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Doing a giveaway from my anime figurine collection. Most of these belong to ensembles that I’m never going to complete — so maybe they can help complete yours.

Everything's in good condition, and it's all free. You just give me a shipping address (you can do that by email or PM), and a couple bucks for postage/packing.

Click through for all the figures, with photos )

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I did go to Otakon, which was excellent if far too short.

Loved the "history of Lupin III" panel, and enjoyed the Madoka staff Q&As. Was intrigued by the first few episodes of Fractale. Enjoyed many many cosplayers, though I did not stop for many many pictures. Oh, and I got a free Sailor Chibi-Moon poster at the Kodansha panel! Not the first senshi I would have gone for, but definitely not the last, either.

There were a lot of Sailor Moon and Madoka panels, sometimes stacked up against each other. Tough decisions...

I have one of the new SM T-shirts, the pseudo-collar-and-bow one, and paired that with a blue pleated skirt and stuffed Luna one day in lieu of the full Integra Hellsing With Hellhound getup. (Not that I have the hair for either outfit right now...and I'm too cheap to get a wig. Heh.)

On the third day I just hung around in the Kyuubey hat -- also with the Luna. Someone should write fic about those two together. Either as archenemies, or deeply distrustful colleagues in the Magical Girl Sidekicks Union.

Walked away with a Homura figurine for [personal profile] politicette and a stack of nonconsecutive volumes of Her Majesty's Dog for self. I had reread several of them in the manga library, loved them just as much as the first time around, and figured, screw it, I might as well at least start buying them. It took visiting almost all the manga vendors in the Dealer's Room to find anybody who stocked it, so it's probably a good thing I didn't put it off any longer.

Also sampled in the library: +Anima (didn't care for it; cute but not that interesting), some forgettable fashion manga (picked because the title sounded neat; turned out to be a letdown), and the start of Cromartie High (the classic parody of Tough High School Delinquent manga; as always, charming in its ridiculousness). Also something that was advertised in the back of HMD and turned out to have a similar "powerful human young woman in control of cranky male demon, with bonus cute animal form" dynamic...but was really badly developed and only two volumes long. Sigh.

Drew a bunch of stuff along the way, much of which [personal profile] xuanwu ended up with, as part of our "I will do commissions to pay my share of the hotel bill" deal. So you may or may not ever see that, depending on if/when he feels like scanning them. The ones I kept have mostly already been posted (I spent a lot of the con working on the updated Xyll Saga portraits).

I am so looking forward to the new SM anime, you guys. Also, the Madoka movies. The only way this could be more magical is if the Hellsing OVA and its translations were coming out in a speedy and quality manner. And maybe if there were an anime for HMD.
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The words used to identify ASCII characters, from the familiar to the obscure.

Indian man who wandered away from his family at age 5 finds them again...via Google Maps.

A column written on the death of William Hanna (as in Hanna-Barbera), as written by the characters he was known for.

Some thoughts on small talk from people who aren't good at it.

House of 1000 Manga reviews Hellsing (the manga, with nods to the animated versions). With appreciation for the style, ridiculousness, and glory all in turn.

What's the gospel in seven words? The limit forces lots of responses to be perfectly eloquent...and perfectly snarky. A favorite: "Fine, you can use mixed fabrics again." (Putting it another way: "Having a kid does change everyone, apparently.") Vonnegut's version: "Goddammit, babies, you've got to be kind." The Bill & Ted version: "Be excellent unto each other. Party on." One commenter's daughter adds: "For God's sake, don't be a dick."
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Naturally, no sooner does LJ come back online than I head off to Otakon, where all I have is a hotel connection that's slowed to a crawl with the pressure of all the other congoers. Sigh.

Con was fun, if exhausting. My parents usually come down to the city, sit outside the convention center, and people-watch. This year they actually registered, and had a great time bopping around at the Help For Parents panel and various shows they thought looked promising. Mom bought herself a Hello Kitty plushie, while Dad picked up one of the paper Saiyan-hair hats that were going around. As usual, I helped run the Create a Comic Project's Make a Manga tournament; they chilled in the audience, and Mom actually won in one of the categories, without any help on my end. I have no idea what she's going to do with her new Armitage DVDs ^_^;

Madoka premiere was a thing of beauty. Huge crowded room, tons of people who know exactly what's coming and are excited at all the bits you are, cheering and booing and clapping at all the right moments. (Outburst of applause for Charlotte, just because we were so caught up in the moment. Followed by even more applause for Homura charging to the rescue a few minutes later.) Followed by a creator Q&A; I'm still kicking myself for not coming up with a question (who was Walpurgis?) until the line to ask was closed.

