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"Connecticut [is] the second state in the nation to say it’s ended veteran homelessness, after Virginia made its own announcement in November of last year. Nineteen cities have also done the same."

"She instantly picked up a $100 scholarship credit just for having taken her high school pre-algebra class, she said, and an additional $1,500 for getting A’s in more than a dozen courses. She added an additional $250 for having visited a local Penn State campus."

"The $2.1 million cost of the program was to be offset by $1.1 million in savings from the estimated 1,475 people not qualified for benefits after testing positive for drugs." How many people did Kansas actually disqualify? 20.

Let's hear it for unarmed civilians: "According to the FBI's report on active shooter events between 2000 and 2013, only about 3 percent were stopped by a civilian with a gun. Unarmed civilians actually stopped more incidents — about 13 percent." Whoa.

"Handling those phone calls made it very real very quick. As the jobs went on, we realized we were potentially saving lives." A moving company who gets people away from their abusive partners.

"In other words, today’s teens aren’t just more responsible about sex than their parents were when they were their age; in many cases, they’re more responsible about sex than their parents are now."

‘‘The guys are sitting around, all stoic, arms crossed, not saying anything,’’ she recalled. ‘‘They’d been like that for a number of weeks. So for a change, I took them up to Ojai to help build some new aviaries there. All of the sudden these same tight-lipped guys are cuddling up to the parrots and talking away with them.’’

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Cute pet stories! Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, parrots, total and utter fluff.

Run a quote through the N+7 machine, which methodically replaces all the nouns. Often hilarious. Also, though, a really great window into how the rhythm of a writer's language can be original and iconic in its own right, even when you mess with the words.

"Remove one letter from the name of a game/show/comic...and write a summary of the new canon." Sailor Mon, Princess Tut, ATLA Shrugged, The Huger Games, and more.

Now with a sequel, including Arks and Recreation, Ouran High School Host Cub, Legally Bonde ("a young, gorgeous female fashion designer major decides to follow her One True Love into the 00s. 'What, like it's hard?'"), and Rave ("Merida is torn between her duty and her love of techno").

And variation, change one letter from the name of canon. Rex and the City, X-Fen, horror series Flee, Bollywood drama Ghee, and reality show Marry Potter.

"For the nonnies that learned about sex mainly through peers, fic, etc. rather than in school or from parents/adults, what facts did you learn at the time that ended up being mostly or completely wrong?" Hilariously NSFW.
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"The microparticles can keep an object alive for up to 30 min after respiratory failure. This is accomplished through an injection into the patients’ veins. Once injected, the microparticles can oxygenate the blood to near normal levels."

"Researchers at IBM have created the world's smallest movie by manipulating single atoms on a copper surface. The stop-motion animation uses a few dozen carbon atoms, moved around with the tiny tip of what is called a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM)."

"Distributed across the entire web, though, are a minority of pages—search engines, indexes and aggregators—that are very highly connected and can be used to move from area of the web to another. These nodes serve as the “Kevin Bacons” of the web, allowing users to navigate from most areas to most others in less than 19 clicks."

"Porn search site PornMD has, for the sake of publicity and social science, collected its most-used search terms for the last six months and accounted them by location—not just in the U.S. but across the world. Is your home state into Teen or MILF porn? What are Iranians jerking off to? All these answers—and more!"

Representative Lamar Smith, the guy who brought you SOPA, pushing a bill that would remove the requirement for peer review from National Science Foundation grants. Because apparently he doesn't understand how science works.

The NYT covers what Bill Nye has been up to these days. My favorite part: Neil Degrasse Tyson confirming that they're IRL BFFs.
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AO3 stats on shipping/gen categories, with the requisite debate on What Gen Means, plus some discussion on how relationship tags can work.

"What are the defining characteristics of "zine-y" fic? I know that zines existed, and that you had to walk ten miles uphill both ways in the snow for them, but next to nothing about the fic that went into them. Or, for that matter, how about 90's fic?" Fans reminisce about various eras of fandom.

"What defines a child for you?" As applied to fiction, where characters' apparent ages, chronological ages, mental ages, and species' relative ages may all be wildly out of whack.

FFA mediates between two anons who are definitely not [personal profile] politicette and myself regarding nursery decoration conventions in A/B/O universes.

"How would you describe an orgasm? What's it feel like?"

Tales of embarrassing fannish pasts.

A thread on femslash and yuri tropes, largely featuring discussion on Sedentary Yuri Fandom.

