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So [personal profile] melannen made this awesome post on specific kinds of poly relationships that sci-fi/fantasy has given us. In particular, the concept of sedoretu both complicates and simplifies a whole lot of my shipping preferences.

I just spent four hours lying in bed not sleeping (oh insomnia, how I don't love you), which left a lot of time for working out how my favorite pairings, triads, and variously poly arrangements would be restructured under this system. Caveat: all I know about sedoretu is what's explained in those two links (seriously, go read them; they're short enough that it's not worth me re-summarizing here), so if there are subtleties or extra requirements I'm missing, oh well. If I do find out that's the case, I'll come back and edit. Maybe.


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I've been working out a fandoms-as-relationships analogy in my head for a while now; this post has prompted me to actually write it up XD

Hellsing, naturally, is my wife. We built a house together, which I come home to every night (well, except most Saturdays). The wild passion from when we first met has settled into a slow burn, leaving us familiar and profoundly comfortable with each other.

Fake news is my other primary partner. There's a condo involved, but we don't spend much time there; we're kind of all over the place. We've had fixed schedules sometimes, but it doesn't last; mostly we just get together on a regular basis, and stay up talking to unholy hours in the morning.

Sailor Moon is my high school sweetheart. (The one I've known since elementary school.) We're not technically together, but we still end up hooking up whenever she's in town, and it's invariably really hot. Every once in a while I wonder if this is going to be the time when the magic goes away...nope, still there.

I've had a bunch of hookups and one-night stands along the way, and though nobody else has lasted this long, we tend to part as friends. (Doctor Who might come closest to being a long-term secondary, along with the R.O.D franchise.) None of my primary partners have problems with each other; in fact, I wouldn't get on with them nearly as well if we didn't have such great threesomes.
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Sailor Moon cosplay pics from AnimeNext 2010. Scroll about halfway down the entry.

Yes, those are Lady Gaga senshi. Yes, that is the most awesome thing you have seen all day.

Speaking of SM, it turns out The Oracle has all the episodes available for download. I own large chunks of the series, but not all of it, and there are still episodes cut from the original DiC dub that I've never seen in any form. This thing is a godsend. (A moonsend?)

Little by little, we keep getting closer to Chobits - this robot isn't just designed to seem human, but built as a replica of an existing person. The article author calls it "part high-tech portrait, part low-tech bid for immortality."

Letting kids pick out twelve books and take them home over the summer seems to have as much positive effect on their test scores as attending summer school. Yomiko would be proud.

Icelandic comedian Jon Gnarr, founder of the Best Party, has been elected mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland. (From his acceptance speech: "No one has to be afraid of the Best Party, because it is the best party. If it wasn’t, it would be called the Worst Party or the Bad Party. We would never work with a party like that.") Stephen would be...okay, not "proud". I'm gonna go with "insanely jealous."

P. G. Wodehouse is enduringly popular in India,

Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody. This is ADORABLE. Somebody wants to write the fic about it now, right?
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I had a dream last night about watching one of Olivia Munn's segments. Jon threw to her, and she was at some kind of amusement-park water ride, with a big water wheel turning on the right side of the green-screen and a track going down the left that a cartload of people splashed down. The conceit was that she was walking on one of the gears that turned the water wheel, so she was moving in place and kept swaying a bit.

I don't remember the topic of the segment. Something about fishing? (I don't think people were fishing in the amusement-park ride....)


YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BE DELETED: The Munn Paradox is back to Tiger Beatdown at its best.

As with the last time I linked there, I'm not claiming 100% support of every line. What I'm saying is that it's subtle, and thoughtful, and manifestly contains Original Thought rather than boilerplate talking points, and with this outlook it does a masterful job of unpacking the wrongness inherent in attacking Olivia Munn for being hot without letting slide the angles that deserve actual criticism, and all of these things make it very much worth your attention.

In short, reading it is like jumping into a cold pool in the middle of a heat wave.


By the way, why is it that so many people are complaining "she doesn't have a record of telling smart/funny jokes"?

I mean...we all realize that she wasn't hired to be a writer, right? We get that the correspondent bits are scripted by other people, yes? I believe Wyatt and John Oliver are currently pulling double duty as part of the writing staff, but since Olivia isn't, the burden of coming up with TDS-quality comedy does not fall to her.

Now, according to that article, both Jon and Tina Fey think she's funny. Since I consider both of those two to be ethereal spirits of wit poured into human vessels, if they believe she deserves a chance, I'm inclined to trust their judgment.

