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Coal discusses: "is it okay for the author of a Yuletide-nominated original canon to write a treat?" With bonus "if you were the recip, how would you want that treat delivered?"

Challenging meme to find Characters Who Are Not At All Problematic (and then to figure out how they've actually been problematic all along).

The origins of the term "SJW", in serious detail, by someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

"What kind of summaries (on fic or anything else) actively draw you in?" Examples + advice.


Some anon filked Ozymandias, and I'm copying it in full for posterity:

I met a fan from an antique canon
Who said: "Two vast and readerless archives of fic
Stand in the internet...With them, in an lj comm,
Half f-locked, an abandoned meta discussion lies, whose detail
Tell that its writers well that canon read
Which yet survives, stamped in these activity-less things,
The troll comments that mocked them, and the juggernaut slash ship that fed:
And in the profile information these words appear:
'My name is Former Megacanon, Fandom of Fandoms:
Look on my fics, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The post- geocities and livejournal internet stretches far away.

Haiku meme

Mar. 11th, 2015 02:43 am
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Pick a thing or two that sums up how you're doing today, this week, in general, and tell me about it in the 5-7-5 syllables of a haiku. I will leave anonymous comments screened unless otherwise asked; feel free to use this to leave private comments if that's what you're most comfortable with.
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I've been following the various Dashcon debacles mostly via FFA, so here's a reference list of threads. They're also a nice compilation of links to various non-anon writeups, especially in the later ones. Also, links to memes, macros, and extra-hour-in-the-ball-pit jokes.

All times are in Central Daylight Time (UTC-5), the local timezone of the con.

"They're asking for money because apparently they need to give the hotel $17,000 by... Forty minutes from now." First post Friday the 11th, 9:21 PM.

" far it is the con that keeps on giving to anyone not actually there a the WTNV live reading is an hour late and currently security is huddled in a corner talking." First post Saturday the 12th, 1:09 PM.

"They're not only planning on doing another, they're not planning on refunding people. At all." First post Sunday the 13th, 6:45 PM.

"I have been sharing the joy of Dashcon with my brother, and now he's hooked and keeps telling me new things he's found out about it. (And other things. ", there are some weird things in fandom. Like... this thing called 'omegaverse'?")" We're into overflow territory here: first post Tuesday the 15th, 1:25 PM.

"They can't offer refunds because that would be against the rules and doing anything against the rules would invalidate all the rules. Which they can change at any time, by their rules." Current ongoing thread. First post Thursday the 17th, 1:02 AM.

In all seriousness, my heart goes out to everyone for whom this was their first convention. (And it sounds like the bulk of the attendees were teenagers, skewing young, so that was probably a lot of them.) I've been going to cons for ten years now, and they've all been fun and invigorating and competently-managed, and that's the kind of experience you deserve. Not this mess.
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How does character synning work on the AO3? Particularly when characters are shared across adaptations, or even used in multiple fandoms.

Tag indexing on Tumblr with Tumblr tags, as compared to tag indexing on AO3, and how it handles Tumblr-style tags.

Another round of A/B/O discussion, this time with Punnett squares. Social worldbuilding and genetics discussions alike.

Drop a letter from the name of a fandom returns. Featuring such classics as His Ark Materials, Petty Soldier Sailor Moon, and an outright poem for Rime and Punishment.

"Have you noticed any changes in fandom over time, i.e. certain types of stories becoming more popular, particular writing styles being in vogue, specific issues being addressed repeatedly, etc?" Reflections on the evolution of fic.

On various canons that include second languages (mostly with English as a first language, but there's some anime and others too): "So for those of you nonnies who actually speak the languages being portrayed, how well/badly do the shows/actors do with those languages?"
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The Up-Goer Five Text Editor is addictive. (It spellchecks your text so that you can only use the thousand most-used words in the English language.)

Here's Shelley's Ozymandias:

I met a person who came from an old land
Who said: two big legs made of rock with no body
Stand in the hot dry place. Near them, on the ground,
Half under the land, a broken face lies. Its frown
And lip in a mean expression, and smirk of being cool and the strongest person,
Tell that the person who made it read well those strong things you feel
Which yet are still there, where you can see them on these things with no life,
Long after the hand that made fun of them, and the heart that drove them.
And on the rock under the legs these words appear:
"My name is 'Ozymandias', strongest of strong people.
Look on my works, you other strong people, and be sad!"
Nothing beside remains. Round what is left
Of that big broken thing, with no end and no other things on it,
The ground with no people that does not go up or down goes far away.