Spent enough time at the manga library that the staff got attached to my hellhound plushie. (It happens. He's a cutie.) After flipping through a couple of unengaging duds, stumbled across Her Majesty's Dog, which caters to my id so beautifully that I am mildly disappointed none of you have recced it to me before. Straight to the top of my "if I had money, I would buy this" list. Also, Patrick and Hyoue need to be BFFs.

Then at last I get back and find out that while I've been in MD, Jon Stewart went to Afghanistan? He doesn't plan to mention it on the show; I hope he hasn't thought to forbid Stephen from bringing it up, because that is some kind of bravery and character right there. The most frightening thing I've faced in the past week is a bitey cat.

This post may be a little disorganized. Did I mention I was tired?

Photospam of the hellhound to come.
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So [personal profile] melannen made this awesome post on specific kinds of poly relationships that sci-fi/fantasy has given us. In particular, the concept of sedoretu both complicates and simplifies a whole lot of my shipping preferences.

I just spent four hours lying in bed not sleeping (oh insomnia, how I don't love you), which left a lot of time for working out how my favorite pairings, triads, and variously poly arrangements would be restructured under this system. Caveat: all I know about sedoretu is what's explained in those two links (seriously, go read them; they're short enough that it's not worth me re-summarizing here), so if there are subtleties or extra requirements I'm missing, oh well. If I do find out that's the case, I'll come back and edit. Maybe.


Hellsing )


Sailor Moon )


Fake News )


Everything Else )
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I've been working out a fandoms-as-relationships analogy in my head for a while now; this post has prompted me to actually write it up XD

Hellsing, naturally, is my wife. We built a house together, which I come home to every night (well, except most Saturdays). The wild passion from when we first met has settled into a slow burn, leaving us familiar and profoundly comfortable with each other.

Fake news is my other primary partner. There's a condo involved, but we don't spend much time there; we're kind of all over the place. We've had fixed schedules sometimes, but it doesn't last; mostly we just get together on a regular basis, and stay up talking to unholy hours in the morning.

Sailor Moon is my high school sweetheart. (The one I've known since elementary school.) We're not technically together, but we still end up hooking up whenever she's in town, and it's invariably really hot. Every once in a while I wonder if this is going to be the time when the magic goes away...nope, still there.

I've had a bunch of hookups and one-night stands along the way, and though nobody else has lasted this long, we tend to part as friends. (Doctor Who might come closest to being a long-term secondary, along with the R.O.D franchise.) None of my primary partners have problems with each other; in fact, I wouldn't get on with them nearly as well if we didn't have such great threesomes.
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Kirk and Spock are the 23rd-century Jeeves & Wooster: a very convincing video essay, featuring lots of well-timed eyebrows.

Huffington Post goes around analyzing the slash potential in photos of politicians. Ranging from the sweet to the sultry.

If You Were Gay, fake news edition. The expressions are perfectly chosen, and hilarious.

Speaking of fake news, if ever anyone was a little short for a Stormtrooper....

Speaking of Star Wars, what if it were an Icelandic saga? In, just to make things as epic as possible, Old Norse (with English translations).

The Hellsing Essays, part 1: a semi-serious but unabashedly invested aria to the glorious over-the-topness that is Hellsing. Spoileriffic to the extreme, but full of so much love that I almost want to recommend it to non-fans anyway, as a way of luring you all into the series.

The follow-up essay is on character, slightly more structured and equally fascinating. Here there are more things I actually disagree with, but it's generated enthusiastic debate in the comments, all of which is more than worth a read.

A carefully reasoned theory on how Rose Tyler makes a whole lot more sense as a lesbian in denial.

Another reasoned theory, this one by P. G. Wodehouse, on how Sherlock Holmes was rich and evil.

And, combining the two: evidently the new Sherlock series exists in the same universe as Doctor Who. One of Sarah Jane's aunt's books is on Holmes' bookcase :D

The story of one of the ghostwriters behind the Hardy Boys: how much he secretly hated the books, and how bits of his innovation managed to slip through the torrent of drek anyway.

Some hot genderbending Toy Story cosplay. FTW.
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Still recovering from vacation; far behind in fandom reading. In the meantime, have some links.

