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Had very little to say about most of this season. But it did have four really good episodes, so there's that! And there's a full How Much Of The Show To Watch guide at the end of the post.

I might post a T'Pol Appreciation Watching Guide later. With screencaps.

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Still watching, still liveblogging.

As of this posting I'm a little way into s4, and it has some eps I'd recommend, but part of my prediction was right: you could reasonably skip this entire season, minus "Twilight."

T'Pol cannot deal. She ditches the rest of the crew, hides in her quarters, and sheds a single tear, which is practically a total sobbing breakdown on the Vulcan emotional scale. )
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Second verse, same as the first! Which means lots of good episodes, some fun aliens and wibbly space things, a running theme of the writers being extremely straight dudes, T'Pol being consistently amazing, and the T'Pol-Archer friendship getting ever stronger via the magic of good writing and character development.
The first episode concludes with Archer showing up in T'Pol's quarters, to thank her for defending them to the Vulcan High Command. They're BOTH in pajamas. Not even in a sexual-tension way, just a "we have such a level of mutual comfort and respect that we can have a chat in our jammies without any self-consicousness about our professional relationship" way.
T'Pol is the only one unaffected, so she drops him with a Vulcan nerve pinch. Then bodily hauls Archer into a cold shower until he's lucid enough to help her fly the ship out of the wibbly-wobbly zone )
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I'm rewatching Enterprise for the first time since its original run. Have some liveblogged reactions.

T'Pol was my first One True Character -- followed very shortly by Integra Hellsing, who I discovered about a year later -- and T'Pol/Archer may have been the first ship I had serious Feelings about. (There are other pairings, like Dorothy/Ozma or anything in Sailor Moon, where I was already familiar with the characters by then, but didn't start actively shipping them until later.) So this is a pretty big milestone in Personal Fandom History.

(Content note: talks about the canon mindrape, and other sexual skeeviness.)

T'Pol comes to Archer's quarters for emotional support (not that she would admit that's what it is). He's in bed in his pajamas. He's helpful anyway. )
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This is a topic I've been pondering a lot recently. It's probably a natural result of following a bunch of Issue-based fandom comms, rec lists, and fests...but honestly, what spurred the post was a bunch of summaries that looked intriguing and thoughtful, leading into fics that were just bad. Cringe-inducingly, hair-tearingly bad.

Issuefic at its worst is didactic, boring, and with cookie-cutter characterization thanks to everything being subsumed by the goal of Making A Point, which is handled with about as much subtlety as a whack-a-mole mallet. (I could go on.)

But for the most part, I don't think writers set out to lecture. They just set out to write Non Faily Fic about some srs bsns subject or another, and try too hard. And there are a whole lot of srs bsns subjects that I would love more Non Faily But Also Non Sucky Fic about.

So here's my list of goals to aim for and pitfalls to avoid while writing Fic About Issues. They're not necessarily things I've always written well, but they're the things I know I like to read.

Do's, don't's, and oh for pete's sake's )
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Does the contours of your native language shape how you think? No in some ways, but definitely yes in others, including some very surprising ones.

As a sidebar, this amazing chart contrasts the meanings of over eighty colors across ten different cultures. For instance, black is the color of mourning in the West, but if you're Chinese it's white, Eastern European it's yellow, and South American it's purple. Purple also has connotations of insight in Japan, whereas the same is green in Hindu culture, and yellow in Native American. (Incidentally, red signifies passion just about everywhere.)

When translating involves more than two languages: dealing with the Greek and Latin in Negima!, and trying to keep it all consistent. Here's a bit of straightforwardness about the process in general, and here's a bit about the editor's job, including the history of the industry.

An opera written and sung entirely in Klingon. And the reviews say the music and performances are actually good. What's Klingon for "FTW"?

The importance of baby babbling, and how to encourage it.

Somebody went and uploaded the entirety of The Story of English on YouTube. It's an Emmy-winning documentary from the '80s, with enough breadth and depth that it doesn't date itself in embarrassing ways - only in interesting ones. (Which is to say, it's more "this is a snapshot of the world at the time" than "this is a laughably inaccurate declaration about how language will work in the far-off year 2000".) Including glimpses of speculation for the future of computer communication, long before the Internet came into its own.
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Kirk and Spock are the 23rd-century Jeeves & Wooster: a very convincing video essay, featuring lots of well-timed eyebrows.

Huffington Post goes around analyzing the slash potential in photos of politicians. Ranging from the sweet to the sultry.

If You Were Gay, fake news edition. The expressions are perfectly chosen, and hilarious.

Speaking of fake news, if ever anyone was a little short for a Stormtrooper....

Speaking of Star Wars, what if it were an Icelandic saga? In, just to make things as epic as possible, Old Norse (with English translations).

The Hellsing Essays, part 1: a semi-serious but unabashedly invested aria to the glorious over-the-topness that is Hellsing. Spoileriffic to the extreme, but full of so much love that I almost want to recommend it to non-fans anyway, as a way of luring you all into the series.

The follow-up essay is on character, slightly more structured and equally fascinating. Here there are more things I actually disagree with, but it's generated enthusiastic debate in the comments, all of which is more than worth a read.

A carefully reasoned theory on how Rose Tyler makes a whole lot more sense as a lesbian in denial.

