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It's been a long time since I was really satisfied with a social blogging site.

Wordpress blogs are powerhouses of crossposting and have great features like tagging and scheduling, but still manage to feel like little disconnected islands. Dreamwidth is better at community, and I love having icons, but lots of its capabilities are limited, and some of the ones we were promised at launch (including queueing!) still haven't showed up. Tumblr queues are wonderful things, the image hosting is unmatched, and it's incredibly easy to find content for a given fandom or interest, but it leaves out basic things like comment threading. Also, the total undifferentiation means the only way to avoid spammers/haters/wankers is by playing constant Whack-A-Mole.

Deviantart has amazing features for art hosting/queueing/sharing, but the interest in general blogging is low, and only logged-in users can comment. Facebook is only good for really short content; Twitter, even shorter. I could use no-patron-threshold posts on Patreon to share things, but that's an audience I really don't want to annoy with "not the content I came here for" type posts, because when they leave, their money goes with them.

For years now I've been mostly double-posting on Dreamwidth and Wordpress. It would be nice to consolidate, but neither one seems likely to develop the features that I rely on the other to have.

(And some posts get slapped down onto other sites when it seems appropriate. Like playing a demented game of Blog Twister.)


People on FFA have been talking about Imzy for months now. Saying it grabs some of the best parts of Dreamwidth and some of the best parts of Tumblr, and strikes a nice balance.

I finally caved and checked it out.

Good points: post scheduling! Image hosting! Neat features like being able to mark posts for having spoilers, and tip users for individual posts (without making a Patreon-style commitment). Posts can be commented on, liked, and/or shared as links.

Content is grouped into communities, DW-style, but the site has more emphasis on connecting you with them, making it feel like a less-anarchist Tumblr. I've already gotten into more interesting fandom conversations there in the past week than on DW (minus FFA) and Wordpress combined in months.

Bad points: crossposting for other sites is nonexistent, Imzy's version of personal blogs are just communities awkwardly crammed into a mold they weren't designed for, and the whole thing is currently only visible to logged-in users. You can't use the site as a platform to display things to the world in general.

So it's not going to displace any of my other fandom home bases any time soon. But it's a nice place to socialize, and there's a chance it might develop the features that would let it supplant either my Wordpress or DW blog.

For now Imzy is in invite-only beta. Anyone who wants to try it, grab a code:

And you can find me at @erinptah.

(Apologies to xkcd.)
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The latest [site community profile] dw_news post has lots of information for people who just moved from a certain other journaling site, as well as exciting updates in general. This welcome-link pack by [personal profile] rydra_wong has a shortlist of good official stuff to follow.

FFA thread with translation of LJ's comment announcement, with discussion. Though that's the main inspiration for the current wave of moves, it would be nice if people were more aware of recent security and staff issues, with similar reports going back years.

A tutorial for setting up LJ layouts with your DW account, made simple. Check out [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts for other pretty options.

For people still on LJ, if you want a simple replica of the old comment look (say, if you're running a kink meme): FFA has code that does it smoothly and prettily. XMen_FirstKink has worked out similar code as well. If anyone has recs for other such layouts, please leave links!
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So LJ's being DDos'd from Russia, in what appears to be part of a political attack against one user.

Since the guesses for these series appear to have petered out, here are the rest of the answers:
1. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
2. Better Off Ted
5. Fujoshi Rumi
6. Diplomatic Immunity
8. Paranoia Agent
9. Freakazoid
10. Caprica

And you can add Seirei no Moribito to that list. Not only does it have some magnificent scenery!porn, but the characters are hitting me right in the devoted-adoptive-family kink.
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Sometimes it seems like the only way I ever get anything done is when it's in order to procrastinate on something else.

An illustrative example: I finally have a serviceable website for But I'm A Cat Person, the original webcomic whose premise I've been dithering over for almost a year now. All the code is in place, some filler is up, I mentioned it on DA; now all it needs is actual pages. It's been effectively shifted from "vague theoretical idea" to "thing I should be actively working on, like, Right Now."

I then sat down and churned out two weeks' worth of Shine strips in two days.

Another worthwhile thing I'm dragging my heels on: reviewing And Shine Simple Heroes, which, seriously, if you are a Shine fan at all, you need to read. Even if there are sections where you start to glaze over for not recognizing the crossover characters, hang in there -- the ending is absolutely golden.