Do female mangaka draw the perviest series? Or is it just that people are more shocked when they find out that women are not all delicate blushing flowers who cannot possibly think about such naughty subjects without fainting?

The outlawing of possession of certain types of fiction in the UK. The seventh volume of Hellsing qualifies.

Meanwhile, the iTunes store is refusing to sell manga with "inappropriate content" - which includes "people taking baths."

A Japanese mangaka reflects on the American scene, including surprise at the moral standards and advice for young would-be artists.

A professor doing research into manga fandom talks about some of her research. One of my favorite tidbits: most fans read online scanlations, but most of these same people will still buy the books when they're commercially available. "The folks at Viz Media admitted to me that they follow what is popular on the scanlation sites as part of their strategies to decide what to translate and publish."

Reflections on how (and whether) to translate increasingly complex terms. They're right: "leaf veil" sounds incredibly cool.
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Or maybe a couple of intersecting dilemmas. But let's tackle them all at once.

I've started working in earnest on The Eagle of Hermes, the Colbert-centric Shine postlude that I've been kicking around since at least December '08.

(The fact that I am suddenly inspired to tackle this is doubtlessly my brain's attempt to distract me from finals - of which, for the record, I have 6 pages left to write and 7 left to draw. More on those later.)

The format of EoH is approximately that of Sailor Hellsing: full-page strips, organized into chapters of ~16 pages each. Which leads to the million-dollar question: how should I post it?

Create another ComicGen account (a la Sailor Hellsing and Shine) and have the pages update on a regular schedule? This one makes archiving a breeze. On the other hand, it puts some inherent pressure on me to draw to said schedule.

Upload each individual page to DA (in the style of Needs Met or Sailor Moon CS) on a semiregular schedule? It's more work to set up an easy-to-navigate archive, but it makes feedback a lot easier. And the ego boost of +favs doesn't hurt.

Post the story chapter by chapter to an existing website (as with Fake News Rumble)? This would dramatically change the pacing: one big rush of action-twist-action-twist-cliffhanger, rather than a slow build of twists and suspense. On the plus side, much more substantial updates; on the minus side, much longer time between updates.

There are pros and cons to all of these from my perspective, and I could happily go with any one of them. So how do you as readers feel? Even if you're not interested in this particular comic, I'd love some general feedback - what methods of posting would be easiest and most enjoyable for you to follow?
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~Walked back onto campus after break, and promptly came down with a cold before having so much as said hello to anyone.

~Slept through Monday classes.

~Stared at chapter 26 of the State of Grace rewrite for several hours straight. Managed to string together a few hundred words before feeling utterly stuck.

~Panicked over two conflicting syllabuses, one of which stated I was supposed to lead a discussion on Tuesday for a book I hadn't read.

~Tuesday's class: canceled! Breathed sigh of relief, somewhat impeded by heavy congestion. Had another nap.

~Walked to CVS to stock up on decongestant, ibuprofen. Resisted siren song of gigantic stuffed Easter bunnies.

~Stared at chapter 26 for a few more hours. Moved chunks of the current scene around. Moved them back.

~Had a dream in which teenage!actor!Colbert and I worked together to hunt aliens that were hiding in VHS tapes. He had a sword. It was pretty cool.


~Wednesday's morning class: canceled! Resolved to get ahead in work re: afternoon class. Spent the time staring at chapter 26 instead. Realized I had written myself into a corner.

~Attended Wednesday afternoon class. Teacher: "How many of you have gotten the cold that's going around?" Half of class: *raises hands*

~Had what I thought was a revelation re: chapter 26. Rushed to open file. Stared at it for half an hour before realizing it was hopeless.

~Leveled up in Mafia Wars.

~Popped decongestants as often as box told me I was allowed without doctor supervision.

~Resolved to put aside chapter 26 and not so much as glance at the file for several days.

~Completed art for Sailor Moon contest. Completed wallpaper for Hellsing contest. Completed two more pages of Emeralds: Hearts in Oz (coming soon to an online retailer near you!). Completed art for next stage of Sailor Moon contest that isn't even due for a month. Completed 90% of art for next phase of Monday/Wednesday's afternoon class, involving several hours' worth of colored-pencil shading. Read a book.

~Walked to bookstore to pick up cardstock for next phase of art project (involving gluing drawings to said cardstock).

