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This is for the lesbian with cancer who needs to be on her partner's health insurance.

This is for the bi man who needs his partner's children to be allowed to visit him in the hospital.

This is for the trans woman who won't be able to keep her house unless she gets spousal benefits after her girlfriend's death.

This is for the couple who won't be able to afford a house at all unless they can file as husbands.

This is for the woman who's going to be deported without a marriage visa from her US-based wife.

This is for the queer person whose parents kicked them out of the house, but would happily swoop in and try to claim their possessions from a grieving widow...and then demand that their friends attend the funeral in birth-sex-conforming clothing.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of acting like marriage is just a symbol, just an excuse to have a party with cake. It's not. Marriage is a set of substantial rights and recognitions, many of which are most important when your life is at its worst. There's a reason the fight for same-sex marriage was originally catalyzed by the AIDS crisis. Everyone (even people with loving biological families, but especially people without them) deserves the ability to get legal recognition for their family of choice.

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has aired, and I have finally gotten my hands on a download.

Spoilers follow.

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New Sailor Moon anime to be released summer 2013! Simultaneous worldwide streaming! Plot to be more directly manga-based!

Photos of politicians and news-type figures as they were in high school. Some of them are downright eerie. You look at teenage Dick Cheney or Joe Liberman's face and go "whoa there, you seem weirdly old for your age, because I'm used to seeing those exact features with jowls."

This may or may not be the new SM series' theme song. (Not with that music video, obviously.) The OP and ED will be sung by that group, at any rate.

Vastra and Jenny spotted on the set of Doctor Who for season 7. Mmm, reptilian lesbian Victorians.

But seriously folks. Sailor Moon in modern-day animation quality. Sailor Moon with CG-enabled action sequences. Dare we hope they'll have the budget to do attacks in visual context instead of as stock footage? Will we finally get Sailor Saturn's transformation sequence? How about anime versions of Artemis and Diana's human forms? At the top of my personal wishlist is ALL OF SHADOW GALACTICA. ALL OF THEM. Also, some kind of Uranus/Neptune kiss. Also but honestly whatever they deliver will make me dissolve into a pile of sparkles and glee.

Have some bonus flail from FFA.

Aaaaagh you guys this is magic. MAGIC.
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1) keysmash keysmash grin grin grin

2) So the political calculation is that marriage support is now predicted to gain him votes rather than lose them! The depressing news out of North Carolina is a throwback. The national trend is -- forward!

(And no, I don't think he should've made the announcement before the Amendment One vote. It would have brought out the kneejerk bigot vote even more than it was already.)

3) Time to run off to make a week's worth of same-sex marriage Daily/Reports From Last Night :D

3) Ooh, look! It inspired a marriage equality bill to be introduced in Israel! START THEM DOMINOES FALLING.

4) This is a good GIF party.

5) ...aaaaand the tearing-down has already begun.

I'm not talking about the freakout from the right, mind you. I'm talking about the left.

I hate it when this happens. Any time we make progress, any time an initiative comes together to do some good, out comes the head-shaking and the eye-rolling about how it's not enough good. "How dare he only be the first sitting president to say he approves of same-sex marriage? Why can't he also declare it a constitutional right, and make it instantly legal in all fifty states, and personally send a bouquet of flowers to every couple who ties the knot as a result? And he should have done it three years ago!"

Look, lots of things should have happened. The last President should also have been in favor of same-sex marriage since the beginning of his term. For that matter, the last forty-three Presidents should have been. Do people think the folks appreciating Obama's announcement don't know that? Were they not even following the Amendment One vote? Do they not realize that LGBTQ rights are a struggle, that every step forward has been clawed out of the grip of bigots and fundamentalists and centuries of ignorance, that milestones like this can't be taken for granted?

In a perfect world Obama's support of same-sex marriage would be a nonstory, because the rest of the country would be so far ahead that it wouldn't even bear saying. But in the real world it isn't, and we aren't, and any progress toward our global acceptance is still cause for celebration.
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Daily, Viewed: And A Good Tie Was Had By All: the proper taping reporT for Thursday's TDS. Featuring photos, tie musings, typos (theirs, not mine), general gleefulness, and extensive notes on the Q&A.

“The great thing about SuperPACs is, [Stephen] can give me the money anyway. He can decide to buy me a gold-plated sundae if he wants.”
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Because there is no possible way for me to focus on anything else while watching these episodes, I'm jotting down my realtime reactions to them instead.

If you haven't seen the series yet, absolutely do not click. I've been frantically trying to avoid spoilers ever since the original Japanese airing (which many people watched, whether or not they could understand the dialogue), and even in those short hours I managed to pick up a few. And this is a show for which spoilers are deadly.

