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The Steamypuff Girls, Part I

So I discovered the other day that the Powerpuff Girls have a canon steampunk AU. WHY IS THERE NOT A METRIC TON OF FANART FOR THIS.

In the interest of spreading the love, I present a two-part picspam of reference material...

We open with Ms. Bellum exclaiming, "Mojo the Kid is coming to town!"

He's not just Mr. Mayor; he's Mr. Mayor-Blacksmith-Dentist-somethingelse (can't remember what the last one was). As it turns out, juggling multiple careers is not his strong suit.

The Western version of the Utonium household.

"Sasparilla, arsenic, and everything old-fashioned...these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl."

"But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient..."

(In case you can't guess, the bag says "Coal.")

The Professor kind of blew up the inside of his house.

...But he cleans up just fine a moment later.

These folks have come to ask if he can help save the town from Mojo the Kid.

Aerodynamic, aren't they?

Go, girls! Go!

...Or be stuck on the ground, until the Professor remembers what he has to do:

Now that's more like it.

Go, girls! Go!

Mojo ordered the Mayor-Blacksmith-Dentist-somethingelse to get out of town, so he waits for a stagecoach.

These folks are not, in fact, the stagecoach. However, they generously offer to carry all the Mayor's valuable stuff. (Unfortunately, they don't have room to take him along.)

Lots of beautiful shots of the town, for dramatic effect.

Mojo the Kid, riding into town.

The dramatic tension builds...


(Tune in next picspam for the results!)