But for the lines written by the dozen or so people whose jobs consist solely of coming up with said quality comedy, all Olivia has to do is nail the delivery. And frankly, hers is already way beyond the wooden monotone and inability-to-turn-his-head that Aasif displayed when he started out — and check him out now.

(Lest someone think I'm singling out Aasif for racial reasons, there are plenty of white correspondents who started off bad and just never got better. Remember Bob Wiltfong? Yeah, me neither.)


When looking for new art to invite to Moments of Zen, in between the periodic sweeps for Jon-and/or-Stephen stuff that isn't there yet, I look up correspondent names.

There is not a single thing on DA for Josh Gad. There are only a handful of things for Rob Riggle, fewer yet for Wyatt or Aasif, and most of this is by TDS fans (many of whom I know). Ditto for Rob Corddry and Ed Helms. There's nothing at all for Bob Wiltfong or Dan Bakkedahl, except the full-cast collection I drew.

Of the few correspondents who are wildly popular (that is to say, John Oliver, although his name is common enough that there's a lot of unrelated drek inflating the search results, and Steve Carell), the John art is mostly inspired by his TDS days, and the Steve art by his post-TDS days. John Hodgman probably comes in next, with a lot of Mac+PC fanart and illustrations of hobos and mole-men.

A few days after her first bit, I searched for Olivia Munn art. There's a ton of it.

A lot of it is classy and well-done and cute and stylish. Some of it is sexy and pinup-y, and I am the last person to complain about sexy pinups of hot geek girls.

Some of the art is really creepy and fetish-y. Which probably says something about parts of her fanbase, but here's the thing: I've seen a lot of the exact same stuff come up in searching for Read or Die artwork for Give Me Back My Book. The actual series, meanwhile, isn't fetish-based at all, not even in the wink-wink-nudge-nudge way that some moe series are so infamous for. What it is: smart and literary and action-packed and touching. I love it to bits.

So there's that.


I like that she's hot.

There! I said it! Which is a terribly guilt-inducing admission, because, you know, I do in fact care about lookism and misogyny and the institutionalized sexism of the TV industry and the importance of providing all women equal opportunites and the discomfort brought on by a certain brand of creepy fanboying, and, yes, I very much wish there were more lady-type people of all shapes and sizes and colors and stripes (in the metaphorical sense, although if they do find an actual striped person and want to put her on the air, more power to them) getting face time on my nightly Daily, but PART OF ME IS STILL A SHALLOW LESBIAN FANGIRL WHO SOMETIMES JUST WANTS TO RELAX AND ENJOY THAT THERE IS A PRETTY LADY ON MY TELLY, OKAY? OKAY.


She's done three pieces so far. I've enjoyed them all, not because I sat back and stared at her chest for the duration, but because they were — what's the word — funny.

I like her expressions. I like her acting ability. I like how she's not just delivering lines, but performing them; how all her nonverbal cues line up with the spoken words and enhance them, and how she keeps it up just as smoothly even while she's not talking.

In particular, this:

"It's like curling up with a bowl of mac'n'cheese and watching an episode of Full House."

"I get it, I get it. It's like snuggling up with a Stretch Armstrong to watch a little Courtship of Eddie's Father."

"...I don't know what those words mean."

was the MOST ADORABLE THING EVER, and, if you did not smile even a tiny bit watching the way Olivia's face fell — from "I'm making a sweet nostalgic point" to "I don't understand, but you sound like you're agreeing, so I will play along" to "no, screw it, I can't even fake this one" — then you need to get your soul checked.
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The news out of Iran has slowed, but the chanting on the rooftops goes on, as strong as ever.

Also, some of these women are freakin' amazing. (Read the whole story. It's worth it.)

The brown-haired guy who's not Steve Doocey thinks Americans should stop marrying other species. I'm so glad TCR is back on-air tonight.

Simple fifteen-minute writing exercise does wonders for black students' achievement. With effects that last years. This sounds way too good to be true, but there's the study...

Double standards in sexy photography - a pose that we find hot when it's a woman is considered silly when a man tries it. Which sucks, because I would love to see more scantily clad men in feminine poses.

Thursday Next/Lord of the Rings crossover. This fic contains everything that is wonderful about the Thursday Next books. READ IT.

Google Earth has street-level visuals of the buildings used as models for Yomiko's home. The R.O.D animators are seriously dedicated.

Rachel Maddow is the Doctor. This makes a surprising amount of sense.

