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Posted by Fred Clark

Kelly J. Baker studied one of the darker corners of American history, writing Gospel According to the Klan: The KKK’s Appeal to Protestant America, 1915-1930. Baker wishes this was simply the esoteric specialty of a historian, but her topic of study remains disturbingly relevant today. She’s written about that continuing relevance in a Religion & Culture [Read More...]
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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the twenty-second episode of the second season of Gargoyles, MY BRAIN IS BROKEN. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Gargoyles.

Trigger Warning: For consent.


I don’t know what I was shocked my more: the complicated time travel plot or the fact that the Wyrd Sisters (STILL CALLING THEM THAT) were actually one of the main players in this drama. So often I find that mystical characters like them in fantasy novels aren’t primary characters or agents but simply a means of affecting the story for the real main character. Here, though, they not only affect the story, but they have a motivation of their own: they want revenge on the three humans (especially the Magus) who used magic to enter Avalon. They’re furious over what the Magus did, and the Archmage exploits that for his own gain

My god, the Archmage. I suppose this is an example of one of those closed circle paradoxes in time travel, where the origin of something exists within the loop itself. Once you start thinking about who saved the Archmage when he plunged into that canyon, I am certain your brain will hurt as much as mine did. But the complicated path that the Archmage takes is strangely logical, too, and watching the future version of him cycle back in time in order to put his younger self into a repeating circle was satisfying. In this, we learn how important so many other events were to this plot for revenge. We know why it was vital to see the Magus attack and temporarily defeat the Wyrd Sisters. All of the ambiguity surrounding the Wyrd Sister’s actions earlier this season now makes a lot of sense. They got involved with the fight between Macbeth, Demona, and the gargoyles not out of some desire to sow chaos, and they didn’t pull the two of them out of the world out of a desire to be responsible for their actions. (OH MY GOD, I WAS SO WRONG.) No, they wanted to manipulate and control Demona and Macbeth because the Archmage told them to. It helped to distract Goliath so the eye of Odin and the Phoenix’s Gate could be stolen! And how fucked up is it that they’re both under a spell that compels them to fight for the Archmage, something I imagine neither of them would do on their own? (Seriously, it’s disturbing to see Demona attack other gargoyles, y’all.)

It’s a lot to process as a viewer, so I can’t even begin to imagine what this is going to be like for Goliath and Elisa. Despite a warning, they don’t even know what they’re walking into! Plus, it’s already overwhelming to be on Avalon because THERE ARE MORE GARGOYLES. As far as I could count, about two thirds of the eggs survived. (We still don’t know the fate of the boat with Tom’s mother and the other princess, whose name I don’t recall, and that has a third of the eggs.) There are TWO DOZEN new gargoyles, all of whom are also ill-equipped to fight in any battles because they’ve lived in peace on Avalon for YEARS. We don’t learn a whole lot about what life has been like on Avalon, but little that is revealed here is AWESOME. First of all, let’s talk about gargoyle clans, because CHILDREN BELONG TO THE WHOLE CLAN. Community parenting! (There’s gotta be fics that explore the gargoyles as one big poly family. There HAVE to be.) So, that seems to suggest that gargoyles don’t really care who their individual, biological parents are because they place meaning in the group as a whole, which helps explain why the Manhattan clan is so close. (And why Demona’s betrayal must hurt, too.)

We also get to meet two new gargoyles who are named: Angela and Gabriel. I shall immediately worry that they won’t survive this arc because I have learned to not trust good things on television. (Gargoyles is no exception. While death doesn’t really feature on this show, the writers have still found ways of punching me in the heart.) The gargoyles of Avalon have heard stories about Goliath, but we know very, very little about these new characters. What are they like? What might they want to do if they escape Avalon? CAN EVERYONE BE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY??? That’s now canonically possible, so don’t judge me.