And another, on "what did you wish femslash did better/did at all/stopped doing?"

On the religion post: Religion as personal choice and worldview versus religion as inextricabe element of a person's birth culture, and experiences thereon.

"You really love {coffee shop AUs / potatoes / women in drag}. Fortunately, other people do too! Unfortunately, most people are into {slashing baristas / french fries / androgyny} and you're into {characters geeking out about coffee / hash browns / hard butches}. Share your woes and examples!"

The kind of slip-ups multilingual people make with language (versus the ones fic writers expect them to make), and how the various modes of speech intersect in their brains.
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"She, too, was raised in an evangelical home, and she, too, is now the black sheep in her family. She tells me that one escort was raised Mennonite, and that another escort actually years before founded a Students for Life chapter in her high school. Our conversation reminds me of what my supervisor told me when I told her during training that I had grown up pro-life: 'We get that a lot.'"

"At 15, I was a good student and determined to apply to college. But after I had my daughter, my high school guidance counselor refused to see me and help me with my applications. She never expected me to graduate. Most people, even within my family, assumed I wouldn’t amount to anything and would be dependent on government assistance for the rest of my life."

Non-consensual vaginal surgery performed on women starting in the mid-1960s by a deeply creepy doctor who thought it would make them more sexual. Unsurprisingly, it just screwed them up. And he was somehow allowed to get away with it for more than 20 years.

"...the Christian modesty of girls must be, in a special way, safeguarded, for it is supremely unbecoming that they flaunt themselves and display themselves before the eyes of all." That's an argument from the '30s against women competing in the same sporting arenas as men. And here's one from the '40s, guess what it's about: "On the medical evidence made available, the bishops very strongly disapproved of the use of these appliances, more particularly in the case of unmarried persons."

"The Virginia General Assembly has joined the state house in approving an amendment proposed by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell to forbid any insurance plan in the state exchange from offering abortion coverage, even if the coverage is paid for out-of-pocket and with separate funds." The party of small government, ladies and gentlemen!

"The idea that men are naturally more interested in sex than women is ubiquitous that it’s difficult to imagine that people ever believed differently. And yet for most of Western history, from ancient Greece to beginning of the nineteenth century, women were assumed to be the sex-crazed porn fiends of their day."
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"So there my friend stood, in 1990, in Jericho, believing that the universe was 5,994* years old and staring at a man-made wall that was 8,000 years old."

20 Muslim inventions that shaped our world. You probably know about algebra, but what about quilting, windmills, and fountain pens?

If you were born in or after April 1985, if you are right now 27 years old or younger, you have never lived through a month that was colder than average.

Images from 1910: "Photographer Kozaburo was the first to produce tourist shots for Japan with an album of 51 collotype black and white photographic prints, which were painstakingly inked in by a team of 100 colourists, and gave Europe one of its first glimpses of life inside the previously secretive state." Includes some beautifully-chosen then-and-now comparison shots.

Views on abortion from various Christian establishment groups in 1978. Episcopals, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and others articulating positions that are thoughtful, reasonable, and pro-choice.

" ...the women who were turned away from an abortion were more likely to rely on government assistance, more likely to be living beneath the poverty line, and less likely to have a full-time job than the women in the study who had obtained abortions. They also registered more anxiety a week after they were denied an abortion and reported more stress a year out. They were no more or less likely to be depressed. And women who gave birth suffered from more serious health complications [...] than the women who aborted, even later in their pregnancies."

"The first photographic images in the late 1820s had to be exposed for hours in order to capture them on film. Improvements in the technology led to this exposure time being drastically cut down to minutes, then seconds, throughout the 19th century. [...] Seems children were just as squirmy then as they are today, because another amusing convention developed: photographs containing hidden mothers trying to keep their little ones still enough for a non-blurry picture."

6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America: the title is kind of a misnomer, as the topic is more "ridiculous misinformation you believe about the state of America before the Europeans got here."
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A new round of "the Talk" is becoming a standard: how to react when your kid discovers porn online. Must include "explaining what 'acting' is."

"For the past 10 years, Waschbusch has been studying “callous-unemotional” children — those who exhibit a distinctive lack of affect, remorse or empathy — and who are considered at risk of becoming psychopaths as adults." Creepy, heartbreaking reading about one family's struggle with their 9-year-old.

""As a father, you'll do anything for your child,' Reynoso, an American citizen originally from Mexico, said through a translator. Now, he's suffering a Kafkaesque ordeal in which he's hounded to repay loans that funded an education his son will never get to use — loans that he has little hope of ever paying off."

