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The photobucket clearout has turned up some fun fake-news images. In the spirit of Independence Day, here they are on their brand-new host.

Illustrated Jons, from otherwise-forgotten articles:

Jon Jon

Jon and Stephen playing cards, from a 2008 pro-Obama deck:

Colbert playing card Stewart playing card

This one is (a) very NSFW and (b) not actually Jon, but isn't it fun to look at?

NSFW art under the cut )

This one is definitely a 100% authentic gif of "Stephen":

confused eagle

And finally, the only thing better than Jon and/or Stephen, a digitally-fused portrait that's both-Jon-and-Stephen-at-once:

Jon-Stephen fusion

Either that, or they secretly had a kid, because their BFFdom is just that magical.
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So the Jon-Stewart-went-and-bought-a-farm news has officially blossomed, right? There's no context on the image, so maybe it's just a random picture of Jon with a cow, but I'm really hoping that's a picture of Jon with his cow.

Alison Bechdel talks to NPR about the Fun Home musical, gay stuff in general, and how she would like us to switch from calling it "the Bechdel test" to "the Bechdel-Wallace test" (since it was Liz Wallace who came up with the original criteria). I'm down with that. There are a bunch of song clips from the musical included, and, wow, even an excerpt from "Ring of Keys" was seriously feelings-inducing. Gonna look this up now.

(I originally typed that first sentence as "Alison Bechdel talks to NPC." And if you think about it, Terry Gross is kind of an NPC for the RPG of life....)

"Mahō Shōjo Ikusei Keikaku Magical Girl Survival Novels Get Anime." Going by the description, it's basically Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, but the magical-girl version. I am so here for this.

"Marvel and DC are consistently considered the mainstream, but they are routinely beat out in pure sales and popularity by webcomics, manga and graphic novels including Telgemeier’s Smile and Drama (both with more copies in print than Star Wars #1, and at a higher retail price). Homestuck is a webcomic that was, at least at one point, getting 600,000 unique visitors per day, and Randall Munroe’s XKCD was reportedly pulling in between 60 and 70 million hits a month at times. The last pamphlet comic prior to Star Wars #1 to sell one million copies was a Pokemon manga from 1999."

"Hello Barbie is by far the most advanced to date in a new generation of A.I. toys whose makers share the aspiration of Geppetto: to persuade children that their toys are alive — or, at any rate, are something more than inanimate." She's wifi-enabled. She's Siri with a face (and a bunch of, from the sound of it, reasonably feminism-conscious and child-oriented programmers). This is really cool.
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The NYT's article on same-sex marriage in Ireland talks a lot about the background and historical context, including the fact that homosexuality wasn't even decriminalized in Ireland until 1993. I remember 1993. (And they were still ten years ahead of Texas.)

Photos of rainbows all over Ireland after the vote. You gotta wonder how the "hurricanes are God's punishment for countries that tolerate gay people" crowd is reconciling that one.


In highlights of recent "cops treat black people like perpetual threats, not human beings" news: a man gets tasered and pepper-sprayed while he's unresponsive because he's having a stroke.

For contrast, have a "cops can bring in a suspect uninjured, even one who just stole some guns, ammo, and a truck, if they make the effort" story.

People killed by police, 2015. 457 and counting.

Memorial Day inspired some people to focus on #BlackSoldiersKilledByCops, which underscores the ugly point that if you kill enough of a group of people, you can pick really specific subsets and still have enough cases to fill a hashtag.

RIP Walter Scott, Anthony Hill, Brenda Williams, Kenneth Chamberlain, Denis Reynoso, Stanley Gibson, Roman Ducksworth, and Henry Dumas. Some of you were unarmed, unimpeachable, and utterly nonthreatening. Others appear to have had issues with trauma, not surprising given that you were war veterans, and you deserved care and treatment from the government you fought for, not this.


In more inspiring veteran-related news: the Daily Show has been quietly running a program that trains vets for positions in the television business for three years now.

Jon Stewart keeps turning out to be secretly even more of a mensch than the general public realized.
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I've been scouring the Internet for a nice margay plushie, and have come up empty. (Even something like an ocelot that looked close enough would work, but no.) How is it that, for a cat with an adorable elegant face like this, the only stuffed version on the market is this little terror?


Rubella is gone from the Americas! Go vaccines!


Jon Stewart is literally buying a farm to be a shelter for rescue animals. The man is a Disney prince, I swear.


"$5 million in property damages. 140 injuries. Nine police officers injured. 17 police cars set on fire. Countless local businesses looted and vandalized. Over 1200 criminal charges."


