horrible Collier is in the end in order to protect himself. I’M SCARED OF VIGILANCE.

The Machine

I may have gotten this all wrong.

So, first things first: the dual storylines that then collided together were AMAZING. This episode is so expertly crafted in terms of plot that it still impresses me AND IT SHALL IMPRESS ME FOR A LONG TIME. Yet it is through this that a central question remains: Is the Machine speaking to Root because she was granted admin access last season, or is there really something more going on between the two? I had believed the Machine granted all of Root’s requests because she was an admin. But what if the Machine has developed an affinity for Root? What if Root isn’t deluded about her role in the grand scheme of things? WHAT IF SHE’S TELLING THE TRUTH?

I’d like to think that the Machine recognized it had multiple assets and resources and used them all (elaborately so) in order to best help Jason and Sloan. Yet even if that’s the case, that means Root is right: the Machine is evolving. Fast. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR THE STORY??? Oh my god, this show!!!

The video for “Mors Praematura” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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My YA contemporary debut, ANGER IS A GIFT, is now available for pre-order! If you’d like to stay up-to-date on all announcements regarding my books, sign up for my newsletter! DO IT.

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Posted by Tom Graham & André Gonçalves


As designers, we like to think we are solution-based. But whereas we wouldn’t hesitate to call out a museum made inaccessible by a lack of wheelchair ramps, many of us still remain somewhat oblivious to flaws in our user interfaces.

Stop Designing For Only 85% Of Users: Nailing Accessibility In Design

Poor visual design, in particular, can be a barrier to a good user experience. Whereas disability advocacy has long focused on ways to help the user adapt to the situation, we have reached a point where users expect products to be optimized for a broad range of needs.

The post Stop Designing For Only 85% Of Users: Nailing Accessibility In Design appeared first on Smashing Magazine.

Mark Reads ‘Lifeboats’: Chapter 1

Oct. 23rd, 2017 12:00 pm
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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the first chapter of Lifeboats, Kit faces the impossible. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards

Oh, cousins, what have you gotten me into this time?

There is a terrible sense of grandeur to the opening of this book, one that filled me with dread. (And unless I’m told otherwise, I’m considering this a novel. It’s way too long to be a novella. I AM ALSO NOT COMPLAINING.) That is an incredible thing to pull off in less than five pages, but I’m not surprised. Duane has been mixing the impossible and the fantastical for this entire series. All of the previous books had something in them that was larger-than-life, something that was frightening and awe-inspiring. There was that alternate view of Manhattan, and there was the Deep. There was the planet of mobiles and the Pullulus.

I’m simultaneously gaining a further appreciation for Duane’s work as I’m making this very sudden transition to being an actual author myself. You’ve probably noticed me talking more about my own writing over the last couple years, and it mostly came from a desire to be open about what this whole process feels like. I’ve wanted y’all to be a part of that process because I hope to help inspire anyone who feels like they want to write, but might not the encouragement. I say all this because I am now discovering just how hard it is to combine genres. There’s the marketing aspect, which isn’t something I’m going to have to deal with for a while, but it is on my mind. How exactly does a publisher promote books that straddle the line between two genres of writing? (I am actually curious if y’all recall seeing ads or promotions for these books. What were they like? Did they seem to lean on the fantasy elements or the science fiction ones?)

But from a craft perspective, it is both freeing and frustrating to try to blur the lines. Duane seems to do this without effort, and I love how seamless this all feels. It’s a book about magic and wizards, and it is absolutely science fiction, too. Even in this opening chapter, you can see the threads that Duane is working with. We go from talk of wizardry to a hellish thing that appears to be descending into an unnamed planet, prepared to annihilate it. Is that Earth? Another world? What are those electric campfires? A metaphor or something real?

It’s certainly a creepy, unnerving image, and it’s made even worse by the apparent apathy of Kit. Why can’t he do anything? Where is everyone else? It is a brutally effective opening sequence, and it’s unlike any we’ve gotten in previous Young Wizards books. Yet it’s got that unmistakable combo of genres, and I AM JUST SO IMPRESSED OKAY. It is so hard to do! I say this because the first draft of Book #2 just might be two genres as well, but this shit is COMPLICATED.

Anyway, I’m excited to find out what the hell this is.

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My YA contemporary debut, ANGER IS A GIFT, is now available for pre-order! If you’d like to stay up-to-date on all announcements regarding my books, sign up for my newsletter! DO IT.

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Posted by Garrett Schultz

We sneak into the Dark Lord’s party and mingle amongst his evil partygoers all as part of a plan to kill the Dark Lord.

</td> <td></td> <td>


Arnie: Arnie Niekamp
Chunt: Adal Rifai
Usidore: Matt Young
Baron Ragoon: Chris Rathjen
Dripfang: Kevin Sciretta
Claudia: Beth Melewski
Evil Tannakin the Pinglet: Sarah Fineout
Cockroach Clown: Gilbert Gottfried
Tomblain Belaroth (aka: A Series of Bats): Steve Waltien
Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen
Craig: Ryan DiGiorgi

Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor: Garrett Schultz
Theme Music: Andy Poland
Magic Tavern Logo: Allard Laban
Audio Assistance: Jason Knox
Additional Music: Andy Poland and Brian Chard
Production Assistance: Garrett Schultz

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This is my submission for greyallison ‘s Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time zine!! My theme was the Shadow Temple, so I really wanted to incorporate the Dead Hand somehow, since it always seemed so horrifyingly out of place in a Zelda game…


Going Out

Oct. 22nd, 2017 09:40 pm
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Posted by Benjikun

Author: Benjikun
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: K
Characters: Viluy/Biruit, Tellu/Telulu
Chapters: 1, Words: 1,110, Reviews: 0, Rated: K, Complete
Yui Bidou (Viluy) and Lulu Teluno (Tellu) of the Witches 5 decide to go out to have some fun since they have nothing else to do. A small look at the civilian lives of the villains from Sailor Moon S.