Another borrower spends $23,449.65 to pay off less than $1200 of her student loan debt, and concludes that this whole thing is a scam.

"Yes, apparently when you shove through legislation that allows religious organizations to receive state funding, Christians aren’t the only ones who want it — an Islamic school was one of 38 institutions approved for the voucher program, which is a huge problem for people who believe religion helps children so long as it is the religion of the swamp people they are representing."

"What exactly is Obamacare and what does it change?" via Reddit's board with a most excellent title, Explain It Like I'm Five.

Jen Sorensen, the cartoonist behind Slowpoke, breaks down the dilemma of self-employed people and health insurance.

A chart of who gets quoted about abortion, birth control, planned parenthood, and women's rights, broken up by gender.

Actual biblical views on abortion. Mostly in the vein of "this pregnant woman committed a crime whose penalty is death, so she will be put to death," where the notion of "the unborn fetus is an independent life" never even comes up.
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There's been a bunch of discussion on-meme about migratory slash fandom (that is, the group of people who jump from one Latest Big M/M Pairing to the next) recently, spawning a question about sedentary yuri fandom.

Trying to work out what differentiates "male fantasy" from "female fantasy" (er, as in sexual fantasy, not fairies-and-dragons fantasy).

Not seeing color: a combination of "how phrases change over time" and "the nuances of genuine racial ambiguity."

Speaking of racial confusion, an international question: what is it with Americans not referring to Middle Easterners as white?

Talk of triggers: common and uncommon, for trauma and for other mental health issues. Useful for the curious/confused about the terminology.

Speaking of mental health, an anon with depression issues wants to know: how to advance social justice without fostering an environment that's hostile to mental health?

FFA: den of homophobes? This one has some serious discussion on how people make the cognitive leap from "this community does not always follow an exact narrow script re: certain off-limits phrases" to "OMG they must be an *ism free-for-all." It also has a long tangent on the proper way to make tea. Because you gotta have priorities.

Bizarre reactions to AtLA: Legend of Korra, in the vein of "Korra acts too white." See, this is what happens when the Social Justice Required Script railroads you right out of reality.
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Doonesbury pulls no punches in covering the latest abortion-restricting amendments.

A physician expresses some anonymous outrage, and urges zir fellows to act as the last line of defense against patients.

Kansas wants to levy a sales tax on abortions. No exceptions. After all, why raise taxes on the 1% when you can tax rape survivors whose pregnancies might kill them?

They also, along with Arizona, are pushing for doctors to be allowed to hide medical information from their pregnant patients, and be shielded from malpractice lawsuits if the women have health complications as a result. Although, take heart: they can be sued if the woman dies!

On the flip side, there are also laws compelling doctors to compel unnecessary information into their pregnant patients' heads. This author, whose child if it survived to term would have been brain-damaged and in constant pain, makes what must have been the hardest decision of her life, and every doctor she works with apologizes for being legally compelled to hurt her before they can help her.
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EFW: Pony Edition, which is really only funny if you meme, but if you meme, is very funny. A cranky edition follows. FFA fanmix! - someone ought to make this, for real.

Top/bottom preferences in femslash -- the analyses vary between physical and emotional taking-the-lead for a whole bunch of f/f OTPs.

Fanfic versus original fic: stylistic choices, the flow of tropes, what pings people as "you used to write fanfic, didn't you?" in profic.

Refractory periods and orgasm anatomy in general: the less-talked-about female-bodied side of things. Kinda related, a possibly-asexual anon wants to know: what does sexual attraction itself feel like?

Insecure anon wonders if fandom is perhaps a negative influence in their life; levelheaded and objective responses.

How people get into RPF: different paths for different fandoms.

Series plots according to fanfic summaries.
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How to talk about gender with first graders in a way that gets them thinking and not bullying.

Musings on fantasy armor versus female figures, as crafted by someone who actually makes armor.

A history of Chicago's underground abortion services in the years before Roe v. Wade.

A cryptographer takes a closer look at Biblical Greek and inadvertently discovers that Paul's only clear condemnation of homosexuality...was a mistranslation.

Debunking the myth that pre-colonial Africa had no homosexuality. With research!

The tensions faced by a mixed-race family.

How do you keep a language from dying out? Make it available to text in, as is being done with the Mande family of West African languages and hopefully plenty more to come.

