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Since Photobucket's "all your image hosting is broken and you'll have to pay $400 to get it back" stunt, I'm reuploading everything that's still relevant to my A Small Orange web hosting. Less than a quarter of the price, no fuss about hotlinking, and it lets you make a whole website to go with the photos.

In the process I've rediscovered a bunch of old picspams I totally forgot doing:

And a lot of stuff I don't feel guilty about flat-out deleting:

  • screencaps & doujinshi scans for posts in now-defunct LJ/DW communities
  • long-deprecated TopWebComics incentive art
  • 10-year-old fanart (still findable in my DA scraps, for anyone who's truly invested)
  • so many random Daily Show photos. Soooo many.
  • memes where I don't even remember where they came from

All that went quick. The slow & more laborious to re-upload includes all my fic illustrations, fanmix covers, and icons. (Over 800 icons. Fun!)

So there's a mountain of stuff left to pickaxe through -- but it's an encouragingly dwindled mountain. Last night I had almost 6,000 images on Photobucket. This afternoon, it's nearly down to 2,000, and still shrinking.

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Oil-exec-turned-Secretary-of-State Rex Tillerson used a secret email address to deal with climate change. And, in the process, seems to have deliberately hidden emails from a subpoena. Where are the Lock Him Up chants?

"Physicians with decades of experience studying death rates relating to changes in health coverage have concluded that repealing Obamacare is fatal. [...] even under the most conservative estimates, getting rid of President Obama’s signature healthcare reform law will result in 43,956 deaths every year."

"I click Google’s first suggested link. It leads to a website called and an article: “The Mainstream media are dead.” They’re dead, I learn, because they – we, I – “cannot be trusted”. How had it, an obscure site I’d never heard of, dominated Google’s search algorithm on the topic?"

"In fact, laws in the U.S. did not even address the issue of separating public restrooms by sex until the end of the 19th century, when Massachusetts became the first state to enact such a statute." (Turns out it's part of the "more women in the workforce? we must come up with ways to protect their virtue!" ideology.)

"But the NEA will also be remembered as the agency that created arts councils in every state and most cities; that spread the professionalization of arts organizations throughout America; and that generated important new fields, such as art therapy for war victims; creative place making and the rebirth of cities; research into economics, mental health, inequality and aging, among many; and whose leaders persuaded private funders of the value of artists and the arts."
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Ceasefire deal in Aleppo to let the civilians evacuate. Now we have to hope like hell that it holds.

Shortlist of charities providing refugee/humanitarian aid in Syria. Also good choices: the Red Cross, and Doctors Without Borders.

Trump's grandfather was banished from Bavaria by royal decree, for skipping out on mandatory military service. Smart people. Why couldn't we have done that?

World Weather Attribution: connecting the dots between climate events and human actions.

"I wish I could tell you that when I first saw those requirements they bothered me. I wish I could tell you that it felt wrong to code something that was basically designed to trick young girls. But the truth is, I didn’t think much of it at the time. I had a job to do, and I did it."

"The students displayed a 'stunning and dismaying consistency' in their responses, the researchers wrote, getting duped again and again. They weren't looking for high-level analysis of data but just a 'reasonable bar' of, for instance, telling fake accounts from real ones, activist groups from neutral sources and ads from articles."

"The more people who search for information about Jews, the more people will see links to hate sites, and the more they click on those links (very few people click on to the second page of results) the more traffic the sites will get, the more links they will accrue and the more authoritative they will appear. This is an entirely circular knowledge economy that has only one outcome: an amplification of the message. Jews are evil. Women are evil. Islam must be destroyed. Hitler was one of the good guys."

Save The Food leads with the dismaying statistic "40% of food in America is wasted" -- but then focuses on ways you can avoid food waste in your kitchen at home. Most of the waste is coming from restaurants and supermarkets! Fixing that is going to take laws. Tell us which senators to call, not how to cook our slightly-wilted celery.