The Tale of The Dragon and The Wind

Oct. 22nd, 2017 07:20 pm
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Posted by ladyrose82

Author: ladyrose82
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: T
Chapters: 7, Words: 12,375, Reviews: 3, Rated: T, In-Progress
Long ago there was an anomaly in the Silver Millennium. Two families were blessed with a second daughter, but one of their lives was snuffed out too soon. Now they have been reborn in the 20th Century.What will happened when they meet the awakened Senshi? Will they remember their past? Will they remember their sisters? Moreover, if they remember, what will they do?
[syndicated profile] ffnet_bssm_feed

Posted by max333

Author: max333
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: M
Characters: Mamoru C./Darien S./Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi T./Serena/Bunny/Sailor Moon
Chapters: 140, Words: 504,185, Reviews: 1471, Rated: M, In-Progress
random drabbles that are requested and that I decide to throw up there, no major plots unless I feel like it! lol all mature!


Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:16 am
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A 221B drabble per day (whether it’s a Sherlockian fandom or not), drawn from the kinktober kink list!

Masterlist under the cut after today's drabble!

Day 11: 11. Sadism/Masochism | Orgasm Denial | Gags (another ALL THREE!)

By Proxy (Sherlock, Mycroft Holmes/Jim Moriarty) (after the last two were Eurus and Sherlock, how could I not let Jim collect the whole set?)

He liked the gags. He liked the way his captors went through several of them trying to get the right fit. He liked the big rubber ball gag best. It didn’t muffle his screams much, were he inclined to scream, which he pretty much only did for effect.

He liked the gags because it let him know they were afraid to let him speak unbidden.

He liked the gags because it made the pretense that they were torturing him for information look completely hollow, even if Big Brother didn’t surely know how much wasted effort it could be to try to break an extreme masochist. Of course, Big Brother was never one for legwork, but that didn’t mean Jim couldn’t almost hear him breathing hard behind those ubiquitous cameras. All the machinery of the state - their trained thuggery, their needles, their delicious, shivery electrostim - oh, The Woman would be green with envy, and this kind of quality agony wasn’t for sale at any price.

He spoke in scratches on the glass of his cell and rapid morse code blinks of his eyes through blood and tears. I can feel how hard you are when you watch, Mycroft. Barely keep your hands out of the bespoke, yeah? You must have balls bluer than your blood if you can’t come until I break.

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Every time I pick through my costume books for reference to draw princesses (usually princess Zeldas) I am more interested i the Egyptian bird headdresses than in the European stuff.  So, Egyptian Zelda.

Butakoci Siwa

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:45 am
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Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/jadewolf/pseuds/jadewolf">jadewolf</a>


A young Tamatoa and Maui visit a new island and find more trouble than they bargained for.

Words: 6833, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of A Future Imperfect

Watching Over Me 29/29

Oct. 23rd, 2017 04:01 am
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Posted by Erin Ptah

Thorn: Before you go . . . this week, all of the guards are going to do sparring together in your gym. The Sønska guards as well as us.

Leif: All of you? Fighting?

Thorn: Maybe you can try to finish work early that day?

Leif: Y-yes!

If I stay out of the way . . . I’m sure I’ll be allowed to watch.

One side’s hate and one is hope

Oct. 23rd, 2017 03:12 am
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Posted by Fred Clark

Kurt Anderson on the "Fantasyland" of Trump's America, and how it relates to evangelical anti-intellectualism (or what I would call evangelical superstition). Plus: Nazis at the coffee shop, nobody likes Not-Garland, the history of school lunches, a paradoxical spill, and a heart-breaking report from Las Vegas.


Oct. 22nd, 2017 09:13 pm
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at [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico

Here is my auction link.

I'm offering two fics, 5k to 10k. Both have one bid each; they're up to $50. Do I hear $60? $75?

2017 Assignments have been sent out!

Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:27 pm
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And they're off! Check the email you used to signup with, and it should be there! Have fun with it! Please hit reply and let us know you received it and accept.

Questions or problems should be addressed to the mods at goodomens.exchange [at] gmail [dot] com.

Deadline is November 30.

Thank you all for participating!
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We're currently experiencing an influx of spammers who have been creating bogus works and collections to link to their fare. They've become highly adept at using Archive features, and they've been flooding our invite queue with throwaway email addresses to create new accounts. This keeps our Abuse team busy around the clock, deleting spam works as they pop up and trying to weed out obvious spam email addresses before invites are sent out every day. It also prolongs the wait time for everyone else who wants to join the Archive. Our wait list is inching ever closer to 20,000, meaning legitimate users have to wait almost three weeks to receive an invitation email.

As a short-term measure, we've decided to turn off the invite queue for a week, so we can relieve some of the burden on our Abuse team, discuss technical solutions to the problem, and implement a quick fix or two to help with the worst attacks.

If you are a current user, you can check your Invitations page to see if you have any old invites waiting to be sent to a friend or fellow fan.

We are sorry for the long wait times, and we're doing our best to come back soon and get invites out quicker to those currently waiting!

Update on October 23, 11:23 UTC: People who are currently waiting for an invitation should still receive an email while the queue is under review. If you think you should have received an invitation, please wait another day or two, check your spam folder or "Social" tab in Gmail, and use our look-up tool to see if you're still in the queue. If you're sure you should have received an invitation and didn't, you can contact our Support team.

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