The video for “Avalon, Part II” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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Mark Predicts ‘A Wizard of Mars’

Jun. 27th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Posted by Mark Oshiro

It continues to astound me just how fast I feel like I’m moving through this series, but HERE WE ARE, COUSINS. I’m about to start my ninth (!!!!!) Young Wizards book. Before we begin that, however, let’s take one look back at Wizards at War.

Oh, I tried.

  1. Darryl will appear! YES. I AM SO HAPPY.
  2. So will Sker’ret, Filif, and Roshaun. See, they didn’t go home at the end of the last book, so I’m guessing that they’ll stick around to deal with the thingAnd they did! And then The Thing dealt with them.
  3. The “thing” being that some huge war is going to start on Mars. I… I guess, Mark? Did I think that because one of the books had “Mars” in the title that this would BE on Mars?
  4. It will be between wizards who support the Powers and wizards that support the Lone One. Well, I was wrong on this one. Or was I? Actually, yeah, I’ll count this as wrong.
  5. Most of it won’t take place on Mars, though. Well, this is true entirely by accident.
  6. The main threat: Earth. Nope. EVERYTHING. LITERALLY EVERYTHING.
  7. The Lone One will reference what Nita and Kit did in Wizard’s HolidayOh gods, It didn’t, did It? 
  8. A LOT OF WIZARDS WILL DIE. LIKE, A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT. Look at me, trying to prepare myself. 
  9. Nita’s and Dairine’s dad will have to get involved in the action at one point. I don’t know if what actually happened counts as this, but he’s got a major scene in the middle of the book when Nita goes home. So… yes?
  10. The phone call that Nita got at the end of Wizard’s Holiday will be revealed to be from Tom. Hi, Tom! I’m glad you and Carl are okay.
  11. We will meet more new wizards than I can count. SO MANY NEW WIZARDS.
  12. There will be a huge battle on Earth at some point. NOPE.
  13. Roshaun and Dairine will talk about their ~feelings~ for one another. WHAT THE FUCK, MARK, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.
  14. This book will ALSO end on a cliffhanger. Thankfully, it did not. It just hurt a whole lot.

All right, my fellow Young Wizards fans. Here’s what I think will happen in book nine:

Predictions for A Wizard of Mars

  1. The titular wizard is Roshaun.
  2. Because THAT’S WHERE HE WENT.
  3. So I think this whole book is about rescuing Roshaun, and they find him on Mars. For… a reason.
  4. I don’t know what that reason is.
  5. We will also see a healed Ronan as part of the action!
  6. Darryl will be there, too.
  7. And there will be an update on Tuyet and Nguyet, who survived the battle on the moon.
  8. Kit’s family will have adopted a new dog.
  9. This book will also take place during summer vacation, so the three young wizards won’t be in school.
  10. The Lone One has some sort of “presence” on Mars, which is why the book is focused on that.
  11. Kit and Nita will explore the possibility of dating in this book. (IT’S BOUND TO HAPPEN.)
  12. This book will also address the emotional toll of past events on Dairine.
  14. We will meet a new young wizard!
  15. There will be a big climactic battle on Mars.
  16. I’M NOT READY.

Onwards, cousins!

I am thrilled to confirm that I will be a Guest at CrossingsCon 2017! Badges are now available, so COME HANG OUT WITH ME THIS SUMMER.


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Education Nation

Jun. 27th, 2017 11:29 am
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DeRay speaks with Andy Slavitt, the former head of Obamacare for 3 years, who provides a brief update on the status of the healthcare legislation. Clint Smith I back and joins DeRay, Sam and Brittany to discuss the news, including recent studies about discrimination and news about adoption and other issues. Former Secretary of Education John King joins to discuss the state of public education , reflections on the current administration and what's to come. Also, Kelly Ward who is leading the nation's redistricting work tells us what's at stake and what we can do. 

Will Michiru Remember?