Wisconsin wants to micromanage the kinds of cheese poor people can buy. Allowed: un-fresh mozzarella. Not allowed: fresh mozzarella! Muenster and provolone are in. Swiss is out! Cheddar is okay if you like it mild or medium. Sharp or extra-sharp, though? How dare you waste your benefits on exactly the same product with a slightly different flavor for exactly the same price!

(We all remember that food assistance benefits the economy, right? The USDA found that $1 in food assistance translates to $1.84 in GDP, and an independent study from Moody's calculated the number as $1.73. Help out businesses by helping their customers, and you can watch the wealth grow upward and outward.)


Has the Sherlock fandom implosion stopped yet? I don't even want to look.

A fan in their late 50s points out that it hasn't been that long since the mildest and most G-rated of m/m was a shunning offense. Another fan compiles a whole bunch of research on how sexual fantasies do not translate into IRL behavior, and, specifically, sexual fantasies about dangerous things do not inherently make a person dangerous.

And, look, it's true that (unlike general gay stuff) there are a lot of kinks you need to handle carefully. Especially when it's something as radioactive as shotacon and lolicon -- it's not about being ashamed, it's about having a certain amount of emotional intelligence. Be conscious of where and how you're posting. Tags and warnings are good. The locked-post function on Dreamwidth, the content warnings and age limits available on Deviantart, and the warnings and viewer-limiting options on the AO3 are all great tools to limit your audience. Not perfect, but great.

So it's notable that this wank literally started with a in-person conversation on an 18+ panel at a convention. That's probably the highest level of "minors not enabled to view this content" that fandom offers. Surreptitiously filming one of these panels, posting select parts of the video online, and spreading them around the Internet is a great way to demonstrate how little you truly respect and support people's efforts to keep certain things away from uninterested and/or underage eyes.
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Aaaaand there goes Jon.

Wonder if he's going to go off and do more movies, or if he really will retire and take the opportunity to relax for a while. Go on vacation. Spend more time hanging out with his kids, and/or enjoying his tens of millions of dollars.

Can't say it's a surprise -- I wasn't expecting Jon to stay too long after Stephen moved on -- but, aaahhh, what happens next? Will the Daily Show move on to a third host? It survived the Kilborn-Stewart transition, but it's a lot harder to imagine the Stewart era being topped. And the correspondents with the most hosting chops keep moving on to do their own shows.

(On the bright side, if TDS gets a new host who is a handsome guy in his '30s, who perhaps has chemistry with some of the latest round of fetching young correspondents, and they're all settled in by the time we hit the upswing of political interest around the 2016 election...we just might see a fake-news-fandom renaissance.)
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A smorgasbord of links that's been building since December:

A visual guide to everyone in the Colbert Report finale! From Doris Kearns Goodwin to Eleanor Holmes Norton to Neil Degrasse Tyson to Big Bird. And Katie Couric helpfully provides the guest list.

A roundup of forty-nine celebrity farewells to the Report, Stephen, and"Stephen".

Meanwhile: Olivia Munn has a new contract to develop and executive-produce shows for CBS! She's done so much good acting (even in bad shows), it's high time she got an opportunity to write stuff, too.

Jon did an AMA on Reddit back in November; for ease of reading, have all the answers with their questions, in chronological order.

Lewis, Jon, and Kathleen Madigan poke fun at Larry's tie-adjusting pose. Aww.


And with excellent timing, someone on Tumblr asked my thoughts on the Nightly Show, prompting all of this to get typed up.

I like it overall. The scripted comedy bits are solid — a worthy addition to the fake news family. Not every joke hits, but that’s the case with TDS and TCR too. And it’s only their first week! No telling what heights they’ll be able to reach once they really hit their stride.

The panel discussions are weaker. One thing I really love about Last Week Tonight is that it has very few interviews, to let them do fake news straight through. And here The Nightly Show has less fake news, in order to make room for more interviewing. If I wanted to watch a talk show, I have a wealth of those to choose from already….

That said, the “four guests per night, more than one of them black, all with different perspectives” pattern they have going does counteract the pressure of “hey, you, speak on behalf of all black people” that comes up in the media a lot. So given the focus of the show, it’s probably a smart choice. (...she says, as a white person with zero personal authority on the subject.)

And I really appreciate their choices about what to cover. I’ve been wishing TDS would give more airtime to things like the Ferguson protests, but their focus is so broad, and their schtick is to react to whatever is dominating the real-news cycle. TNS, like LWT, has the freedom to be more self-directed, and like LWT, the stories they’re going after are refreshing.