May. 19th, 2012 05:30 am
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Spent Friday afternoon at a cobbled-together meetup for local people who hang out on FFA. Four anons showed up, self included, and we all sat around in the coffee-and-bagels area of a bookstore and spent two hours talking about Anime Web Turnpike and our cosplay habits and Animorphs and how baffled we are by things like hockey RPF or coffeeshop AUs.

It was pretty awesome.

And more social interaction than I've managed to wrangle out of my IRL friends the past couple of weeks, but that's neither here or there.

On that note, a memey mini-roundup:

When the random people in Internet memes find out about their memedom, and other tales of accidental online fame.

"Meme, if you could only pick one, would you rather be in a fandom where people shipped nothing but slash while ignoring or occasionally bashing the female characters, or a fandom where people loved the female characters but wrote nothing but het and sometimes seemed to be kind of homophobic?"

Social justice poetry. Including a freeverse ode to FFA.

Fandom community college! What's your major? Your minor? The title of your thesis?
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ETA: Struck-out links are from the post that got accidentally deleted. RIP.

Filing off the serial numbers from your fanfic. Also, General writing tips.

The last of the AO3 discussion, at least until Yuletide panic kicks into high gear. Issues with anime, manga, and other Eastern fandoms, tied in to the broader issues of tag organization and general outreach. Someone raises a wish that they would coordinate with the recovery project for the A Sailor Moon Romance archive. (Yes, please!) Also, yet another round of tagging system complaints.

Texts from the past will have attitudes from the past: with examples, and griping about people who have trouble with the premise. On the flip side, speculating about what present-day media will be remembered centuries from now.

Ask the expert anons! turns into a grab-bag of fascinating information on various jobs and experiences.

A thread about classism gets wonderfully international. Singapore! Germany! New Zealand! Argentina! And more! For a less fraught topic that circles the globe, check third-person pronouns in different languages.

Fandom terms that need to exist. One topic that seems rife with that sort of issue: how to classify shippy fics with trans/genderqueer character(s).

Femslash discussion (and complaining). Includes some Kim/Shego idfic recs that propelled me into finally watching Kim Possible.

Poetry! There are still regular poetry threads, and I'm not linking them all, but this one stands out, as one anon is digging through old isses of Amazing Stories and Asimov for offbeat SF/F gems.

The day they powered up the great machine,
Somebody asked it if there were a god:
It hummed and with synthovoice serene,
"I was about to ask you that. How odd."
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Quick things--

1. Had TDS and TCR tickets right in a row, but couldn't find a place to crash overnight, so I had to cancel one. Opted to keep TDS, as I've already been to a TCR taping. The bus tickets are squared away; I'll be seeing Jon do TDS live for the first time on August 18. (Now watch Colbert end up having an amazing guest on the 17th.)

2. There is an awesome magical girl multifandom fic swap currently acepting signups! Go check it out.

3. Thundercaaaaaaaaaaaats. *_* (More on this later.)

4. Til Ungdommen ("To Youth" - a Norwegian dirge) sung in Oslo Cathedral in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack. Someone on FFA did a quick translation, which I'm copying here for posterity, and because I know I want to be able to find it again.

Whoever that in their right arm carries a burden, dear and precious, cannot murder. )
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During this TCR interview, Stephen asks if the guest can give all his answers in iambic pentameter, and gets a fumbled reply. My first thought was, "Oh, come on. He should have said 'I'll try, but I can't promise anything.'" Then, "Hey, I could do this standing on my head." And, eventually, "I wonder how this trick would fly on Tumblr?"

And thus, Fuck Yeah Iambic Pentameter was born.

I could just post random lines of blank verse, but this will be so much more fun if I'm answering questions. So those of you who already have Tumblr accounts, do me a favor and ask me things! (Anonymous questions are currently enabled. We'll see how that goes.) Anything is fair game, from "who will still be alive at the end of Shine?" to "how can we achieve peace in the Middle East?" to "what's your favorite color?" Even if the answer is a secret, or something I have no idea about, I will find a rhythmic way to say so.

Finally, anyone have suggestions for interesting Tumblrs that I should be following? (And feel free to include your own.)
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Another round of poems - all in one thread this time. (One of them is seventeenth-century tentacle porn. In couplets. No, really.)

Fannish groups that get a bad rap...that you are part of.

When not to fly your fannish flag: on job applications. Except, apparently, for certain jobs...

Fandoms that are hard to write for and why. With an engaging subthread on how to write characters who are smarter than you.

