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Where the towels are oh so fluffy ([personal profile] erinptah) wrote2009-05-06 09:06 am

Feeds, comms, and other cool places

Some favorite places to watch/join:

Dreamwidth Info
[site community profile] dw_news
[site community profile] dw_maintenance
[site community profile] dw_nifty - random cool stuff
[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts - for those of us who aren't good at building from scratch
[community profile] getting_started - for general help
[site community profile] dw_codesharing - for invite codes
[site community profile] dw_community_promo - for finding other communities

[community profile] metafandom
[community profile] dwfiction - this "DW" stands for Doctor Who
[community profile] punditfic - for the fake news, etc. crowd
[community profile] girlgay - femslash
[community profile] shineheaven - for Shine, Hellsing, R.O.D, etc.
(Not sure whether there's enough interest for a general Hellsing or Hirano comm. If someone creates one, I'll join, but in the meantime, Hellsing-related posts will end up here.)
[community profile] otp - OTP claiming!
[community profile] labyrinthlust - for Labyrinth
[community profile] flashbastard - for Good Omens
[community profile] dontpanic - for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

[community profile] multibeautiful - pretty people
[community profile] metaquotes - fun quotes
[community profile] audiophilia - music sharing
[community profile] thatswhatshesaid - self-explanatory
[community profile] secrets - ditto

[syndicated profile] bstreetholmie_feed - Sherlock Holmes
[syndicated profile] drjohnwatson_feed - and his faithful Boswell
[syndicated profile] stephenathome_feed - "Stephen Colbert"
[syndicated profile] rolandhedley_feed - Doonesbury's Roland Hedley

Other Feeds
[syndicated profile] malesubart_feed - sexy!
[syndicated profile] savagelove_feed - Dan Savage's column
[syndicated profile] snopes_feed - Urban legends
[syndicated profile] strange_maps_feed - Weird maps
[syndicated profile] stuffwhitepeoplelike_feed - Stuff White People Like

Me & Mine
[syndicated profile] erinptah_feed - Fanstuff blog
[syndicated profile] hobbitland_feed - Updates from New Zealand
[personal profile] ptahrrific - Fic journal (under construction)
[syndicated profile] shineheaven_feed - Shine itself

Will be updated as things develop!

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