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2012? What is this witchcraft?

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Hi, I liked your post on mothers in Magical Girl shows and have some more examples to contribute, but I don't have a DW account and the FrillsOfJustice comm doesn't accept Open-ID comments, so I'm commenting over here:

In Magical Emi, Mai's mom used to be a stage magician but retired to get married/have kids. Mai's grandparents are also very present because they run the troupe of magicians that Mai is trying to get into.

Sally the Witch, Mahou no Mako-chan, and Mahoutsukai Chappy all have living mothers, though I'm not sure how much screentime they get.

Marvelous Melmo's mother is the one who gives her the bottle of magic pills, but by that point she's dead from a car crash — which is literally the first thing that happens in the series. So after that, she disappears from the plot.

Majokko Meg-chan doesn't have a blood-related mother, but on Earth, she's adopted by a former witch who serves as a mother figure for her.

Pastel Yumi's parents are both side characters who actually have a lot of marital problems — not sure how much they figure into the story.

Devil Hunter Yohko's mom is a side character and kind of a ditz. Much more prominent is Yohko's grandmother, who mentors her, gives her the transforming ring, sometimes fights alongside her, etc.

Yadamon's mother is the one who sends her to Earth as punishment for misbehaving and as a coming-of-age type thing, but I'm not sure how much screentime she gets.

Puni Puni Poemi has both parents, but they die off fairly quickly and the dad is more prominent.

The Heartcatch Precure girls both have both parents, but they're mostly background characters. However, the heroine's grandma is a former Cure and has a more prominent role as mentor/wise old lady.

In Mai-Otome, the heroine's mother is either dead or absent, but is still story-relevant because she used to be a magical girl too and the heroine inherited her transformation trinket and signature fighting suit. Finding her mother is also one of the heroine's main motivations.

But I think you're right that mothers tend to be absent from Magical Girl narratives. And I can also think of many examples where the girl has a plot-relevant and developed relationship with her father, but Mom is dead, absent, or not nearly as prominent — Cutey Honey, all the girls from Petite Princess Yucie, Mahou no Mako-chan, Mao-chan, Ask Dr. Rin, Onegai My Melody, and probably others.
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Completely unrelated but saw this free e-book for this month from the U of Chicago press and immediately thought of you! (strip the drm first; the drm software causes problems with pc's for whatever reason.)

Revel with a Cause: Liberal Satire in Postwar America
Stephen E. Kercher
Before there was Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or Bill Maher, there were Mort Sahl, Stan Freberg, and Lenny Bruce—liberal satirists who, through their wry and scabrous comedic routines, waged war against the political ironies, contradictions, and hypocrisies of their times. Revel with a Cause is their story.

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Hi I'm looking for your one fic (I think it's yours at least) where RL!Colbert and fake!Colbert switch places? Do you have a link? :)