Jun. 27th, 2017 01:03 am
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Posted by michiruneptune

Author: michiruneptune
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: T
Chapters: 5, Words: 9,054, Reviews: 7, Rated: T, In-Progress
An issue between Haruka and Michiru causes one of them to have a serious issue hurting the other. Will their friends be able to help them settle the dispute or will it be too late? *Disclaimer I do not own any of the Sailor Moon or Sailor Moon Crystal Characters. All the rights for the characters goes to the creators of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal.*
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Posted by fictoryismine

Author: fictoryismine
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: M
Chapters: 6, Words: 66,472, Reviews: 6, Rated: M, In-Progress
One day they will usher in the benevolent reign of Neo-Queen Serenity over Crystal Tokyo but for now the sailor senshi are just trying to graduate high school. While trying to cope with the fall out of a war that no one else knows about. Chapter 1 is mostly Reinako There will be Makoami There will be Harumichi

The Power of Jealousy

Jun. 26th, 2017 07:23 pm
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Posted by Satan'sPuppies

Author: Satan'sPuppies
Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ
English, Rated: K+
Characters: [Sayaka M., Kyosuke K.] Hitomi S., OC
Chapters: 2, Words: 1,305, Reviews: 0, Rated: K+, In-Progress
Sayaka is saved from turning into a witch, charmed by a new transfer student she begins a new seed on life while Kyosuke's relationship with Hitomi begins to fail.

Siren Song

Jun. 27th, 2017 02:54 am
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Posted by <a href="/users/jadewolf/pseuds/jadewolf" rel="author">jadewolf</a>


Maui & Tamatoa encounter a legendary marsh dweller who can lure even a demigod towards doom. A one-shot in the "Future Legend" universe.

Words: 7991, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of A Future Imperfect

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Posted by Adam Bash

Truth is a condition, not a quality. It is just a one where there could be a zero.

SAYER is voiced, written, and produced by Adam Bash.

Intro and outro music composed by Jesse “Main Finger” Gregory.

This episode also features the following music:
Embracing The Sunrise (Kai Engel) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

In Time

Jun. 26th, 2017 11:41 pm
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Posted by <a href="/users/ErinPtah/pseuds/ErinPtah" rel="author">ErinPtah</a>


The other of my rare real!Stephen fics.

In an effort to save his life, Jon keeps pulling a Run Lola Run on Stephen's personal history.

Words: 1471, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Summer Sunshine 30/84

Jun. 27th, 2017 04:01 am
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Posted by Erin Ptah

Leif: Uh . . . do you not know . . . ?

Thorn: I read that legally, you don’t have one now . . . right?

But you get it back as a result of working off your debt. So what was it? Can I know?

Leif: It’s . . .

. . . not considered polite to ask.

Thorn: Oh! I am sorry. I won’t ask again. Do you want another drink? They have free ones here, if you like water.

Episode 48: Theta Scenario

Jun. 27th, 2017 02:11 am
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Please be advised this episode of Wolf 359 contains mentions of violence, death, and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

As Eiffel, Minkowski, Hera, and Lovelace try to decide how to allocate their limited resources, Kepler finally reveals some of Goddard Futuristics's most deeply held secrets. Before the crew can consider the existential implications of these revelations, however, they'll need to deal with their own growing fears, insecurities, and personal conflicts. Plus, snake-filled pits, educated guesses, paradigm shifts, impractical human emotions, and the remainder of our musical program.

Tonight's episode features Julia Morizawa in the role of Commander Zhang. It also features The Waltz of the Flowers, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.


Jun. 26th, 2017 12:54 pm
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Posted by EnraptureSins

Author: EnraptureSins
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: T
Characters: [Ami M./Amy/Sailor Mercury, Zoicite/Zoycite]
Chapters: 17, Words: 12,620, Reviews: 59, Rated: T, In-Progress
[UNEDITED] Ami, a renowned cold-hearted maiden, is one of the few skeptics that turn to reasoning the abnormal instead of blaming it on a supernatural whim. So it was no surprise when she finds an odd woman stranded outside her home sputtering nonsense that Ami brushed it off as the woman being hysterical. That is until she met him.