Another reasoned theory, this one by P. G. Wodehouse, on how Sherlock Holmes was rich and evil.

And, combining the two: evidently the new Sherlock series exists in the same universe as Doctor Who. One of Sarah Jane's aunt's books is on Holmes' bookcase :D

The story of one of the ghostwriters behind the Hardy Boys: how much he secretly hated the books, and how bits of his innovation managed to slip through the torrent of drek anyway.

Some hot genderbending Toy Story cosplay. FTW.
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In the spirit of recognizing that worthwhile stuff does come out of [ profile] fandomsecrets once in a while...

These community-polling-type threads came up during last month's f!s anon meme, and I thought the stats were worth preserving. (I know it would be easy to spread similar polls through [community profile] metafandom, but f!s attracts a different demographic in the first place.)


(1) "First fandom you were ever invested in?" A couple of people mentioned several, or included qualifications, so here's the simple tally of everything that came up:

3 - Harry Potter
3 - Thundercats
2 - Star Trek
2 - Yu-Gi-Oh!
1 - Cats
1 - David Tennant
1 - Digimon
1 - Final Fantasy
1 - The Matrix
1 - Pirates of Dark Water
1 - Pokémon
1 - The Powerpuff Girls
1 - Ranma 1/2
1 - ReBoot
1 - Roswell
1 - Sailor Moon
1 - Star Wars
1 - The West Wing
1 - Wheel of Time
1 - The Wizard of Oz
1 - The X-Files
1 - Zoids

I would love to be able to correlate the fandoms with the current ages of the people who mentioned them. Especially since polls I've seen have suggested that I'm close to Average Fandom Age, and I'm familiar with the source material for almost every single one of these.


(2) "what age did everyone start reading fic? what about slash/porn/etc. if applicable?" A scramble of numbers; some people separated reading and writing, a majority mentioned RPF of some sort, only a few differentiated femslash. Going by when people said they started reading (and taking the smaller number if they gave two, e.g. "13" for "discovered slash at 13/14"), here's the breakdown for the categories most mentioned:

Average age people started reading...
Fic: 12.1
Slash: 14.1
Porn: 14.2
RPF: 15.9

Median age of same...
Fic: 11.5
Slash: 14
Porn: 14
RPF: 15.5

The next time someone tells me "but we're all adults here!", I'm pointing them back to this post.

(Note that "there are kids reading, but it is not my responsibility to look out for them" is a totally legitimate statement. It's only when people say "there are no kids reading in the first place" that I get twitchy.)
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Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. Then, update your journal and answer the following questions:

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

[personal profile] stellar_dust gave me Star Trek, Sailor Moon, and United States of Tara; [personal profile] sarcasticsra gave me Fake News, Good Omens, and Doctor Who.

Star Trek )

Sailor Moon )

United States of Tara )

Fake News )

Good Omens )

Doctor Who )


Sep. 5th, 2007 03:06 am
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Ever since England, my schedule has been out of whack. I woke up before seven AM this morning. (I went to bed at two, as per usual.) It's ridiculous, but I can never fall back asleep until the middle of the day, when -- unlike in the morning -- I have things to do.

In lieu of sleep, here's a fun news roundup.

Time has an article on fanfiction. And, to fandom's happy surprise, it's almost a fair and balanced one. (What's more, it traces back to Canterbury Tales fic from 1421.)

If the Larry Craig coverage is starting to get predictable (what, another conservative caught in the very behavior he legislated/campaigned so hard against?), Salon has an article focusing on his specific behavior. Now this is new information. (Did you know that cruising for public restroom sex is called "cottaging"? I didn't.)

In more depressing news, you know Viacom? You know their YouTube lawsuit? You know how they're kind of jerks? Here's a new layer. Guy makes video; guy puts video on YouTube; YouTube licenses video to Viacom for use in VH1 show about web junk; guy sees show; guy puts clip of show with his video on YouTube; Viacom demands that clip be taken down. This is actually square with YouTube's TOS, too. Pardon me while I bang my head against a wall for a bit.

...Okay, better now, largely because of this: Edward Gorey was apparently a Star Trek fan, and Shaenon K. Garrity does brilliant things with this information. She is, quite simply, made of awesome.

I wonder if I could fall back asleep by this point.

Well, I'll give it a shot.


Dec. 5th, 2004 08:57 pm
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New favorite Enterprise pairing: T'PolxT'Pau.

Except for maybe T'PolxArcher, the hopes of which I'm still holding on to, because the tension continues between them and there was never any useful character-based tension between T'Pol and Trip.

Not that there's any useful character-based tension between T'Pol and T'Pau, but, y'know.

It was just based on this little scene:

T'Pau: I know you're sad that your mom just died plus worried about Archer (see, T'PxA tension!), but I mind-melded with her, so you wanna mind-meld with me and learn a little about her?
T'Pol: Can't. *sniff* I got allegorically raped forced into a mind-meld and got allegorical AIDS a neural disease from it, so I'd infect you.
T'Pau: Totally not a problem. I have mad mind-melding skillz with which I could fix it.
T'Pol: Really?
T'Pau: *gently touches T'Pol's face* My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts, etcetera, etcetera.
Erin: Squee!

Oh, and, it should be noted that Dr. Soong is almost cooler than T'Pol-before-the-writers-forgot-about-her-being-Vulcan. Which is extremely impressive.


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