(PSA: this week only, you can create a Dreamwidth account without worrying about invite codes. Go wild.)
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During this TCR interview, Stephen asks if the guest can give all his answers in iambic pentameter, and gets a fumbled reply. My first thought was, "Oh, come on. He should have said 'I'll try, but I can't promise anything.'" Then, "Hey, I could do this standing on my head." And, eventually, "I wonder how this trick would fly on Tumblr?"

And thus, Fuck Yeah Iambic Pentameter was born.

I could just post random lines of blank verse, but this will be so much more fun if I'm answering questions. So those of you who already have Tumblr accounts, do me a favor and ask me things! (Anonymous questions are currently enabled. We'll see how that goes.) Anything is fair game, from "who will still be alive at the end of Shine?" to "how can we achieve peace in the Middle East?" to "what's your favorite color?" Even if the answer is a secret, or something I have no idea about, I will find a rhythmic way to say so.

Finally, anyone have suggestions for interesting Tumblrs that I should be following? (And feel free to include your own.)
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Word on the street is delicious is being shut down, or at least "has not officially been pronounced dead, but was marked for retirement in this leaked slide. Oh, and all their staff just got fired." ETA: They're being sold, not wiped out. We can all breathe again XD

So the world is going into Freak Out and Back Up mode, which will soon be followed by hardcore Where Do We Go Next mode, and a lot of people are talking about Diigo. I already use it to organize multi-site fandom recs, and I love it, but there's a pretty glaring catch: bookmarks that are too hot will automatically revert to private.

Here's the relevant admin explanation, in case that link goes dead:

Since title/description/tag/annotation of your bookmarks contain bad word - "sex,porn, sexy....",our system will convert them to private automatically.

This is the metadata for a bunch of those bookmarks, to give you an idea of what kinds of words get blocked. The public bookmarks for that same account are over here, showing words that aren't. ("Non-con" is fandom-specific, but one wonders how "masturbation" and "voyeurism" didn't make their list -- or if it's an oversight that they will "correct" in future.)

Long story short, those of you who are archiving kink memes or other porn-heavy collections may want to skip Diigo and find another service.
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Following a very persuasive recommendation, I've gone and got myself an account on diigo, which is kind of like the Dreamwidth to's LiveJournal: smaller, but a whole lot more functional.

If all goes well, you should be seeing a post on [syndicated profile] erinptah_feed sometime in the next 24 hours summarizing the bookmarks I have so far (mostly fic recs, multifandom), and similar autoposts every day after that.

Technical blathering under the cut. )
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So I went through and copypasted...most of my entries from GJ, for a total of maybe 300. They're the ones with (helpfully enough) "[GJ]" appended to the beginning of their subject lines. (Just to explain why they look so lonely and commentless.)

All of which has led to a ton of new tags. I'm pretty sure nobody's going to bother browsing this entire backlog, but it might be worth glancing down the list for fandoms you like, or perusing the lol tag, or maybe the links on the copyright tag. And the general highlights of those three years are collected under the label hey this is kind neat.

...I used to do a lot more excited, detailed recaps of shows I had just seen. I wonder what happened to that.

Also, new layout! Lifted from [community profile] andthatstheword, which will be officially moved to DW some time next week, once (a) I've made it home and done some other catching up, and (b) people currently swept up in the Christmas rush start trickling back onto the Internets.


Dec. 20th, 2009 04:29 pm
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Guess who just discovered a backup of all her old GreatestJournal entries?

There's no way to automatically import the darn things to DW, but...they're preserved. All 360+ of them.

*fixes up a cup of green tea, settles in for a long evening of copypasting*
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I've been trying to figure out how to consolidate my blogging, but it just keeps getting more scattered. The current plan:

~Artwork will remain on DeviantArt, at [syndicated profile] da_sailorptah_feed.

~Fiction is on [ profile] reseda_ptah for the moment, but will get moved to [personal profile] ptahrrific eventually. (A sidenote: check out that shiny, shiny layout on [personal profile] ptahrrific. Isn't that gorgeous? Yes, it is.)

~Posts which would be best served by the LJ/DW commenting format (such as meta posts) will go here.

~The weekly "here is all the stuff I've posted in the past seven days" roundup will continue to appear on my Wordpress blog, at [syndicated profile] erinptah_feed.

~The semi-regular linkspams are currently getting posted both here and on Wordpress. I'm not sure if I should pick one, or continue to crosspost, or post to both but direct the comments to one, or what.