Prolonged Silences

Jun. 26th, 2017 07:29 pm
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Posted by <a href="/users/paperjamBipper/pseuds/paperjamBipper" rel="author">paperjamBipper</a>


Going a thousand years without any form of physical affection can really tend to leave a person craving it. Moana gets that. But what she didn't know, what she isn't aware of, is that just two short years out of her best friend's company is apparently long enough to leave her craving it, too.

Words: 2256, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

AO3 Celebrates 25,000 Fandoms!

Jun. 26th, 2017 04:22 pm
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partial screenshot of the AO3 homepage showing 25000 fandoms with the AO3 logo above the text

Tag Wranglers are pleased to announce that we have reached the milestone of 25,000 fandoms on AO3! This comes shortly after we celebrated reaching 3 million fanworks in April and 1 million users back in October.

AO3 users have always been incredibly creative. Over the years, we've reached several fandom milestones:

  • 5,000 fandoms around New Year's Day, 2010
  • 10,000 fandoms in September, 2012
  • 15,000 fandoms in April, 2014
  • 20,000 fandoms in December, 2015

Are there any rare fandoms you love that you discovered on AO3?

Sharing 25,000 Fandoms with 1 Million People

With so many new fandoms, fanworks, and users joining us daily, now is a good time to explain what this growth can mean for users and Tag Wranglers.

Tags on AO3 are shared. If you use the same exact tag that someone else has used, your works will be included in the same filters. Tag Wranglers cannot separate works using the exact same tag. We can only wrangle tags, not works.

If you discover that your work is showing up under a different filter (tag) than you intended, you can edit the tag on your work to be clearer. For example, Penny Parker is a character on the TV show MacGyver. “Penny Parker” is also a common fan name for female Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man. If you tag your work “Penny Parker”, it will end up in the filters for the MacGyver character, even if you were thinking of female Peter. To avoid this, you could alter your tag to “Penny Parker (girl!Peter)” or something similar. That would allow Tag Wranglers to merge it into Peter Parker’s tag filter instead.

(Obviously, Tag Wranglers can’t merge the plain “Penny Parker” tag directly with Peter’s. If we did that, all of the MacGyver’s “Penny Parker” works would show up in Peter Parker’s filters, and she would not have a filter of her own. This would cause problems for fans of both characters!)

If a tag is new to you, you might find it useful to check its filter before using it. You might find that the tag has a different meaning in a different fandom.

How To Make Tags Work For You

In the month of April this year, Tag Wranglers collectively wrangled approximately 497,000 tags. In May we wrangled well over half a million! Tag Wranglers work very hard to connect your tags; you can make our job easier by being clear about what you mean.

Here are some ideas you can try in order to make your own works or bookmarks appear in the filters you want. (Please don't comment on works to ask other users to do this - this is for your own works/bookmarks only!)