One good note to end this on:

"The unemployment rate in the city of Seattle – the tip of the spear when it comes to minimum wage experiments – has now hit a new cycle low of 3.4%, as the city continues to thrive. I’m not sure what else there is to say at this point. The doomsayers were wrong. The sky has not fallen. The restaurant business, by all accounts, is booming."
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"When a man set up a fake internet dating profile pretending to be female, he set out to prove a point about how easy women have it when searching for an online match. However, his experiment backfired when – just two hours later – he was forced to delete his account because of an ‘onslaught’ of unwanted attention."

"So I made the OkCupid profile of the Worst Woman on Earth, hoping to prove that there exists an online dating profile so loathsome that no man would message it." Or: the only proof you will ever need that harassment is not a compliment.

"Teachers are often unaware of the gender distribution of talk in their classrooms. They usually consider that they give equal amounts of attention to girls and boys, and it is only when they make a tape recording that they realize that boys are dominating the interactions."

Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Don't: the graphs.

Pregnant Italian woman in the UK for a work trip, has a panic attack (that she normally takes medication to control, but like 99% of medications, you're not supposed to take it while pregnant), social workers forcibly sedate her, give her a C-section, and have the baby adopted by a UK family. Didn't even allow the woman's family or friends to take care of the kid for her. This is insane.

“But it’s worse to leave a patient without medical care because doctors are afraid of violating the law.”

"In a landmark study, one researcher found that women make the same number of jokes as men -- when they're children. But around age 6, something changes; the number of jokes girls make decreases, and it never evens out again."
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In Internet terms, anyway.

Searching for one of the fics I read back in the '90s, I found a copy of it on a Gopher-based site. Or at least, on the http:// translation of said Gopher site, because modern versions of Firefox no longer support gopher:// documents.

SM fic is in one of the folders under fanfiction/anime-fan-works, and in another under fanfiction/shoujoai. The complete list of fandoms, as stored with a mostly-obsolete protocol, makes it like looking into a time capsule from ~20 years ago.

/your random thought for the night
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My online-meme-cat f/f OTP has finally met in person!

And there was much rejoicing. Well, rejoicing from everyone except Grumpy Cat. But that's only to be expected.
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Follow @SailorPtah to get...well, probably nothing except crossposts letting you know I've updated my blog. (If I've done this right, the first tweet will be the one notifying the world of this post.)

Vive la web 2.0!
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New Tumblr sideblog: Ptahlarious, in which I queue up the hundreds of memes, lolcats, motivators, dumb jokes, and so on that have been piling up on my hard drive since...well, since I first got on the Internet.

I've been wanting to share this stuff more broadly in some organized way for years. When Dreamwidth launched, the plan was to unload it all into a DW comm, as soon as they implemented the promised "queue future posts" feature. Still hasn't happened. I finally got tired of waiting.

Thus, Ptahlarious. Come by and take a look.
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"The microparticles can keep an object alive for up to 30 min after respiratory failure. This is accomplished through an injection into the patients’ veins. Once injected, the microparticles can oxygenate the blood to near normal levels."

"Researchers at IBM have created the world's smallest movie by manipulating single atoms on a copper surface. The stop-motion animation uses a few dozen carbon atoms, moved around with the tiny tip of what is called a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM)."

"Distributed across the entire web, though, are a minority of pages—search engines, indexes and aggregators—that are very highly connected and can be used to move from area of the web to another. These nodes serve as the “Kevin Bacons” of the web, allowing users to navigate from most areas to most others in less than 19 clicks."

"Porn search site PornMD has, for the sake of publicity and social science, collected its most-used search terms for the last six months and accounted them by location—not just in the U.S. but across the world. Is your home state into Teen or MILF porn? What are Iranians jerking off to? All these answers—and more!"

Representative Lamar Smith, the guy who brought you SOPA, pushing a bill that would remove the requirement for peer review from National Science Foundation grants. Because apparently he doesn't understand how science works.

The NYT covers what Bill Nye has been up to these days. My favorite part: Neil Degrasse Tyson confirming that they're IRL BFFs.
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Collected interesting threads, dating from months ago to a post or two ago.

Crack and fun times

Favorite emoticons thread! Including a bunch of wildly creative faces, plus table-flipping, table-re-uprighting, and in-Soviet-Russia-table-flips-you.