A thread on things the meme has gotten you into spawns a long tangent about the worldbuilding in Sailor Moon and the politics of the Silver Millennium. Meanwhile, a complaint about critics who haven't actually seen the thing they're criticizing spins off into a discussion of the social structures in Harry Potter.

Series you had serious misconceptions about, including a lot about the Wizard of Oz movie (I'm stealing that one anon's head!canon about the Ruby Slippers) and some delightful reflection on Greek/Roman classical literature.

Crossover recs galore. Threesome recs too, and a question about h/c is followed by a looming thread full of recs and trope discussion.

Fanworks beyond the norm (that is, other mediums besides fic, art, and vids) that you've seen from other people, including some recs as well as some wishful thinking. Followed up by different kinds of fanworks you've made yourself.

Trying to work out a specific definition of "gen". Trickier than it seems.

Titles and how to get them! Seems tricky, but there are a couple of shortcuts.
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One anon takes a look at some old-school fannish racefail (that is, pre-Racefail '09), and discovers some newfound sympathy for the excesses of the social-justice movement: "I guess I didn't how relatively recent any sort of acceptance of discussing -isms in fandom is."

Interesting on its own, but then you scroll downthread and run into another anon who's been missing some context:

Oh. I've assumed that everyone who ranted about SJ knew that and just wanted fandom to go back to the point where mentioning that something might be a little racist could get you branded a wanker forever.

... I might hate everyone who uses the acronym "SJ" a little less if I believe that most of y'all weren't here for the days of "... That seemed kind of offensive, maybe?" being met with a giant pile-on of people telling you to STFU.

This anon gets a bit ranty (later admitting "I kind of flew off the handle"). In spite of this, other ff_a types figure out where they're coming from and offer advice, including the suggestion to make a new top-level thread. Ex-ranty anon thanks them for their help, and starts that thread, asking what people are actually upset about.

Cue a flurry of links, discussions, exposition, definitions, and plenty of disagreements. Somewhere in there, one anon points out that there's no uniform meme opinion, and sometimes groups get conflated even when people are complaining about them for diametrically opposed reasons. Another, however, gives a passable unifying philosophy. Pretty much the whole thing (with the possible exception of the huge tangent about Americans, abbreviations, and Disney World) is worth reading.

While a bunch of this is shaking down, OP reflects:

Part of the reason I posted this was because I realized that I was taking the most extreme/trollish viewpoint present, assuming that person was All Anti-SJ People, and getting bent out of shape about it. Which is not exactly anoning in good faith. I appreciate that people have taken the time to tell me what's up here; I don't agree with everyone, but then I don't have to.


On another note: Post-a-poem thread. I was moved.

Later, the meme gets trolled, and one anon suggests counter-spamming with poetry. The trolling has been cleared out now, leaving this entire post full of poems (with a smattering of bad!porn) from the third page on.

Some favorites:

Various haiku: The weeds grow so thick, why hadn't I?, even if I now saw you, Why did you vanish, Elegant Things
Pablo Neruda: XVII (I do not love you...)
Wendy Cole: Christmas Ornaments
Lewis Carroll (in translation): j4bb3rw0x0r!
Marge Piercy: To Be Of Use; The Friend (I first saw this one quoted, to great effect, in a Revolutionary Girl Utena fic)
U. A. Fanthorpe: The Wicked Fairy At The Manger (WIN); Atlas
W.H. Auden: There Will Be No Peace (with The More Loving One underneath)
Randall Jarrell: Deutsch durch Freud

Along the way, someone jumps in with Ke$ha lyrics, which are immediately countered with a parody: "Wake up in the morning feelin' like Liz Lemon..."
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It's World Poetry Day!

I normally have no use for poetry. I went to a magnet program in high school that made me swim in the stuff for four years, and I was poetry'd out even before then. But here are a few that are worth your time.

The Myth Of The Sensitive New Age Nice Guy, by "a woman who 'is not bitter'."

For The White Person Who Wants To Know How To Be My Friend, by Pat Parker.

And, of course, LOLcat Wasteland, by Corprew Reed. (Probably funnier to those of you who were immersed in the history of poetry for four years.)
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One of the wallpapers on Smashing ([syndicated profile] smashing_feed)'s latest calendar wallpaper post is an upside-down world map!

New desktop, oh yeah :D

In other nifty news: The Longest Poem In The World, which takes Twitter updates and arranges them into rhyming couplets. Coming up on 400,000 verses.

An excerpt:

Had a good night and is having a much better day :)
Loves you and misses you; what else is there to say?
Keep it confidential, you and me
Home from snow cones, park, and dinner. :DD

Worthy of Tennyson, y/y?


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