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AO3 links, and con.txt panel

Currently chilling in the AO3 panel at con.txt, listening to staff members talk about stuff. Notes:

1) Tech people are too busy putting out fires to write up the user-facing documentation, so they're seeking tech writers.

2) They're also seeking coders. And yes, the "volunteer" page is currently closed to all applications, but apparently if you have serious coding experience you're supposed to use something on the contact page to jump the queue?

3) They have tons of volunteer interest. ("\o/!") More than they can process; more than they can train in a timely manner. Kind of distressed that the whole "lots of volunteers" thing is cited like it makes up for the "bad volunteer management" thing.

4) Getting training from people with established volunteer-management non-profit experience is on their to-do list. Once they figure out which people to ask.

5) Apparently there are a ton of issues around tags and searching just this past couple days? When you look up a tag, the request may not be able to reach the server, and the page freaks out with nothing to do and returns 0 results.

6) Everyone is encouraged to get their new works in such-and-such a fandom through RSS -- possibly syndicating the feed through DW -- rather than refreshing the AO3. Audience member (ETA: commenters confirm it was [staff profile] denise) speaks up on behalf of DW: "We had all of Livejournal's roleplayers descend on us in September; we've got a server that can handle four times the load it has right now; please, transfer the load to us."

7) Discussion of Abuse Team procedures. They get lots of BS anonymous grudge reports on stories, usually in the form of "OMG THIS IS CP" about a story that is not CP, because apparently the grudgey anon thinks that's a fast way to get something kicked off. (If some legal case comes up around your fanworks, they would inform you, but if your fic is the subject of nonsense reporting, they won't bother you with the knowledge.)

8) If an author has a fic with lots of warning-worthy and/or potentially triggering content (but uses all applicable AO3 warnings), and people show up in the comments telling them they're Un-Feminist or whatever and need to Be Educated, and that the educational conversation must happen in the comment section regardless of the author's interests...Abuse Team will consider that harassment. That's the note we closed on, and it got applause from the crowd. An upbeat way to end things.

FFA links (on AO3-related topics, erring on the side of "not upbeat"), going back a while:

The AO3 opens itself to imports from at-risk archives, at the archivists' request, starting with the Smallville Slash Archive. FFA has a knee-jerk DNW reaction, then gets more measured, with fans of preservation weighing in. A following thread points out that the people on the SSA all seem to think this is a great idea, and it's only unaffected people complaining.

(People complaining about the AO3's archive rescuing should take issue with ArchiveTeam and its plan to make a wholesale copy of

Freeform tagging: what works, what doesn't, why the AO3 is not Tumblr. Another thread about searching, including an explanation of tag linking and metatags.

AO3 issues with Asian fandoms, both in terms of noncaring and of unfriendly time zones.

Reactions to a post championing the lack of tag regulation -- summed up succinctly as "If people don't like their policies it's because they haven't shared their vision with us enough."

Reactions to my post from a while back. (...which are mostly a tangent on whether an early sentence had too many buzzwords, but there's some interesting stuff there.)

Reaction to OTW tagging chat. The chat transcript is no longer available, sadly, but there are quotes around the thread.

The OTW's internal structure as written by an insider. Kind of unnerving, especially when you get to the reply tangents about people with relevant experience who have tried to volunteer and never gotten a response.

The latest AO3 code release. FFA picks apart the various details.
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The audience comment may well have been [staff profile] denise; I know she went to some of con.txt.
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Yes, it was.
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I must admit I am hysterically laughing about the lacking tech writers. I was all for recruiting tech writers in 2010 -- it wasn't seen as a priority. At all.