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Linguistics links:

Nothing new under the sun: "in tibullus 1.8 (a poem about his boyfriend Marathus) has this line about “pugnantibus linguis” (literally battling tongues) which means that the idea of tongues battling for dominance in homoerotic fiction has been going on since at least the 1st century bce"

From Seaspeak to Singlish: cool English dialects and English-based creoles.

Hawaiian pidgin has a great all-purpose noun -- it's "you-know-what", "whatchamacallit", "so-and-so", and "the thing" all at once.

Cat links:

Before there were laptops, cats were happy to sit on our portable typewriters.

"I was right there in case he got upset — I was expecting him to hiss or growl or slink away. But then one of the ginger kittens started licking Mason’s ear, and Mason sort of leaned into it and closed his eyes like it was the most amazing thing ever."

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Presidential support for Stephen Colbert is variable in meaning at the best of times, but when 66% of surveyed voters say they would be less likely to vote for Stephanie Colbert, that's not hard to interpret. Either people think gender is a significant factor in competence at being a fake candidate, or they think the question is low-stakes enough that they don't have to make the effort to hide their blatant sexism.

Dementia among aging criminals: in lieu of enough [funding for] outside professionals, their fellow prisoners are being brought into the job.

Historical treatments for depression, starting with the ancient Greeks.

Dress like a doctor, make yourself smarter: the way our psychology is affected by what we wear.

"43 percent of those receiving unemployment benefits, and 40 percent of those on Medicare say that they 'have not used a government program.'"

Recent graduates in career limbo. Also, fine-tuning the keywords on your resume, or the exhausting grind of nothing to be done and the urgent pressure to do it. Grad school has me out of this stage...for now, at least.

Breakdown of the current employment status of one class of 2011.

Drug abuse down by half in Portugal over the past ten years. Note that ten years ago is when Portugal decided to decriminalize...everything.

A four-year-old boy comes out as straight to his gay parents. Adoooorable.
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Started watching from Babies, the 2008 documentary that follows the first year of life for four adorable infants. Realized very quickly that this deserved a lot of screencapping. These...are those screencaps.

NSFW for naked babies, plus a few bare breasts.

Cuteness abounds. )
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Salvaged from CTY: First Weekend schedule, CAR 04.2

Snake gives a virgin babies with a previously-unknown, and thought-to-be-impossible, genome. Science is weird.

Speaking of snakes, an FAQ about the snakefighting involved in your thesis defense. (Imagine it read in John Hodgman's voice.)

Advice God. I lol'd.

Teeny slow loris with a teeny umbrella! BRB, awwing forever.

The Pirate Privilege Checklist. No matter how useful you find the privilege lens, this works as a satire of the way in which the concept gets misused, and is very, very funny.

The first creatures known to survive in the vacuum of space, and they're called...water bears. Stephen would throw a fit: bears have space travel.

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