Stupid things you said/thought when you were younger: a list to make all of us feel better about ourselves.

Weird songs you sing to your pets. Aww.

Weird misconceptions you had as a kid. Hilarious and endearing.

Yuletide requests from hell. I laughed.

"Because we all have that one aunt who remembers you read Lord Of The Rings once and thinks fantasy fan = stuff with unicorns on it." Worst fandom-related gifts you've gotten.

Discussion and meta

"Is this scenario dub-con or non-con?" Plus lots of other variations. "Consent issues", straight-up rape by deception, and so on.

Queer theory and history: recs and discussion.

"Does anyone have suggestions or tips for getting character voices right when you're not writing in the language they're actually speaking?"

Xenogenesis series meta! And follow-up!

A lament for the state of Shin Petshop of Horrors.

A discussion of the tropes in hookerfic leads to meta about what makes a story thematically complete even when it's still a WIP (or vice versa).

Thoughts on bringing the women forward (or adding them!) in Tolkien adaptations: sure, it's messing with the canon, but so are plenty of other things the movie did. So how to do it right/best/in a way that's true to the spirit of the original?

"How important is it that characters are the same ethnicity of you?" People of varying ethnic backrounds and/or minority statuses in their country of origin weigh in.

"'No one is safe' vs. indestructible heroes - Which does your favorite canon adhere to? Do you bite your nails in worry, afraid that your favorite character could be offed at any point, or is the only mystery which outlandish way they'll come back from the "dead"? What impact does it have, and do you wish it were different?"

Advice and thoughts on writing kidfic, including what makes the insufferable ones insufferable and what factors make it work.
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Brackets for the 2012 iNternet diCkbAg chAmpionship tournament: Guy Who Thinks Anything With More Than Three Sentences Is Too Long To Read vs. Woman Who Thinks You Don’t Go To Heaven If You Don’t Spend 90% Of Your Waking Life Being Furiously Outraged At Something

Neil Gaiman talks online piracy, and how it's made his book sales go up. No surprise here (I'm one of the fans who discovered his writing when a friend lent me Good Omens, and have bought that and other works of his since).

Tons of red giants have rocky planets at the right distance to possibly have water. Tens of billions of habitable possibilities!

Grouchy scribes leaving comments in the margins in medieval manuscripts :D

Student writes his dissertation on comics (the degree is in interdisciplinary studies) comic form. Awesome. (I did the final papers for capstone classes in both my majors in comic format. Good teachers.)

The addictive powers of "stupid games". For me, it's Mafia Wars, plus a couple of Neopets games including Destruct-O-Match. (Though let it not be said that I don't appreciate my Tetris.)

A 92-year-old DVD bootlegger...for the troops! (The poor RIAA has no idea how to deal with this.)
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Because the US government should totally be able to spy on anyone's email it feels like. Warrants, what are those?

Reddit summarizes. It's nasty.

HR 3523 status on GovTrack. If your representative is listed as one of the 106 cosponsors, look them up and contact them. If they're not, and even if you're not in the US, have an international petition to sign.
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The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism: a Web 2.0 tool is only useful if it works for activists and cat macros.

Diary of a Newly Diagnosed Dissociative: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. Plus a video about the initial shame, and some tips for how to make peace with it.

How to find out the gender (or at least, the sex) of your computer. Cute. (It's just leaning on Microsoft SAPI; according to the comments, XP comes with a male voice, Vista and 7 with female, and Macs can be easily switched in the system preferences.)

The NYT's coverage of the first black Senator. In...wait for it...1870. Wikipedia has more, including the legal controversy on whether he had technically been a citizen long enough.

Parents decide to raise a child without telling people its sex. More here, with extra details. (Both the articles and the comments conflate "gender" and "sex" all over the place; the second one has extra tales of people being icky to young boys who wear pink.) The story they're referring to as inspiration is X: A Fabulous Child's Story.

How Tokyopop sank wages in the manga translation industry, with hopes that they can still recover. (Translators, not Tokyopop's manga.)
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Ask An Abortion Provider: an article with a refreshingly snarky-yet-earnest tone.