(That last practice has sparked some controversy. See here for thoughts. And, while I'm on the subject, have some Dreamwidth/LiveJournal hatesex fic.)

You know what's really nifty, though? You can follow any and all of these things via Dreamwidth. Even if I never do manage to get my act together, anyone who has a DW account will be able to cope.
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Some favorite places to watch/join:

Dreamwidth Info
[site community profile] dw_news
[site community profile] dw_maintenance
[site community profile] dw_nifty - random cool stuff
[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts - for those of us who aren't good at building from scratch
[community profile] getting_started - for general help
[site community profile] dw_codesharing - for invite codes
[site community profile] dw_community_promo - for finding other communities

[community profile] metafandom
[community profile] dwfiction - this "DW" stands for Doctor Who
[community profile] punditfic - for the fake news, etc. crowd
[community profile] girlgay - femslash
[community profile] shineheaven - for Shine, Hellsing, R.O.D, etc.
(Not sure whether there's enough interest for a general Hellsing or Hirano comm. If someone creates one, I'll join, but in the meantime, Hellsing-related posts will end up here.)
[community profile] otp - OTP claiming!
[community profile] labyrinthlust - for Labyrinth
[community profile] flashbastard - for Good Omens
[community profile] dontpanic - for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

[community profile] multibeautiful - pretty people
[community profile] metaquotes - fun quotes
[community profile] audiophilia - music sharing
[community profile] thatswhatshesaid - self-explanatory
[community profile] secrets - ditto

[syndicated profile] bstreetholmie_feed - Sherlock Holmes
[syndicated profile] drjohnwatson_feed - and his faithful Boswell
[syndicated profile] stephenathome_feed - "Stephen Colbert"
[syndicated profile] rolandhedley_feed - Doonesbury's Roland Hedley

Other Feeds
[syndicated profile] malesubart_feed - sexy!
[syndicated profile] savagelove_feed - Dan Savage's column
[syndicated profile] snopes_feed - Urban legends
[syndicated profile] strange_maps_feed - Weird maps
[syndicated profile] stuffwhitepeoplelike_feed - Stuff White People Like

Me & Mine
[syndicated profile] erinptah_feed - Fanstuff blog
[syndicated profile] hobbitland_feed - Updates from New Zealand
[personal profile] ptahrrific - Fic journal (under construction)
[syndicated profile] shineheaven_feed - Shine itself

Will be updated as things develop!

Moving day.

May. 4th, 2009 03:52 pm
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So I'm in the process of moving to Dreamwidth.

Why? (Other than "all the cool kids are doing it", of course.)

Because there are all sorts of marvelous features. My favorites are detailed here.

Because, in addition to all its other increasing and well-documented issues, LiveJournal these days accepts crazy homophobic advertisers.

Because interrelation is easy. With the push of a button you can import your whole LJ, including comments, rather than having to start from scratch. LJ users can comment with OpenID on DW entries, and vice versa. You can have DW automatically crosspost to accounts on LJ and any of its various clones - and, if you go back and edit the DW post, it'll edit the others as well.

Because I've been waiting for a service like this one to come along for years.

In 2004, long before the cool kids were talking about leaving LJ, I went looking for an alternative. The one I found was GreatestJournal. In 2007, a traffic influx (thanks to Strikethrough '07) fried GreatestJournal's servers, and some time recently the site disappeared altogether. I didn't get backups.

I have a WordPress blog, but it isn't the same. From communities to flists to comment threads, LJ and its clones are just better at fostering interaction. So I've been watching every alternative (JournalFen, InsaneJournal, DeadJournal, Scriblit, and on and on...), looking for something that has that kind of organization, but with involved founders. Something with a reason for existence beyond "making money" or "not being LJ". Something, in other words, that I trust not to go the way of GJ.

And you know what? I trust Dreamwidth.

All of which is a lead-up to: I have invite codes to hand out! Comment if you want one, and I'll send a PM your way.

(You need a code to get an account. They're doing this to manage their growth, keeping traffic at a level that won't, uh, fry their servers. You see why I like these people?)
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Like the profile says, I wasn't planning to create a DW account yet - but then I won the OpenID lottery, so I figured, why not.

Am still not ready to make the Big Move. I'm waiting at least for open beta first (plus things like better import tools, OpenID-to-DW-account linkage, more layouts, etc., etc.). When the site has progressed a bit more, this place will start to look lived-in.

In the meantime, have a placeholder.

Stuff I Like About DreamWidth )
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All ten pages, knocked out!