And if you're all caught up, click away and flail along.... )
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Great. I blow my entire Capslock Flail And Squee allowance on Thundercats, and then this happens.
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Remember that "fandoms as relationships" post I did a while back? In that metaphor, this is the girl I "liked" back in elementary school, and we did kiss that one time but it was more about playing than any real understanding of romance, and then we went to different middle schools and ended up never seeing each other again, and then one day somebody calls my name on the street and I turn around and it's HER and ye gods she grew up to be a BOMBSHELL.

Now if the storytelling in this thing is as AtLA-esque as the art style (full disclosure, I haven't actually seen AtLA, but I hear good things)...basically, if the obituary reads "dead of squee", YOU WILL KNOW WHY.
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My Rally, in a nutshell. (A musical nutshell, obviously.)

More details under the fold!

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Oct. 29th, 2010 03:22 am
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For those of you who will be in the general vicinity of the National Mall this Saturday afternoon: this totally awesome fandom-type meetup is the post-rally place to be.
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I have the best roommate ever.

(More photos here.)

Spent early afternoon at the local playground, running around with a local three-year-old. Comic'd to Battlestar Galactica (new version), Sarah Jane Adventures, and last night's Jon & Stephen. Dunkin Donuts gave me a free combo. Roommate made delicious lasagna. Will be eating well in the leadup to Rally time.

Speaking of the rally: I have tickets on the official Boston bus! Anybody I know taking it in? How about going to the party itself? I'll be the fangirl in the witch hat and the cape, probably lugging the Hellsing bag.
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Can anybody open this file? The extension is .DCR, and it should be an image, which I believe is animated. (I made it myself, so I know it's virus-free.) If you can convert the frames into some more universal image format and get them back to me, I will shower you with cookies.

Watched Pleasantville yesterday, while working on go_exchange assignment. This movie, you guys. This movie. Not only is it a visual and technical marvel, the whole thing is clearly a metaphor for fandom. A couple of viewers step into canon, and...okay, the first thing they introduce is porn, with a strong focus on female sexuality. But this is followed by AU, and crossovers, and shipping, and character studies, and all sorts of depths that the original series never explored. I want to buy everybody I know a copy.

Speaking of fandom: my WIP folder no longer has a scrollbar. Pretty soon I'm not going to know what to do with myself.

Picked up an AO3 account, thus silencing forever that nagging voice in the back of my head saying maybe I should make use of my one to upload things. Currently posted: all my non-fake-news stuff, and a couple of the fake-newsy crossovers. Not planning to post the whole fake-news oeuvre; still mulling over which bits to post, and when.

Shine readers who follow the forum will already know that I've had trouble sleeping, and am a bit behind on updates. Still working on it. Will be up to speed soon. Possibly after a nap.

For your entertainment in the meantime: Not My Fandom Fest is, with the possible exception of Pleasantville, the most disarmingly charming thing I've seen all week.
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Kirk and Spock are the 23rd-century Jeeves & Wooster: a very convincing video essay, featuring lots of well-timed eyebrows.

Huffington Post goes around analyzing the slash potential in photos of politicians. Ranging from the sweet to the sultry.

If You Were Gay, fake news edition. The expressions are perfectly chosen, and hilarious.

Speaking of fake news, if ever anyone was a little short for a Stormtrooper....

Speaking of Star Wars, what if it were an Icelandic saga? In, just to make things as epic as possible, Old Norse (with English translations).

The Hellsing Essays, part 1: a semi-serious but unabashedly invested aria to the glorious over-the-topness that is Hellsing. Spoileriffic to the extreme, but full of so much love that I almost want to recommend it to non-fans anyway, as a way of luring you all into the series.

The follow-up essay is on character, slightly more structured and equally fascinating. Here there are more things I actually disagree with, but it's generated enthusiastic debate in the comments, all of which is more than worth a read.

A carefully reasoned theory on how Rose Tyler makes a whole lot more sense as a lesbian in denial.

Another reasoned theory, this one by P. G. Wodehouse, on how Sherlock Holmes was rich and evil.

And, combining the two: evidently the new Sherlock series exists in the same universe as Doctor Who. One of Sarah Jane's aunt's books is on Holmes' bookcase :D

The story of one of the ghostwriters behind the Hardy Boys: how much he secretly hated the books, and how bits of his innovation managed to slip through the torrent of drek anyway.

Some hot genderbending Toy Story cosplay. FTW.
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A whole bunch of reasons to be angry about modern American racism, all of which are far more substantial than "taxes on tanning beds". This post, you guys. You keep thinking he's about to run out of examples, and then you scroll down, and...he hasn't. Not even close.

PTSD-related domestic abuse associated with multiple tours in Afghanistan.