Next time someone tells you they support traditional marriage, send them this link: records of Christian same-sex weddings from the 300s through the 1600s.
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The OTW is the topic of the moment, with Yuletide and board elections on the horizon; and I'm glad the meme is around, because now that [community profile] metafandom is dead I have no good source for roundups of this stuff.

Failures in outreach and treatment regarding anime fans (and fans of anything non-Western-media, really). Organizational issues, particularly concerning tags and their wranglers. Trouble with burnout.

I hope the complaints are effective in bringing about some institutional change. I like the OTW, and the AO3 in particular, for their potential; I'd rather not see them crash and burn without reaching it.

In other threads:

Distinguishing actual social justice, which the meme population tends to find important, from the problems and/or abuse we tend to take issue with. Examples of memers' RL social justice efforts.

Where cultural appropriation begins, as opposed to everyday cultural mixing. Cultural things you can't believe everyone hasn't heard of.

Another round on asexuality. The topic appears to have died down since.

What to do when a kink is (or can be seen as) -ist. (Discussion touches on just about every skeevy thing you can imagine.)
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What five books would you send to the aliens to represent humanity? Lots of fun choices.

Talking about RENT, both the musical and the movie. With some pointed criticism of the realism. (Not that I don't still love it, but still.)

Designing a perfect fandom platform. Most people crib bits from LJ/DW, AO3, dA, and a few others. Similarly, designing your ideal fic archive.

Sexual fantasies you'd never admit unanon. Warning for...uh, basically everything.

Thoughts on AO3 search, and how people would make it better. Starts ranty, gets detailed and thoughtful.

Favorite figures of speech, including lots of non-anglophone ones.

Existential wank thread. And another. And another! Delicious.
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FFA's reputation in other Internet spaces. Very through-a-glass-darkly. Thread was frozen over contentious discussion of triggering events on other communities, so do tread carefully.

Someone gives advice on how to be an ally, sparking vigorous debate over whether it's right. A later thread tackles effective activism.

Signs to recognize that you yourself are about to be the wanky one.

People who have gone overboard in the name of social justice, and have since stepped back and let their views balance out, share embarrassing past stories.

Queer female femslashers on their experience, with some talk about why we might still prefer guyslash to het. Related, those fans who need their porn to have a female character share their thoughts on...uh, anything-but-yaoi, I guess.

Later, some talk about how your self-identification relates to what you actually read/write, and whether your preferred traits in characters/ships vary by gender.

A nice discussion of demisexuality that manages to involve a lot of productive comparison of people's experiences, as opposed to "here is a definition, either agree or don't."

Mixed-race anons talk about their fandom experience, especially in racism discussions.

Things you did because of the meme, and how much of memers' posts they'd be willing to say un-aon.

Someone's honest confusion about triggers prompts some good-faith answers (just read around the people being obnoxious). As invariably happens in these threads, several anons refer to "common" or "major" triggers that it's generally agreed you should warn for, and then their lists vary in the specifics. Here's what we got in this thread:
--rape, death, underage
--Rape/Character Death/Violence uncharacteristic for the fandom
--death, suicide, noncon, graphic violence, eating disorders
--rape and non-con, death and violence
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Gene-sequencing the microbe that caused the Black Death. I can hear the mad scientists cackling now.

A historical view on the subject provides some much-needed perspective on whether women's sexuality is "more fluid" than men's.

Koalas begging for water. Adorable :D

Dinosaur feathers! Well-preserved ones, even!

Shinto shrines, often built on historically tsunami-safe areas, preserve a startlingly accurate record of where the recent floodwaters broke.

A planet with two suns has been discovered! It's a Saturn-size giant orbiting a binary star system.

Light-up kittens! Seriously, it's part of a program of genetic modification with the ultimate goal of fighting feline AIDS, but...light-up kittens!
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The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism: a Web 2.0 tool is only useful if it works for activists and cat macros.

Diary of a Newly Diagnosed Dissociative: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. Plus a video about the initial shame, and some tips for how to make peace with it.

How to find out the gender (or at least, the sex) of your computer. Cute. (It's just leaning on Microsoft SAPI; according to the comments, XP comes with a male voice, Vista and 7 with female, and Macs can be easily switched in the system preferences.)

The NYT's coverage of the first black Senator. In...wait for it...1870. Wikipedia has more, including the legal controversy on whether he had technically been a citizen long enough.

Parents decide to raise a child without telling people its sex. More here, with extra details. (Both the articles and the comments conflate "gender" and "sex" all over the place; the second one has extra tales of people being icky to young boys who wear pink.) The story they're referring to as inspiration is X: A Fabulous Child's Story.