Turns out what I needed was a change of scenery. There's a room in the science center that only astronomy students can use (it's the one with the computers that are hooked up to the telescopes), so I put my paper and my notes on my flash drive and spent a few hours there. It did the trick.

In journaling news, the icon limit has actually been enforced. I can only use ten. I'm very glad this is one of them, because it would suck to lose my sexy sexy Integra.

Now I just need to finish a Powerpoint presentation, a French exam (which is take-home, but you're not allowed to use notes), and next week's comics. And get through half a dozen library books. And organize. And pack.

But by golly, the paper is done.
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Icon limit is all of a sudden at 10.


The whole reason I came to GJ was to have more icon space than I knew what to do with, and all of a sudden it has less than my LJ account.

It looks like I can still use all 82 that I have uploaded, but I can't add more. Which means no new Christmas icons.

In other news, six pages to go.
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We finally have a stable Internet connection at the flat! It's slower than the one at home; browsing is still fine, but when I try to upload video clips I notice the difference.

There's a new font on ur haiway signz makin ur direkshunz kleerer. No, seriously, a bunch of font geeks built a typeface from scratch that would make road signs dramatically easier to decipher quickly. As a bonus, the kid of one of these geeks printed a paper in the font and turned it in, and the teacher handed it back saying "For some reason this was really easy to read."

The font, Clearview, is not freely available, but Roadgeek has an imitation.

There was an article not long ago about fake Harry Potter books circling the Chinese market. It's finally followed up with some summaries and (very short) excerpts.

You wonder why they don't just point us to fanfiction. I mean, bizarre as some of these seem, "Harry Potter and the Chinese Overseas Students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" draws from exactly the same model as The American Transfer Student To Hogwarts.

LiveJournal is shrinking - or at least, active membership is on the decline, and has been for a while. I present this with no comment.

Also - Lynne, are you still reading this journal?

Because I keep meaning to point this out:

From Amazon's "Search Inside" function, applied to Kristy's Great Idea. Which I finally used after checking everywhere I could think of and finding that apparently physical BSC books, at least the early ones, have vanished off the face of the Earth.

Non-BSC readers should click the cut too, because it will give you a sense of the sheer awesomeness that is Kristy.
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I'm keeping an eye on fandom's debate over whether to pack up and leave LJ. (Keep an eye on [info]fandomtossed for news.) I currently have feet in both LJ and GJ; I'm not going to split myself further yet. But I'm watching.

In the meantime, news post as usual!

If you're tired of obesity being referred to as an "epidemic", think again: it spreads from person to person.

Pepsi has been selling tap water in bottles. Funny; I've been taking empty bottles and filling them with tap water for years. It's just as portable and convenient, and I don't have to pay for it. The NYT writes in praise of tap water.

A keyboard with real support. (Does she come with it?)

Religion plays no role in how likely a doctor is to practice medicine among the underserved. Gasp! You don't need to be religious to be a good person! Big shocker there.

237 reasons why people have sex. In no particular order. #180 for the lol. And #228 segues nicely into...

Mysterious Congressman Challenges Leading Candidates To Debate At Dawn. I love the Mysterious Congressman. He has my vote.

[GJ] Moods

Jul. 9th, 2007 02:57 am
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Picked up a new mood theme from [ profile] lawlessearth, using the many and varied expressions of the dear Fukuzawa Yumi from Maria-sama ga Miteru. (This isn't my actual mood; I'm just using it to demonstrate.)

The theme is adorable. Now I just need to remember to use moods.
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It seems that a pretty common reaction to Strikethrough 2007 has been to set up camp on GJ. With the reinstatement of most of the suspended content, it doesn't look like a mass migration is going to happen.

Still, to everyone who's just created a GJ account - or is dusting off an old one - hi! Do friend me, and leave a comment, if only to say hello.

Back on LJ, if you're a fannish type, join [ profile] fandom_counts.


In other news, has been making waves, mostly bad ones. (In short, it's a fic archive site whose Terms of Service say that FanLib can use or sell your fic, royalty-free, worldwide; but if they get sued, all the liability is on you. I'm not touching it with a ten-foot pole.)

A troubling undercurrent to the troubling story is the gender balance: the site's board of directors is all men (which is out of step with the population in general, but even more badly out of step with the predominantly female fanfic-writing community), and then they turn out ads like this one.

My favorite response is probably this, but I gotta say, "FanLib Guys: the new Mac vs PC?" is well worth reading.


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