Speaking of responses to trauma, a big pop-culture craze in early-'60s Israel? Trashy Nazi porn novels. I was all ready to WTF, but ended up feeling a kind of giddy admiration for the huge variety of tools humans can and will latch onto in order to process trauma.

You know how the blogosphere will say things like "Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News" or "Rachel Maddow Eviscerates Guest" when the actual oh-so-dramatic takedown is in fact calm and relatively mild criticism? The title of this clip is "Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11 Health Bill", and it has earned every word. (A more detailed explanation of why he was angry is given here.)

Ireland's upper house passed a civil-union bill. The last line: "Ireland decriminalised homosexuality 17 years ago." I remember seventeen years ago. How far we've come.

Prop 8 has gotten a federal smackdown. All together now: FINALLY. Of course, there are a couple more appeals to go....

In the meantime, have some photos of same-sex couples getting married. I cried. No lie. (Avoid the comments.)

My favorites, under the cut:

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Comparision review of Fujoshi Rumi and My Girlfriend's a Geek, two manga series about guys and the yaoi fangirls (of all ages) who love them. "It is a truth universally acknowledged that any reasonably attractive young gentleman must be in want of another attractive young gentleman — whether he knows it or not."

An utterly charming meta moment from Doonesbury.

After 85 years, Little Orphan Annie's print run has ended. It's been epic. Often strange, and very full of kidnapping, but definitely epic.

Exposing great manga to grown-ups, and, more concisely, Selling Awesome Manga - thoughts on how to open the US market to the whole available spectrum of Japanese comics.

The Dutch manga market, meanwhile, has a whole set of struggles all its own.

Wonder Woman's costume is getting redesigned! It is sexy! And classy! And she has (wait for it) pants! I don't know if it will last (these things so rarely do, especially when the old one is so ridiculously iconic and the new one is just ridiculous), but this one actually looks good, so I really hope it sticks.

Superhero term papers. I lol'd.

Superheroes and other cosplayers take on the Westboro Baptist Church. I may or may not have fistpumped.
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I thought I was done talking about Olivia Munn for a while, then I came across this interview, and, wow. I just want to hug her and tell her that it's all going to be okay, she can wear whatever casual unsexy clothing she wants now and nobody will complain.

...which is basically what I did here, in comic form.


There's also a new Olivia exclusive on the TDS website. All cute, but...that last line, you guys. That very last line. I had to go back and replay it just to make sure I hadn't misheard out of wishful thinking.

Flailing under the spoilertext: (skip) MY FANDOM HAS CANON FPREG. THIS IS AWESOME.


The book version of Faces of America (the PBS series with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.) is out, and the chapter on Stephen is available free online (the link looks like a widget, but click "Preview"). It's his entire family history, as far back as a team of crack geaneologists could take it. Which makes me feel mildly stalkery for enjoying it at all, but still, it's pretty cool.

Best parts, at least for the fandom-minded:

1) While the vast majority of his heritage is Irish Catholic, one branch of the family was...wait for it...(skip) Lutheran.

2) The name of Stephen's real-life father's father's father was, honest-to-goodness, I-am-not-making-this-up, (skip) George William Colbert.
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I keep posting little personal updates on Facebook, but not having anything substantial enough to make an actual post. So let me summarize.

--Graduation! A big deal. Ann Curry's research!fail has since made Jimmy Fallon, NPR (panel two). I did get the correct diploma, although it looks substantially less expensive than the plaque I got in middle school for being good at math.

--I have since had 3 dreams (and counting) about being back at Wheaton. Apparently my subconscious doesn't believe they've really let me go.

--Last weekend: Balticon! Friday through Monday, a moderately-sized and well-funded sci-fi convention. The artist guest of honor was the guy who does Schlock Mercenary. The food was free, decent (including cereal and bagels as well as cheese, chips, and chocolate, plus a variety of teas), and kept coming. And the panels and programming were delicious.

--Also, the whole family dressed up in homemade costumes from the Red Dwarf episode "Quarantine." Twitter has a shot of my brother, complete with Mr. Flibble. We got laughs, applause, and multiple requests for photos, especially when all together. Good times.

--I discovered, and became a huge fan of, Better Off Ted. It's funny and clever and quirky and geeky and the characters are delightful. (A Veronica: I want one.) As it turns out, it was canceled three weeks ago. I object.


--This weekend: A-Kon! Friday through Sunday, though I fly out to Texas tomorrow. All in the name of promoting the first issue of Emeralds.

--I really need to get my act together and make a classy This Is How To Commission Me page.

--Next week: seventh anniversary of Shine! So, naturally, I've blown through almost thirty pages of The Eagle of Hermes over the past week, rather than putting together a Special Commemorative Anniversary Thing. Maybe I can call EoH the Special Commemorative Anniversary Thing.

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