  • Autocomplete is your friend: If a fandom tag exists in the autocomplete for your fandom already, try including that tag. The tags that Tag Wranglers see are based on filterable fandoms listed on the work, so using a fandom tag from the autocomplete speeds up the time it takes to wrangle your tag and have it show up correctly.
  • Making a new fandom: If there is no fandom tag yet for your work, try including the medium, creator, or year the canon was first published in the tag. This speeds up the process of creating a new fandom tag, as we will have more information to use when researching what canon you mean! For books, it's especially important to include the author's name; for movies, the year. For other fandoms, usually the media type is enough, unless the title is very generic. For example, if you're posting for the TV show "Merlí", try adding "TV" after the title, like this: Merlí (TV).
  • Be kind to RPF fans: Try to avoid mixing up Actor RPF and fictional TV or movie fandoms in your tags. If you're posting Actor RPF, please use the RPF fandom tags. If an RPF fandom tag doesn't exist yet for that TV show or movie, make one by adding "RPF" to the end of the TV show or movie's existing tag name. Example: The Hunger Games (Movies) RPF. Please also try to avoid using the Actor RPF fandom tags if you're only working with fictional characters. This will help RPF fans easily find the works they want and will reduce the effort Tag Wranglers must use to find the right place for your tags.
  • Where does original work go? If you're posting a fannish-styled original work set in your own universe with your own characters, please try using the "Original Work" tag. (Furry fans, you can use that or the "Furry - Fandom" tag.) Please take care not to directly link to paypal, patreon, or commercial sites, as AO3 is a non-commercial site. (For further information, please consult the Terms of Service.)
  • Make characters unique: Try to use full names for characters. If a character has just one name, put the name of the fandom in parentheses after it. Example: Undyne (Undertale). This especially helps avoid any potential ambiguity issues and ensures that it will be easier to find your work. You may not think the chances of having a character named Undyne in another fandom is high, but this happens frequently.
  • Separate your / and & ships / is for romantic and/or sexual relationships. & is for platonic relationships only - ones that are neither sexual nor romantic. (Pre- and Post-Relationship are still /.) & was created for those Gen fans who don't want anything non-platonic in the ships they're searching for. You can help both Gen fans and shippers by carefully choosing the tag that matches your work!
  • Add cameos in the Additional Tags: If a fandom, character, or relationship is only a passing reference, you can choose to put the tag in the "Additional Tags" (Freeforms) category instead. This will keep your work from being sorted into the fandom, character, or relationship's filter, while still telling users what's in the work. Example: Hints of Jin Dong/Wang Kai in the "Additional Tags" field keeps Jin Dong/Wang Kai fans from being disappointed that a work only mentions their relationship briefly.

These suggestions are meant to help get your tags wrangled quicker and more accurately so that users have a great experience on AO3. You won’t need to edit any tags on past works or bookmarks unless they aren’t showing up in the filters you prefer.

However, these tagging suggestions don’t mean that you can’t continue to tag creatively for various topics! Tag Wranglers love clever tags, and sometimes we can even canonize the concepts. Magneto’s Terrible Fashion Sense is just one of many enjoyable tags that make us giggle.

If you have any questions or suggestions about wrangling, please consult the Tags FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question, the FAQ explains how to contact Tag Wranglers directly, or you can send short questions to us at our twitter account, ao3_wranglers.

Please don't leave comments on this post with questions or requests about specific tags. They won't be answered, since Tag Wranglers can't easily track requests from here. Please use the options listed above to contact us. Thanks!

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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the ninth episode of the first season of Enterprise, the crew tries to make first contact with a civilization, only to discover they were beat to it. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Star Trek

You know, this isn’t a bad episode, per se. It’s a cool story that engages with the idea of exploration prior to the Prime Directive, but it’s got a plot twist that, upon reflection, feels a whole lot like “The Andorian Incident.” You know, the whole “hidden facility underneath a building” bit. While this is used in a different context – the Malurians are actively exploiting the Akaali and stealing their natural resources – it still came off as being a little too familiar for my tastes.

That’s a similar motif for most of “Civilization.” Every time I got hopeful that this show was going in a new direction, the story took a turn that wasn’t as exciting as the potential. Let’s start at the beginning, for example: I honestly believed that Hoshi was going on her first solo away mission, and the very idea of that was so thrilling, y’all. Look, after “Fight or Flight,” I loved the possibility that she would be able to prove herself on a mission again, especially one where she’d have to use her skills as a translator.