Also: Larry is great, his voice is great, his presence as a host is great, his throwing teabags at that one sexist guest the other day was great. Like Jon and John (and definitely not like “Stephen”), he’s coming across as a smart, thoughtful person who’s using his comedy to poke at harmful things and defend the harmed. Again, it’s his first week, maybe he’ll end up revealing some jaw-droppingly terrible beliefs as his time in the spotlight goes on…but so far, so good.

tl;dr like it, might have attention wandering sometimes during the panel discussions, but unless something goes horribly wrong I will be keeping it in my fake-news-watching lineup and enjoying it.
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Dear friends/readers/watchers/random-scrollers-by:

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Do you ever suspect that that something could be "an animated video in which Santa Claus and an anthropomorphized FOX News attack the Daily Show desk with rifles, only to have Jon Stewart defeat them using a fire extinguisher, then harness them to the sleigh and take off"?

Me neither. But good news! You get to have one anyway:

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Daily, Viewed: And A Good Tie Was Had By All: the proper taping reporT for Thursday's TDS. Featuring photos, tie musings, typos (theirs, not mine), general gleefulness, and extensive notes on the Q&A.

“The great thing about SuperPACs is, [Stephen] can give me the money anyway. He can decide to buy me a gold-plated sundae if he wants.”
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Naturally, no sooner does LJ come back online than I head off to Otakon, where all I have is a hotel connection that's slowed to a crawl with the pressure of all the other congoers. Sigh.

Con was fun, if exhausting. My parents usually come down to the city, sit outside the convention center, and people-watch. This year they actually registered, and had a great time bopping around at the Help For Parents panel and various shows they thought looked promising. Mom bought herself a Hello Kitty plushie, while Dad picked up one of the paper Saiyan-hair hats that were going around. As usual, I helped run the Create a Comic Project's Make a Manga tournament; they chilled in the audience, and Mom actually won in one of the categories, without any help on my end. I have no idea what she's going to do with her new Armitage DVDs ^_^;

Madoka premiere was a thing of beauty. Huge crowded room, tons of people who know exactly what's coming and are excited at all the bits you are, cheering and booing and clapping at all the right moments. (Outburst of applause for Charlotte, just because we were so caught up in the moment. Followed by even more applause for Homura charging to the rescue a few minutes later.) Followed by a creator Q&A; I'm still kicking myself for not coming up with a question (who was Walpurgis?) until the line to ask was closed.

Spent enough time at the manga library that the staff got attached to my hellhound plushie. (It happens. He's a cutie.) After flipping through a couple of unengaging duds, stumbled across Her Majesty's Dog, which caters to my id so beautifully that I am mildly disappointed none of you have recced it to me before. Straight to the top of my "if I had money, I would buy this" list. Also, Patrick and Hyoue need to be BFFs.

Then at last I get back and find out that while I've been in MD, Jon Stewart went to Afghanistan? He doesn't plan to mention it on the show; I hope he hasn't thought to forbid Stephen from bringing it up, because that is some kind of bravery and character right there. The most frightening thing I've faced in the past week is a bitey cat.

This post may be a little disorganized. Did I mention I was tired?

Photospam of the hellhound to come.

[GJ] Arrr!

Sep. 19th, 2007 03:08 am
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Aye, me hearties, it be that time again: International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Most holy of holidays for them that follow the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And a very merry one to all o' ye!

In the lingo, here be some news:

Film featurin' a wee one with parents o' the same gender rocks the boat in young'uns' classrooms.

Best line from a protesting parent: The children “shouldn’t learn questionable things in school that they’re not ready for and don’t understand.” Arr, what does she think school be for, eh?

Locks of Love: a bonny cause, a posse of well-meaning folks, a bit o' misinformation, and a boatload of unusable hair.

Best line here: Maggie Varney, a hairdresser and owner of a salon in St. Clair Shores, Mich., said she was shocked to learn that hair she collected from her clients and sent to Locks of Love was not used for wigs for children with cancer. In reaction, she formed her own nonprofit...

No, most o' the wigs be for babes with a scurvy autoimmune disease that affects half a million kids. Are these somehow less deservin' of proper heads o' hair than the tykes with cancer? Ye've lost me.

Jon Stewart invited back to the Oscars. Break out the grog and play us a tune!

And finally, ne'er was there a more fittin' end to a piratey news roundup than this: Keeping Piracy In Perspective, which blows th' lid off o' the cry that the thievin' o' films be plundering the box office booty.


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