~Half an hour later, walked to bookstore again, having discovered that what I thought was a glue stick was in fact nothing but the dried-up husk of a former glue stick. (In retrospect, should have thought to check beforehand, as said glue stick had not been used for at least five years.)

~Finished season 4 of Angel: The Series (while working on aforementioned art). Breathed sigh of relief, this time unimpeded.

~Put away decongestants. Broke out Midol.

~Finally had actual revelation about what was wrong with chapter 26. Opened file, rewrote early section to smooth over parts that were steering it into aforementioned corner. (Felt kind of like de-boning a fish.)

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Review of L'Alchimiste des Ombres and its English translation, The Cardinal's Blades. With plenty of attention played to the nuances, especially the names.

On Translation, specifically the translation of manga, talking about the importance of voice and attention to detail. Colloquialisms! Expressions! Local cultural effect! ...All of which amateur translators tend to suck at.

A Thorn in Their Sides, a reaction to the previous link. Be sure to check out the comments for a deconstruction of the thought put into a single four-word phrase.

And, related, an interview with a translator of Japanese SF light novels.

What English Sounds Like To Foreigners - nonsense lyrics, written by an Italian singer, meant to sound like English. If you've ever tried to transcribe Logos Naki World, you'll get the idea.

Finally, Only Poems Can Translate Poems. Densely written, and gorgeous.
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Hey, flist dwircle. Let me tell you a story.

When I was but a wee young thing, already a geek in general and newly head over heels in love with the dubbed Sailor Moon that used to run on Cartoon Network, I had the bright idea of looking it up on the Internet. This is, more or less, how I discovered fandom.

And, oh, my mind was blown. There were more sailors! And they were soldiers, not "scouts"! And some of them were lesbians! (That's a whole essay on its own.) And some of them looked so good in suits that you might mistake them for boys. And some of the characters - in a pattern that was to continue as the next couple of series got dubbed and released into American waters - were boys, only they had long hair and slender figures and flirted with men, and so the dubbers had changed them into girls...

Fast forward several years. I'm watching the opening of a show I've never seen, unable to understand the lyrics but intrigued by the graphics. A classical bishounen - long hair, pretty eyes, sharp features - flashes on the screen, absolutely furious. I think: "Huh. He's angry."

By the end of the episode, I have changed my mind about Sir Integra Hellsing's gender at least three times. But the plot has me hooked, and by the third episode Integra (definitely female, even though everyone addresses her as "Sir") has taken up the central place in my fannish sphere.

More (and more, and more) under the cut... )
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Okay, I give up. I'm doing the "sum up ten fandoms in one line and make your flist guess them" meme. Give it a go.

1) Nothing, not even sabotaging the space-time continuum, is too risky when there's curry at stake. - RED DWARF, guessed by [info]madame_furious

2) Everybody's queer (in the sense that the word had at the time; ignore the transsexual princess). - THE WIZARD OF OZ bookverse, guessed by Anonymous

3) Character development is noble and cultured; plot is for the brash and uncouth. - MARIA-SAMA GA MITERU

4) They're hawking $20 plushies for this one now, and I'm drowning in the irony. - HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, and by extension the Seussverse in general

5) Sorry, can't summarize, too busy drooling. - HELLSING, guessed by [info]zefranz

6) It's their world; we just sit in the back of it and throw spitballs. - THE DAILY SHOW et al, guessed by [info]madame_furious

7) Otaku love conquers all - including terminal otakudom. - DENSHA OTOKO

8) It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine! - GOOD OMENS, guessed by [info]flametwister

9) What better way to save the planet than actually, like, saving the planet? - CAPTAIN PLANET, guessed by [info]zefranz

10) No, seriously, love DOES conquer all. - SAILOR MOON, guessed by [info]zefranz
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The meme: Post a screenshot of your desktop, no altering backgrounds!

As with my RL one, I have a habit of letting Things I'm Working On At The Time pile up randomly on the desktop.

At the moment you can see, among other things, a bunch of pages of the current comic-in-progress Needs Met; the current reward picture for voting for Shine ("seraschains"); and the folder for the Wizard of Oz comic I've been tapped to do the art for ("Emeralds").

Most of the folders open on the taskbar are music; there's also "Hellsing 4.5", the manga chapter I'm referencing for the current Shine arc. At the very end are a couple of fics-in-progress (both fake news): "kink AU", which will have a proper title someday, and "Clover and Shadows", which may be getting a better title depending on whether I think of one.


