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Where the towels are oh so fluffy ([personal profile] erinptah) wrote2011-12-26 03:27 pm
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Welcome, new DW users! Have some Useful Things.

The latest [site community profile] dw_news post has lots of information for people who just moved from a certain other journaling site, as well as exciting updates in general. This welcome-link pack by [personal profile] rydra_wong has a shortlist of good official stuff to follow.

FFA thread with translation of LJ's comment announcement, with discussion. Though that's the main inspiration for the current wave of moves, it would be nice if people were more aware of recent security and staff issues, with similar reports going back years.

A tutorial for setting up LJ layouts with your DW account, made simple. Check out [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts for other pretty options.

For people still on LJ, if you want a simple replica of the old comment look (say, if you're running a kink meme): FFA has code that does it smoothly and prettily. XMen_FirstKink has worked out similar code as well. If anyone has recs for other such layouts, please leave links!

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