And Crispin Freeman (Alucard's voice actor) likes the Hellsingpuffs. *basks*
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Some favorite places to watch/join:

Dreamwidth Info
[site community profile] dw_news
[site community profile] dw_maintenance
[site community profile] dw_nifty - random cool stuff
[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts - for those of us who aren't good at building from scratch
[community profile] getting_started - for general help
[site community profile] dw_codesharing - for invite codes
[site community profile] dw_community_promo - for finding other communities

[community profile] metafandom
[community profile] dwfiction - this "DW" stands for Doctor Who
[community profile] punditfic - for the fake news, etc. crowd
[community profile] girlgay - femslash
[community profile] shineheaven - for Shine, Hellsing, R.O.D, etc.
(Not sure whether there's enough interest for a general Hellsing or Hirano comm. If someone creates one, I'll join, but in the meantime, Hellsing-related posts will end up here.)
[community profile] otp - OTP claiming!
[community profile] labyrinthlust - for Labyrinth
[community profile] flashbastard - for Good Omens
[community profile] dontpanic - for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

[community profile] multibeautiful - pretty people
[community profile] metaquotes - fun quotes
[community profile] audiophilia - music sharing
[community profile] thatswhatshesaid - self-explanatory
[community profile] secrets - ditto

[syndicated profile] bstreetholmie_feed - Sherlock Holmes
[syndicated profile] drjohnwatson_feed - and his faithful Boswell
[syndicated profile] stephenathome_feed - "Stephen Colbert"
[syndicated profile] rolandhedley_feed - Doonesbury's Roland Hedley

Other Feeds
[syndicated profile] malesubart_feed - sexy!
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Me & Mine
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[personal profile] ptahrrific - Fic journal (under construction)
[syndicated profile] shineheaven_feed - Shine itself

Will be updated as things develop!

Two memes

Jan. 8th, 2009 10:26 pm
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Number One: an Eight Random Facts meme over on DA. Starts with me talking about getting my wisdom teeth out (*checks watch* nine hours ago), and somehow ends up talking mostly about childhood books. (Pippi and Sara Crewe pwn Anne of Green Gables any day, y/n?)

Number Two:

Pick a fandom, and I will tell you which character(s) I would

1. bake cupcakes for:
2. trust with the keys to my car:
3. put thumbtacks on the chair thereof:
4. have a crush on:
5. pack up and leave if they moved next door:
6. vote for President:
7. pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
8. pair up:
9. vote off the island and into the volcano:
10. wheedle into fixing my MP3 player:
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Periodically I will stumble upon a cache of fanfiction for something which I had enjoyed but had not realized there was fic for, and proceed to go on a bit of a binge.

This is what just happened with Jeeves & Wooster. I tripped into this quite by accident - on Friday there was a link in the Read or Die comm to a Nancy/Yomiko entry in [ profile] ship_manifesto, and I scrolled down the front page of same when what should I see but a Jeeves/Wooster manifesto, and a link to a community populated with like-minded folk, and to make a long story short I now have 139 entries marked with that category in my LJ memories, which is more than half the number I have built up for fake news fic over the past six months.

(A side effect of this binge is that the language has seeped into my brain. My internal monolog will be peppered with "what ho!" and "rum sort of thing, that" for a week at least.)

Striking fannish coincidence: I was, for reasons relating to nothing but Hellsing and Shine, browsing Wikipedia and came to a list of alternate histories that deal with Nazis, and lo and behold whose name should be among the authors but Stephen Fry, the very man who played Jeeves. (See icon.)

(A quick search revealed that his book is in fact in the very library here on campus. Must exercise restraint, as have had three other books out for a month and not cracked two of them.)

And, while we're playing Six Degrees of Fandom Separation: Fry played Jeeves across from a Wooster portrayed by his frequent acting partner Hugh Laurie, whose picture in his role as one Dr. House graces a frame on the Colbert Report set.

Since the parallel to Victorian Romance Emma is obvious (old-fashioned British master/servant romance, never mind that in Emma it's canon), all I need to do is find some way to link this to Sailor Moon and I'll have roped all of my major fandoms into this Six Degrees job.

And now I'm imagining dear Wooster in a sailor suit. Oh my. (Though I must say, Jeeves would be absolutely dashing in a tuxedo and cape...)

[For those readers concerned about where I'm finding the time to read so much fic, work on the papers mentioned in recent posts, finish a certain "Stephen"/Tad fanvid, and entertain such art bunnies, allow me to reassure you that I've been awake all night, to the surprise of my roommate. Which explains why I'm posting before eight AM - not to mention why this post is so all-over-the-place.]
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This was undoubtedly brought on by the Shine time-traveling crossover featuring (an I-Jin version of) H. G. Wells, but I've been a universalist for a long time now, so it's only natural: I've taken a couple of big steps deep into the integration of the cosmos.

