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Erin Rewatches: Steven Universe (s01, e01-05)

Gonna try to rewatch this whole series before the next Stevenbomb hits.

Spoilers follow, obviously!

s01e01 Gem Glow

  • Not even three minutes into the first episode, Amethyst says of a centipeetle, "These things don't have Gems." Which Garnet follows with "There must be a mother somewhere nearby." The big reveal that their enemies are also Gem-based was right there in plain sight from day one.
  • Pearl casually snaps a centipeetle's neck. Right in front of Steven. With a prominent "snap" sound effect and everything. Hardcore.
  • (Ah yes, Pearl's original outfit. Tutu and all. How I don't miss it.)
  • Speaking of foreshadowing: still waiting for payoff on the "He left his family behind" line in the Cookie Cat song. ("He's a refugee of an interstellar war! Now who could this be a metaphor for?")
  • Pearl's reaction the first time Steven summons his weapon: "Steven! It's a shield!" Not "Rose's shield" or "your shield" or even "the shield", just "a shield." Like they didn't know what it was going to be until right that moment -- even though there's official artwork of Rose holding that same shield. Hmmm.

Look at this character in a pink spacesuit with a rosy circle in the middle of his stomach.

Look at this character in a pink spacesuit with a rosy circle in the middle of his stomach! What a unique design not reminiscent of anyone else in the show.

s01e02 Laser Light Cannon

  • Adult humor bonus level: Steven, when Amethyst grabs him: "Aahh! My bits!"
  • There's a Magneto helmet in Greg's junk pile. And a stuffed Mario mushroom.
  • ...the silhouette of the non-activated laser light cannon is a little bit adult-humor-bonus-level in its own way, come to think of it.
  • You would think this is the kind of emergency where they would fuse. Slamming the red-eye with Alexandrite's weapon combo might not equal the power of Rose's cannon, but it would at least pack more of a punch than "keep chucking Amethyst at the thing."

s01e03 Cheeseburger Backpack

  • Steven draws stars around his signature, aww.
  • I wonder how much of the audience will get what Wacky Sacks is a reference to.
  • Really interesting to rewatch this episode knowing the Gems planned it as a test for Steven. You get Pearl's heartfelt speech about how important their task is...and then her gently "discouraging" Steven, making him all the more determined to help. (And then her getting carried away and trying to run it herself anyhow.)
  • Crystal shrimp. Crystal shrimp.
  • What does "the moon goddess pedestal" even mean, here? Is it named in honor of some human deity, or do/did the Gems worship a Moon Goddess? It could have been 100% made-up-to-sound-cool for Steven's benefit, but Pearl gets so excited, it seems like there's something real in it.

s01e04 Together Breakfast

  • Garnet's warping-in pose is so sexy, hnngh.
  • There has got to be some kind of magic in Steven's ability to keep that stack of pancakes intact. He doesn't even lose the strawberry.
  • So the door is kind of like a warp pad? Depending on what set of gems you activate, it gives you a shortcut to different parts of the physical space inside the temple.
  • Gorgeous backgrounds.
  • "It has all the power of breakfast!"

s01e05 Frybo

  • What a terrible, terrifying costume.
  • And they just shoved it off into the water? Aren't our oceans polluted enough? That is going to wash up on a beach and horrify someone, you watch.
  • ...either that, or Malachite is going to find it and use it as a hand puppet. Has anybody drawn that yet? Someone should. (If you find it, drop me a link.)
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Hi there, here via your post in steven_universe_universe.

I liked Cheeseburger Backpack so much more on rewatch. The first time I thought it was doing the Incompetent Adult trope which annoys me in children's and YA media. Once I learned it was a test (and could appreciate how supportive they were trying to be!) it worked much better for me.

OMG, Rose's cannon is so very phallic. I guess a lot of other things about her are pretty sexual, so it makes sense.

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