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Where the towels are oh so fluffy ([personal profile] erinptah) wrote2018-04-01 11:56 am

What Do You Carry With You? (2018 edition)

Not an April Fool's joke, just a meme, borrowed from [personal profile] jjhunter.

Things I almost always take along when I go out:
  • Glasses
  • Smartphone
  • mp3 player + headphones
  • Keyring (with loyalty cards for Stop'n'Shop, CVS)
  • MBTA pass
  • Chapstick
  • Wallet (with photo ID, credit card, library card, laundry card, debit card, and some cash)
  • Mini health kit (pads, painkillers, bandaids, alcohol wipes, cough drops, in a little Red Cross pouch)
(The last 5 are stashed permanently in my bag, only pulled out for special occasions.)

Things I won't pack if I'm just running to the store, but will make a point of taking to work, or on a more extended trip:
  • Phone charger (USB, with outlet adapter)
  • Sketchbook
  • Clipboard (for sketchbook sturdiness reinforcement)
  • Assembly of pens, pencils, eraser