International versions of Sesame Street are designed to address the issues of the kids they'll be reaching, and the Israeli and Palestinian versions might well have the hardest lines to walk.

A married couple, one egg donor, and two surrogates come up with two kids born five days apart. Aww.

The digital dissemination of images of children. "A recent study published by AVG, an Internet security company, found that 92 percent of American children have an online presence by the time they are 2." Yikes.

Fake marriage in Shanghai, where gay people shop for opposite-sex partners to please their parents.

A reflection on the generation gap in the gay rights movement. Compare with gay teens interviewing their elders about the experience of coming out in the '50s.

An old but still adorable political ad features an adorable pair of lesbian grandmothers who have been together 32 years.
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Declassified films of nuclear bomb tests. (No surprise: most of the filmmakers have by now died of cancer.)

When architecture turns fatal: a curved reflective building turns sunlight into a Death Ray. (Why hasn't this been in a ThreatDown?)

Depression in preschoolers? I'm torn on this one. Vigorous debate in the comments, too.

From a blog about bipolar over at Words don't judge people. People judge people.

Atheists know the most about religion. Color me unsurprised.

Zero percent of lesbian-raised children report abuse. Go us.

Four-thousand-year-old pine trees under siege from a foreign fungus we brought into their territory. Oops.

One in five Americans believe Obama is a cactus. The Onion makes perfect sense. And again, in Congress Sets Sail In Search Of Fabled Sword Of Bipartisanship.

A step-by-step guide to how 4chan completely controlled the 2009 Time 100 poll, to the point of precision-ordering the first 21 results in defiance of captchas. (If only we could turn that kind of power and dedication on something actually useful...)
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The psychological havoc wreaked on people who work as Internet content screeners. Much as I appreciate the inherent possibility of awesome in the wide-open Internet, I'm glad these people are out there fending off the worst of it.

Facebook struggles with how to cope when users die. Especially when they keep getting cycled through the "You should get back in touch with ____" macro.

How the Internet is throwing a wrench in our normal cultural process of forgetting a person's wrongs, or at least putting them in perspective, over time.

AfterElton examines the influence of slashfic. Rather awkwardly. There's a lot of "slashers are all straight women" and "gay rights are all about men", and some reliance on badfic stereotypes (it all recapitulates traditional gender roles and is never realistic!). At least it was generally positive?

More than a year from its frenzied kickoff, the long-term progress of serious hacker activism in Iran. (Hands up if you noticed that the guy at the front of this is queer!)

A couple of scientists go on vacation, come back with new ideas about the brain and how we're affected by our growing digital overload.

Desperate Pandora Employees Scrambling To Find Song Area Man Likes. Warms my geeky Pandora-loving heart.
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From Lisa Nakamura's Digitizing Race: Visual Cultures of the Internet:

The avatars that these women produce pose a problem for many upper- and intellectual-class viewers in that they are decidedly déclassé in terms of visual style, as is much of popular digital visual culture; they are cartoonish, "cutsey", festooned with animated sparkles, flashing animated GIFs, pastel colors, and sentimental stylings taken from older media franchises like Care Bears, Disney, Hello Kitty, and Friends. ...Yet while these women's autobiographical digital signatures are far from "cutting edge" in terms of difficulty of production or conventional aesthetic qualities, they are revolutionary in terms of the power that they take back from institutions that govern and produce powerful types of visual signification, institutions like the very "biotech and fertility industries" that give rise to so many images of women's bodies, digital images that are accorded power and authority.

Hear that, ladies? Your sparkly animated Care Bear forum signatures are revolutionary! Tacky, yes. But revolutionary!

Seriously, does this rub anybody else the wrong way? "Gosh, these women sure do have horrible taste, but it's okay, because they're fighting the power!" As if you can really respect someone's defiance of The Establishment when in the same breath you're reasserting the rights of The Establishment to judge them - and find them aesthetically bereft and technically inept, no less.