Yet minutes later, this potential is squandered when the story suddenly switches to be a group away mission and Hoshi disappears into the background. She has a couple lines here and there, but you could remove her from this script and it wouldn’t change the story at all. Instead, “Civilization” focuses on Archer, which isn’t bad all by itself. Within the context of the episode, though, it’s just… meh? I’ve just watched four whole Star Trek series in which people fall for aliens and then never see them again. I don’t know if Archer’s brief dalliance with Riann counts as him “falling” for someone, but the point still stands: this isn’t original at all. It’s not as if this episode tries to explore why romantic relationships in this context are bad, either! Riann and Archer never once address this at all. Instead, he helps guide her to discovery. She is the only person in the whole city who seems to have figured out that Garos is not who he says he is, that he’s doing something to make others sick.

Here’s what’s frustrating about all this: the script for this episode repeatedly confirms that Riann is brilliant, that her way of approaching science is way more advanced than probably any single person on her planet. Dr. Phlox is impressed, as is T’Pol. T’POL IS IMPRESSED. THAT IS A RINGING ENDORSEMENT IF I’VE EVER HEARD ONE. Yet despite monitoring Garos for months, it takes Archer to bring her investigation to the next level. For the sake of stating it, the “next level” here is that he recommends they follow one of Garos’s men. It is so bewilderingly simple that it ends up making Riann look like an utter fool. Are you telling me that she never once thought to follow the crates that were taken out of Garos’s shop? NOT ONCE??? That seemed such a bizarre writing choice to me!

The solution to the Malurians’ exploitation of the Akaali was a lot bolder than I expected, and I’ll give this episode that. Blowing up their power source felt like a concrete solution that perhaps wouldn’t have been considered by other captains. Watching T’Pol execute this as temporary captain was a lot of fun, too, though it helps that like Hoshi, she stands out in the cast as one of the most intriguing characters. Archer… not as much. And certainly not here. His romance has no real chemistry, and it’s so typical of Trek at this point that the show really has to come up with something revolutionary to get me to feel excited about it.

The video for “Civilization” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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Feathered Droplets

Jun. 26th, 2017 08:20 am
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Posted by EnraptureSins

Author: EnraptureSins
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: T
Characters: [Minako A./Mina/Sailor Venus, Kunzite/Malachite]
Chapters: 6, Words: 3,210, Reviews: 14, Rated: T, In-Progress
[UNEDITED] Memories. Illusions we can recall for things passed and sometimes, for things to come. Whether painful, sorrowful, joyful...nothing was more precious than memories. Most would never appreciate such a feeble, intangible thing, but for Minako, those intangible experiences have left her fragile against a bittersweet storm.

Catalyst (One Shot)

Jun. 26th, 2017 06:39 am
[syndicated profile] ffnet_bssm_feed

Posted by FloraOne

Author: FloraOne
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: T
Characters: Kunzite/Malachite, Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion
Chapters: 1, Words: 1,229, Reviews: 6, Rated: T, Complete
This is a stand-alone one shot drabble, written for tumblr's MamoUsa Week 2017, Day 2: Past-Life, but it can also be read as a companion piece in my Ikigai/Yugen universe. A short drabble about a small, but defining moment in Serenity's and Endymion's secret relationship.


Jun. 26th, 2017 02:13 am
[syndicated profile] ffnet_bssm_feed

Posted by xXStarBurst104Xx

Author: xXStarBurst104Xx
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: T
Chapters: 1, Words: 1,366, Reviews: 1, Rated: T, In-Progress
Such a simple word. One syllable. Four letters. Mentions of abuse. Unrequited love. SeiyaxUsagi


Jun. 25th, 2017 11:13 pm
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Posted by KawaiiHentaiTyTy

Author: KawaiiHentaiTyTy
Sailor Moon
English, Rated: M
Chapters: 6, Words: 15,189, Reviews: 3, Rated: M, In-Progress
Makoto Kino grew up knowing and or thinking she was a normal straight high school student. Of course being Sailor Jupiter eliminated the 'normal' part. Now having these random "Oh that girls hot" and "I'd bang her" thoughts are slowly chipping away at the 'straight' part. She is forced to fight her internal struggle and find out what she really is.

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