How Tokyopop sank wages in the manga translation industry, with hopes that they can still recover. (Translators, not Tokyopop's manga.)
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For example: several anons from extremely small towns tl;dr about the experience of growing up there.

What you would do if you could do anything ever without getting caught. And a matching set of discussions about How Orgasms Feel, from the penis side and the vagina side.

But my favorite is still the language discussions. See: Useful things in grammar your language doesn't have. Spatial pronouns! Inclusionary vs. non-inclusionary "we"! More tenses than you can shake a stick at!

Rant about the use of "MAAB/FAAB" by non-intersex people. The responses give me hope.

Cultural disconnect: in a subthread, one anon wants a workable definition of "white". This is the kind of question that would go down badly in a lot of places, as the people who use the term generally take it as so obvious that only a troll would ask it, even though I for one couldn't have given a concrete definition. Here, it gets good-faith responses.

Which is related to this other subthread: Setting out to construct a checklist for American privilege. I don't know if there's a formal/non-anon/circulated-in-the-SJ-blogosphere version of this already, but there certainly ought to be.

Pure lol: silly things you say or sing to your pets. It's like textual distilled lolcat adorableness.
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In summary:

1. I have a low libido. Like, really, really low.

2. But not nonexistent.

3. Buuuuut whenever I hear asexual people meta'ing about their relationship to sexuality (theirs and others', beyond the obvious "not interested in sex" bit), it sounds awfully familiar.

4. Buuuuuuuuut [see points 1 and 2, repeat ad nauseam].

I thought about doing another big rambly sexuality survey, just to get some (anecdotal) data to mull over. Then I realized how much I did not need to hear the masturbatory habits of a pile of strangers on the Internet, to say nothing of people actually on my flist. (Very, very much.)

So there's that.

In other news, over at [community profile] kink_finders I put in a request for AUs of any series in which the characters have daemons, His Dark Materials style. The response had been kind of mind-blowing. I'm bookmarking the specific ones I read and liked, but a bunch of them are in fandoms I don't know, so if you're into HDM at all, give it a browse.
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Who else is making fandom New Year's resolutions?

I have two. First, to post general-type meta questions in my actual journal. My first impulse when I started turning over this post was to ask at [ profile] fail_fandomanon, because that's what's been feeding my need for general panfandom discussion lately. Then it hit that, oh right, there's no reason people would avoid talking about this kind of thing logged-in, and this is exactly the kind of thing I've been griping about [community profile] metafandom lacking these days. Be the change, if you're not part of the solution, etcetera.

Second, to make every chapter of this fic I'm working on pass (a) the Bechdel Test and (b) the race!Bechdel Test. It has seven core characters (eight if you count the talking cat) and four of them are female, so the standard Bechdel pass was kinda going to happen whether I paid attention or not. On the other hand, they're all white except for one. (Not counting the cat either way. Although it does have white fur.) So far there are enough POC secondary characters that it hasn't needed any shoehorning, just a little extra planning.

(To forestall the usual Bechdel complaints: yes, it's a simplistic mechanical test; no, it isn't a guarantee of non-failyness; no, it isn't going to strike a blow For Great Social Justice. I'm mostly just doing it to see if I can.)

Haven't broken either resolution yet -- but then, it is still January. (It is, right? Good. *hits post, quick*)
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Pulling apart theories about inherent gender differences. Every time you think there's something simplistic and generic enough to be plausible, apparently, it falls apart under study.

Speaking of gender: Stu Rasmussen is male-bodied, male-identified, and still down with breast implants.

The practice of raising daughters as boys in son-prizing Afghanistan, and the social implications that follow.

The 150-year-long history of the failure of English to come up with a serviceable gender-neutral pronoun.

OKCupid, on the ball as ever, takes the initiative to crunch some actual data on the interests, personality traits, and promiscuousness of their gay users versus their straight ones.

An awesome French commercial. (Transcript/translation in English here.)

A satire of the could-have-been late, great Don't Ask, Don't Tell, as rendered by puppets.

Five ways of looking at "Sarah Palin feminism", a post I've been meaning to link for a while because it is, y'know, interesting. Doesn't stop at "WTF", though I'm sure it could.

Good to read in conjunction with that one: Dirty Girls and Bad Feminists: A Few Thoughts on "I Love Dick", which, honestly, just plain makes me feel good to read.

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