Why do forum signatures have to be judged in relation to anybody else's idea of Proper Aesthetic Taste in the first place? Maybe it's not about The Establishment at all. Sometimes a Care Bear is just a Care Bear.

(For that matter, who says "intellectuals" must be disdainful of pink sparkly things? [She says, a month away from finishing her third degree, while wearing a Hello Kitty band-aid.])

To be fair, there was a lot of interesting stuff in this book. (As the title implies, it's mostly about ways in which the Internet and racial politics intersect. But it veers off-topic pretty frequently, especially in this one chapter, which dealt with the cartoon-doll avatars created by women on pregnancy forums.) Some of it was illuminating. Some of it felt oddly shallow.

And then there were these sort of weird bits. Like the point where, in her analysis of AIM buddy icons, she discussed a site with a category for "nationality". Users-submitted icons to this category featured labels like "Armenian" and "Irish", but also "Capricorn" and "Muslim":

Rather than interpreting this use of the "nationality" category as a sign of an inaccurate understanding of what nation, race, religion, and astrology mean, the particular mode in which these categories overlap indicates a multidimensional conception of what "nationality" means.

...uh-huh. Whatever you say, ma'am.

I'm just going to end this post by inundating ya'll with examples of Amazing Pixel Art. Because I can.

stone restriction by Orkmides (look at that motion!)

Visitors by Viterai (creepy, then lolarious)
commission: xyliaeria by Apomix (lush!)
Transparant by griffsnufff (gorgeous and ethereal)
Kitty Running Round Star by Kiss-the-Iconist (deceptively simple)
White Peacock by Foxbane (look at those feathers!)
+Pixel ID+ GET PINK by Mirai-LD (see, now, this is the cutting edge of avatars.)
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How the standardizing of the Tokyopop manga format redefined the whole category of "manga" on US shores.

Nobody Ever Admits They're A BNF - it is ridiculous how true this rings.

A frankly glorious reminiscence about the dawn of fandom on the Internet, with five pages of commenters waxing nostalgic about the days when Altavista ruled search and everyone was on mailing lists.

On the other hand, a program from a slash con in 1993 demonstrates that, even before the Internet, fandom was pretty much exactly the same. (Panels on hurt/comfort, inter-fic plagiarism, fannish racism and misogyny, and, yes, the ethics of RPF.)

Speaking of RPF - people were writing it in the '70s for teen celebrity magazines...and getting paid for it. Sexy shirtless illustrations included.

And, looking forward on a depressing note: A federal appeals court ruled that the FCC cannot impose net neutrality. In other words, Internet providers can restrict your access to whatever they choose (in this case, Comcast wants the authority to block its subscribers from using BitTorrent). not promising.
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Apparently Kiva's lending is not as individual as it appears. Slightly unsettling. (I'm still using it for lending, though. It's not like the money isn't going to individual businesses in developing countries - just not necessarily the ones in the pictures.)

Does technology make people more socially isolated? Actually, it turns out the people who use the tech have larger social circles than nonusers. Go Internet!

Talk show in Turkey with a surprisingly familiar set. It's like TCR with an even lower budget.

Massive islands of trash have formed in the ocean, and they're still growing. Somehow all I can think of is Superman Returns.

Finally, if you ever need a boost, go to to get some well-deserved reassurance.


Dec. 20th, 2007 03:27 am
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Made it safely home, and then, in a long and strenuous journey very exciting traveling adventure, to the family in England. Time to deal with some tabs that have been around for weeks.

Apparently Kerry and Edwards couldn't work together. At all. Subtle arguments added up. Why oh why can't the Republicans have this kind of problem, instead of marching in scary fundamentalist lockstep?

A small amount of denial is psychologically necessary for a functioning society. (Well, we knew that. "Of course I don't hate your new haircut!") Take it to excess, and it gets scary.

This video was made in 2002; how have I been on the Internet since then and not seen it yet? For anyone who has ever gotten an email forward.

...and that's actually all I got right now.

How 'bout that.

...edit: one more thing! This user has a six-part interview/profile of Douglas Adams. I'm halfway through. It's fascinating. And it goes with the icon.

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