Oct. 12th, 2009 11:58 am
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The new laptop has shipped!

Estimated arrival date: the 16th. Hopefully I will be back at full power shortly after that.


Nat'l Coming Out Day was yesterday! Short version:

I'm gay. (Mostly. I can appreciate some attractive guys, though I don't want to sleep with them.) I'm female. (Again, mostly. I don't ID as male at all; I just have a bit of an androgynous streak going on.) And I still think Integra Hellsing is sex on legs. (Look her up some time, and that'll tell you more about my specific tastes than you ever wanted to know.)
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73 ways to become a better writer.

Harry Potter and the Doctrine of the Calvinists. Shines a light on some bothersome subtext of the series that I've never quite been able to put my finger on.

The value of hunches when you're at war. See, trusting your gut can have its good points.

An short series on sex and disability, and one on sex after a spinal cord injury. Keeping these around for writing purposes.

Fifteen stories of people getting screwed over by sex laws.

An uncompromising dissection of the awkward creepy lolicon side of moe.

Hellsing makes an appearance in IBARW, with a post wondering why so many writers describe Integra as "pale".

And, to end on a purely geeky note: a massive list of proverbs for the modern age.


Jul. 21st, 2009 01:29 am
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It's already Tuesday, and I'm still riding the rush of energy from Otakon (that's Friday through Sunday, for those of you not keeping up). From being surrounded by fandom. Being saturated with it. Getting an injection of otaku geekery directly into the bloodstream.

I love the panels that go into minute details of cosplaying (did you know that there's an optimum number of fake eyelashes for women who crossplay?), and I love the panels that degenerate into drunken flailing. I love the giant box of pocky walking around, along with a Pac-Man, several Waldos, one Billy Mays.

I adore the four-year-olds being led by their parents: teeny Naruto, itty-bitty Princess Serenity, a mini Soul Reaper. They're like chibis in RL form.

I love the girl in Pikachu ears and a yellow bikini. I love the spontaneous Naruto conga line. I love the squadron of guys walking around in Saiyan warrior armor made of paper colored with crayon.

I love loling over terrible dubs, and getting engrossed in excellent dubs, and loling when the video feed malfunctions right as an Angel fires into Tokyo-3. I love groups of people breaking into the Hare Hare Yukai dance, some in seifuku, some in bunny outfits.

I love the geeky shirts. (Horton Hears Cthulu! I will not brew decaf; decaf is the mind-killer. TARDIS Shipping: for when it absolutely, positively has to be there before you sent it.)

I am not so keen on the autograph session lines filling up within five minutes of the con doors opening, or the utter lack of good last-minute deals in the dealers' room this year. But they are a small price to pay.

I love helping host a panel on using comics to teach kids, and having thirty people show up and start asking piercing questions: How can I use this in my classroom? How can I adapt this to adult education? What does it take to get started?

I love having random people come up and pet the giant stuffed dog I carry around.

And I can't say I mind having people say "You do And Shine Heaven Now? Can I hug you?"

I sit by the fountains and pull out my sketchbook, and turn out half a dozen drawings, followed by two weeks' worth of comics in a matter of hours, while cosplayers mill about below me and La Soldier blasts in my headphones.

I look up, and I see a gorgeously costumed Super Sailor Moon greet a Gundam so large that the costume probably doesn't fit on the escalators, and I think:

I'm home.
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The news out of Iran has slowed, but the chanting on the rooftops goes on, as strong as ever.

Also, some of these women are freakin' amazing. (Read the whole story. It's worth it.)

The brown-haired guy who's not Steve Doocey thinks Americans should stop marrying other species. I'm so glad TCR is back on-air tonight.

Simple fifteen-minute writing exercise does wonders for black students' achievement. With effects that last years. This sounds way too good to be true, but there's the study...

Double standards in sexy photography - a pose that we find hot when it's a woman is considered silly when a man tries it. Which sucks, because I would love to see more scantily clad men in feminine poses.

Thursday Next/Lord of the Rings crossover. This fic contains everything that is wonderful about the Thursday Next books. READ IT.

Google Earth has street-level visuals of the buildings used as models for Yomiko's home. The R.O.D animators are seriously dedicated.

Rachel Maddow is the Doctor. This makes a surprising amount of sense.

And Crispin Freeman (Alucard's voice actor) likes the Hellsingpuffs. *basks*

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