It started when I went looking for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen annotations, then stumbled into the Wold Newton universe, and ended up walking down to Barnes & Noble to plunge into the DC multiverse. I don't have the time and energy to do proper research yet, so what follows is a collection of preliminary notes and observations, as relating to And Shine Heaven Now.

Relativity reads: 'The only reason for time is so everything doesn't happen at once.' The Relativity is a Wells-class Timeship."

>Note that I use the words "universe", "timeline", and "dimension" interchangeably.

Contents of the Shineverse
This universe is grounded in Hellsing, but also contains the events of:
Read or Die (current crossover)
Victorian Romance Emma (ditto)
Witch Hunter Robin (to be seen in the future)
Maria-sama ga Miteru (ditto)
Revolutionary Girl Utena (details to be sorted out)
Sailor Moon? (the history is complicated, and would require some coordinating)
Dracula, Carmilla, and possibly other Victorian vampire stories
Pet Shop of Horrors
It's also been implied that Red Dwarf is in its future.

The events of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comics; I won't even bother with the movie) don't happen in the Shineverse, because of some real-world inconsistences (the LoEG universe features a bridge over the English Channel) and Dracula inconsistencies (the events of the book in LoEG are ten years earlier than the Shineverse ones). For the proper placement of the League, take a look at . . .

Other Major Universes
Timelines that contain many well-known characters and series. Every piece of fiction takes place outside of our timeline (the "real world"); many of them aren't mutually exclusive, though, and "major universes" collect a lot of them:
The DC Comics Universe (a multiverse, pre-Crisis) - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman; populated by an excess of metahumans, containing advanced technology & a multitude of aliens.
The Marvel Comics Universe - Spider-Man, the X-Men; similar excess of metahumans, including many mutants; ditto for the technology & aliens.
The Wold Newton Universe (chronology) (characters) - Gothic horror, pulp fiction, Victoriana; this is the proper place of the LoEG characters. Its future contains the Star Trek universe. It's theorized that its past also contains Middle-earth.
The Disneyverse - see Kingdom Hearts and Disney's House of Mouse for details. Includes the Final Fantasy games, though I don't know the extent of the crossover there.
The Hannah Barbaraverse - see Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law for how this one works out. Continuity issues are solved by treating the whole thing ironically.
The Seussverse - Dr. Seuss's books, many of which are reconciled in Seussical: the Musical, as well as that one Seuss-themed TV show with the puppets whose name escapes me.
The Cartoon Network universe - contains the populations of many CN shows, as reconciled in The Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.
The newspaper comics universe - as evidenced by occasional crossovers, cameos, and of course the Great Comic Strip Switcheroo. Check my icon for a lovely Doonesbury/Bloom County (= Outland = Opus) example ^_~
The FMA universe - doesn't contain crossovers, but is worth mentioning because of its symbiotic relationship with another universe, probably the Shineverse.
The Neopets universe - as seen on Mainly notable because, next to the Shineverse, it's the one I play in the most.
The Doctor Who universe (chronology) - Similar to ours, though with a lot more aliens. Events that are supernatural or magical in other universes often appear here, but with high-tech explanations.

The fact that the Doctor has appeared in the Shineverse (not to mention the Wold Newtonverse) is easy enough to explain: the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) hops dimensions as well as eras. Thus:

Can be done by technology:
assorted methods used in the DC multiverse
Quinn Mallory's little device in Sliders
Can be done by magic:
Dorothy Gale to Oz (timeline)
Alice Liddel to Wonderland (her native universe has been placed as the Wold Newtonverse)
a whole slew of humans to Narnia

There's a list of universes related to the Wold Newtonverse by virtue of character crossovers. A similar list could be compiled for the Shineverse, but generally the characters who appear in the Shineverse are alternate versions of their original forms (for example, the Sailor Soldiers who occasionally show up).

