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The making of a cross-worldly dream team

By request: a breakdown of all the characters who team up against the Smiling God in the Night Vale/His Dark Materials (and more) crossover.

Spoilers through Chapter 51 of Book II, so approach with care!

At the basalt fortress, from Lyra's World, we have Dana, Cecil, Maureen, and the Faceless Old Woman. They are guarded by angels, and joined by Fey (from the otherwise-unknown Fey's Origin World), and Hiram McDaniels (from the Dragon World).

In the bloodstone formation set to trap the Smiling God, also from Lyra's World, we have Carlos and Sherie. There are other miscellaneous Night Valeans in the group as well. (The scientists are good, but not better than everyone who grew up in Night Vale -- even once you subtract the ones who can't or won't make it.)

As mentioned, Charles Raimeaux (from the UWII World) is in that group. There's also a subset from Harry's World; one of them is definitely Luna Lovegood, and feel free to headcanon in your favorite candidates for the others. And you may have recognized Frank and Sadie Doyle, toast of the upper crust, headliners on the society pages, and, oh yes, they fight gods. They hail from what I'm going to call Michelle's World, because the most important person in it is Michelle Henderson. (Michelle is not involved in the battle herself. It would have interfered with nap time.)

Running the siege on the Clouded Mountain are a ton of people from Lyra's World, including but not limited to Tamika and the Book Club, Emmanuel, Steve Carlsberg, Delphine Cabrera, Serafina Pekkala, other witches allied with the Lake Enara clan, Old Woman Josie, Sohvi Palmero, the Glow Cloud, and Dana's mother and brother. They have plenty of help from Harry's World, with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley among those on the front lines.

Most of this is non-crossover armies -- or at least, not extra crossovers beyond WtNV and HDM. They include the giant masked army (from Dʌg and Әliʃə's World); an extensive dragon army (from the Dragon World); another force of angels; and the dragonfly-riding army (from Tialys & Salmakia's World). And there's a bending army from Korra's World, including Korra herself.

(There are probably some magical girls mixed up in all this, though none of them are specifically referenced. I can tell you one thing, though, the Sailor Senshi are not involved in this crossover...because Usagi could have wiped the floor with the Smiling God singlehandedly, which would have totally unbalanced the playing field.)

The Smiling God alludes to Strexcorp having other names in other worlds. The two mentioned are The Prescott Group (from "Stephen's" World) and Kakos Industries (from, again using the name of the resident doom-baby, Belladonnica's World).

Its defense troops at the Clouded Mountain include Dementors, a breed of spectre from Harry's World; balrogs, from Frodo's World; and giant robots, which, if they had been described at all, would have been instantly recognizable as the Giant-Ass Schoolgirl That’s Kawaii as Fuck, Yo model from Belladonnica's World.

Providing support from Desert Bluffs, along with plenty of locals, we have Kevin, from Kevin's World; Sylvia Kayali, from the UWII World; and Caleb & Enigma, from Enigma's World.

And way back in Night Vale, the locals are backed up by mulefa from Atal's World, and a lot of strange daemonless Scouts from the Cittàgazze World.

Note: like the mulefa, the daemonless Scouts were deliberately kept out of battle. None of them are combat-trained, and it's not what they're here to learn. Also, none of them have any inoculations or any exposure to the diseases of Lyra's World, which means they want to stay as far away from local hospitals as possible. Even during the peaceful construction and rehabilitation work, Earl Harlan and the Eternal Scouts are keeping a veeeery close eye out to make sure any scrapes get treated fast.

Bonus note: Caleb + Enigma, and Charles + Sylvia, come from versions of humanity with completely different blood types. Not only are they more vulnerable to infection in Lyra's World (not that Enigma didn't have it hard enough in his own world, poor guy), they wouldn't be able to safely accept blood transfusions.

Bonus bonus note: Do you want an extensive breakdown of the döppelgangers/counterparts/AU selves of Cecil + Carlos + Dana across various worlds? Even the ones that don't appear in-story? Sure you do.

Lyra's World (Night Vale): Cecil Palmero [Khoshekh], Carlos Ramirez [Isaña], Dana Cardinal [Eustathias]
Lyra's World (Desert Bluffs): Kevin Serling [Bedamim], Carlo Raimondi [Caesena], Vanessa Crane [Orestes]

Lewis's World: Lewis Mulder, Carolyn Ramsay, Gina Swift

UWII World: Denis Carter [Halleilot], Charles Raimeaux [Intavra], Joshua Whistler [Alcyone]

Enigma's World: PEBIC [Predictive Electronic/Biological Integrated Computer]/Enigma/Besim Scully, Caleb Rose[nsveig], Aurora Lark

Will's World: Nedim Suresh, Cary Ramalhete, Lashonda Kingfisher

World with corporeal ba: Felix Dunham, Carson Roderham, Moira Heron

World Strex passed over because the former local döppelganger had her face changed: Sepia Bagge, Carissa Reimer, Olivia Condor

Michelle's World: Aegis Summers, Carlysle Ravencastle, Celestia Rook

(Yes, that's a universe where they're all melodramatic vampires. It's official fic canon. You're welcome.)
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Oh my god, Carlysle Ravencastle. I completely lost it for a few minutes there, just imagining that. Thank you.
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A bending army. Yes.