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A compendium of cats on this couch

The couch I'm sitting on to write this, the one I'm usually sitting on when browsing/coloring/ficwriting, is really old. My parents got it (with a matching set of chairs) when I was in high school. It's the one big piece of furniture I took when I moved to Massachusetts.

More interestingly, it's been sat on by every cat I've ever lived with.

And I have photos!

2003-2006: Tabitha

Couch to the left, chair to the right. (They're still in Maryland.)

Helping with homework.


2009-2010: Ziggy Stardust

Helping Dad nap.

Can you tell he got bigger?

2010: Bingley

Halloween, with a friend.

Christmas! (Wonder what woke her up.)

Bonus photo, sitting on the next chair over.

2010 again: Darcy

Look at all these comfy and natural sleeping positions.

Bonus: a kitty princess on Sailor Moon sheets.

2013: Isis

Tolerating a scarf.

Tired of being photographed.

2017: Molly

She likes to take my spot when I'm not looking.

Bonus: Molly with friends on the newer (and much-less-clawed) sofa.
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So many cats! So cute! *^^*