Narnia readers will remember, from The Magician's Nephew, world-hopping that passed through the Wood Between the Worlds. This wood is not properly a world/timeline/dimension, but rather the in-between space, in which nothing happens in its own right but everything can be reached. The wood between the holiday-worlds of The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably a part of this. The Wood is part of a limited category:

Things That Transcend Dimensions (i.e., are the same no matter where you start from)
The Wood Between the Worlds
Sailor Pluto (usually identified with the Sailor Moon universe; Guardian of Time)
The Endless (usually identified with the DCverse: Dream, Death, etc)
The Flying Spaghetti Monster (usually identified with our universe; creator of Everything)
Sailor Cosmos (usually identified with SMverse; avatar of everything)
Aslan's country (usually identified with Narniaverse, but heaven is common to all universes)
Hell? (Different universes - the DCverse, the Shineverse, and presumably the Wold Newtonverse if Dante's involved - have different versions, but they may all derive from something universal.)
The Force? (usually identified with the Star Wars universe - the events of which, as they took place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, might be part of the history of an already-named universe)
Arisugawa's Locket? (Utenaverse, possibly Shineverse. Transdimensional lesbian bar for anime females, run by Juri Arisugawa. Not sure how seriously I would take this, especially since in practice the fics tend to be OOC and shallow; but I like the idea.)
Alexander Luthor? (Pre-Crisis DC multiverse. Obtained remarkably transcendent powers during Crisis on Infinite Earths, but I don't know his fate after that. His transcendence may simply transcend the many facets of the former DC multiverse - which is now one universe - rather than all the rest.)
The Oblivion Bar? (DCverse. Transcends place, but it may be limited to the DCverse all the same.)

It should be noted that most of the major universes have some cosmic forces. The Marvelverse has the Phoenix Force; the DCverse has the Speed Force and Spectre (avatar of vengeance); the SMverse has the Galaxy Cauldron; the FMAverse has alchemy. These are probably tied in with a universe's creation, along with its physical laws (and magical laws, or lack thereof). Which leads us to:

A final note about multiverses vs. parallel timelines
(in which I distinguish between timelines and universes)

There are infinite universes. Also, infinite timelines.

"The Marvelverse", as an example, is actually a set of timelines, starting with one arrangement of physical laws (gravity, the nuclear forces, the Phoenix Force, chemical properties) and proceeding to chart every possible eventuality.

It would require extremely fine control to jump to a very close timeline (one with only minor differences; for instance, the one in which Kitty Pryde ordered pizza for dinner instead of Chinese food). And besides, if you're telling a story about the Marvelverse, you generally don't need to differentiate based on such small details. Think of these timelines like electrical wires. A wire consists of a bunch of bundled fibers, which are very fine and close together and can be treated for all intents and purposes like a single entity. But two lamps will have different cords; and the cord for your lamp and the cord for your laptop are very distinct. It's hard to jump around within a wire; it takes much less control to hop to a separate lamp cord, or to a different appliance cord altogether.

The members of the Marvelverse do a lot of time-hopping, leading to distinct timelines within the Marvelverse interacting. Scott and Jean have rather a lot of kids, from different timelines. Think of them as different lamp cords.

(Edit: Sliders, based on the hopping-between-timelines premise, generally leaps around inside the Slidersverse, as evidenced by the fact that alternate versions of the main characters show up in most of the timelines.)

The Shineverse would be a laptop cord. Started with a distinct set of physical laws from the Marvelverse. Not so different that they'd explode on impact (as with a matter universe meeting an antimatter one), but different enough that there would be occasional problems (Jean Grey would be disattached from the Phoenix Force if she came into it).

The vast majority of the timelines torn apart during the Shine or Die storyline are from the Shineverse, and, furthermore, are Shineverse timelines that developed the same way as our main one up until around a few hundred years ago. They'd have to be; all of them involve an H. G. Wells and an Integra in order to produce this particular timeline-shredding paradox. (Mind you, some of the Wellses and Integras developed in very different ways . . .)

The General Mish Mash of Everything also transcends universes. It seems less organized than Wood Between the Worlds, though. It's transcending timelines, but generally containing the Shineverse. This is what happens when you start tearing down the walls between timelines: their contents get all mixed up. The difference is that the Wood is what happens when you break out of spacetime altogether. It had no start, no Big Bang. It simply is.

There. I think I've been quite philosophical enough for today ^_^
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Okay, I got this from [personal profile] sir_hellsing, but it was created by [profile] undead_rin. Enjoy ^.^

The Shipping Survey! )

And finally, I would like to throw in a fandom support icon from Achromatic Reflections:

Because the movie completely butchered Faramir's characterization. He says when he first meets Sam and Frodo "I won't try to take anything from you," and then when Sam lets it slip that they have the Ring, Faramir says "Look, I made you a promise and I'm going to keep it. Say, would you like an escort on the next leg of your trip?" He does NOT act like Boromir all over again, as in the movie . . .


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